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SparkFun Electronics. Latest Blog Post Halloween is easily our favorite day of the year.

SparkFun Electronics

There are way too many enthusiastic pop culture fanatics, cosplayers and creative types around SparkFun HQ for it to not be a major scene, and years ago we decided to not only showcase the many costumes people come up with, but hand out prizes as well – a LOT of work goes into some of these! This year’s costume contest will be filmed live, starting at 2:30 MDT today (you can watch at the link below!). While you wait, we have plenty of ways for you to festively entertain yourself. Take a look back at some of our favorite costumes from 2012, 2013, or last year’s contest livestream, or try your hand at some Halloween hackery and haunts, make a ray gun with Pete, try your hand at some e-textile, LED or motorized projects, or just watch some Spooky Sketches.

See you there! Fablab. צ'יפצ'יפ הבית של המייקרים : ארדווינו, כרטיסים, חיישנים, מנועים, כבלים, רכיבים, ערכות וכלים לעמדה - קצת עלינו. GrabCAD. Makerspaces Sites. דבק UV חמש שניות. Autodesk 123D - Free 3D Modeling Software, 3D Models, DIY Projects, Personal Fabrication Tools. Create 3D digital designs with online CAD.

Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. Learning with CLEAR: The CLEAR-CAICE – Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment.


צ'יפצ'יפ הבית של המייקרים : ארדווינו, כרטיסים, חיישנים, מנועים, כבלים, רכיבים, ערכות וכלים לעמדה - קצת עלינו. Multi-tool » Products. 5 SECOND FIX UV LIGHT ULTRA-GLUE – Yeabber. The 5 Second Fix is a unique and remarkable product designed to fix or seal anything in just five seconds!


All you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it by shining the UV light on it for 5 seconds, and the thing will be fixed! Despite being in a tube, it’s not actually a glue, but more of a liquid plastic welding compound that hardens when exposed to the UV light. What difference does this make? The 5 Second Fix makes your life much easier by allowing you all the time you need to re-position and perfect any joint.

It is equally as strong, if not stronger than super glue, but unlike ordinary glue, there is no rush to frantically position the surfaces after applying the adhesive. You don’t have to worry about the adhesive drying before the surfaces are positioned perfectly because it requires the UV light to bond. No longer will you need to hold the joints together after positioning either, because it only takes five seconds to harden using the UV light. צ'יפצ'יפ הבית של המייקרים : ארדווינו, כרטיסים, חיישנים, מנועים, כבלים, רכיבים, ערכות וכלים לעמדה - קצת עלינו. טלמיר אלקטרוניקה רכיבים וכלי עבודה, מלחמים וכרטיסי פיתוח. Makeshop by Science Gallery. Due to the fact we will be setting up (work)shop at Electric Picnic, Makeshop will be closed from Friday 2nd to Monday 5th September.

Makeshop by Science Gallery

We will be open as normal on Tuesday the 6th. Created by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, MAKESHOP is for everyone from novices to advanced makers, young to old. The aim of MAKESHOP is to provide people with the tools, materials and guidance they need to get making, in a place where creativity is encouraged and everyone is welcome. At MAKESHOP we run a number of Premium Workshops which take place over a series of weekday evenings. Premium Workshops are advanced workshops in areas such as app development, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Our next Raspberry Pi Workshop will start on the 21st of September. Our next How to Make a Website Workshop will start on the 11th of October. Our next Arduino Workshop will start on the 12th of October. You can keep up to date on all future workshops by joining our mailling list.

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