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Bear Cubs

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Not one step closer. Extremely Rare Brown and White Panda Spotting. An extremely rare brown and white panda was recently spotted in the Qinling region of China.

Extremely Rare Brown and White Panda Spotting

Only 7 such examples of this pigmentation have been seen in the past 25 years, suggesting that the low numbers of giant pandas have lead to inbreeding. This suggestion stems from the nature of this particular sort of pigmentation, which has been hypothesized to only be inherited when both parents carry the gene; in other words, the pigmentation is a recessive trait. While this may contradict the apparently maintained genetic diversity revealed in the giant panda genome published last month in Nature, it is still an important question to consider and investigate. Black Bear Cub. Mulan the Sun Bear makes her debut. Sloth bear with cubs. Polar Bear Cub. Little Bear Cub. Panda Cub. Black Bear Cub and Mother. Two Sun Bear Cubs. Andean Spectacled Bear Cub. Adorable. Sleepy Sloth Bear Can't Stay Awake. Brown Bear Cub. Cutest bear attack ever.

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