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Irina Vinnik sketchbook (2011) By paul0v2 Thu, 09/22/2011 - 11:18 This amazing sketch book belongs to Russian artist and illustrator Irina Vinnik.

Irina Vinnik sketchbook (2011)

These sketches are so amazingly done that they look more like the final piece, each page takes you to a different world of details that makes you dive into this drawings. Luigi Serafini sketchbook (1978) A truly unique work of fiction, ‘The Codex Seraphinianus‘ is a book that appears to be a visual encyclopedia of some unknown world or dimension.

Luigi Serafini sketchbook (1978)

Written down in one of that worlds beautiful curving languages, the book by Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini, explains the odd inhabitants and their colorful behaviors. The book was created between 1976 and 1978 and for the low price of about $500.00 you can ponder over your own copy… then again, if you can’t afford that, check out the video at the bottom. See Also MOUNTAINS OF BOOKS BECOME MOUNTAINS. Carl Chun sketchbook (1898)

Codex Gigas, "the Devil’s Bible" Codex Gigas, otherwise known as ‘the Devil’s Bible’ is the largest and probably one of the strangest manuscripts in the world.

Codex Gigas, "the Devil’s Bible"

It is so large that it is said to have taken more than 160 animal skins to make it and takes at least two people to lift it. It measures approximately 1 metre in length. Maykel Nunes sketchbook (2010) Sketchbooks by BLU. A page of Leonardo's sketchbook showing a foetus in the womb (1510) Tomasz Usyk sketchbook and sketches (2010) Page from the Dresden Codex (11th or 12th century) Sketchbooks by Mattias. Irina Vinnik sketchbook (2011) NIGHTMARE SKETCHBOOK (2011)