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Born in Guangzhou, China, Shelly Wan currently works at Pixar Animation Studio as a sketch/color artist. She has done art for numerous book and comic covers as well as illustrations for Magic: the gathering. Shelly was awarded “Best In Show” at the Beverly Hills Summer Art Show in 2008, and was awarded The Jack Gaughan Award for Best Emerging Artist in the same year. Motherland Chronicles - A Picture a Week Motherland Chronicles - A Picture a Week

news - page 3 news - page 3 Friday, October 16 2009 Upcoming Toy Project By walee on Friday, October 16 2009, 14:30 - sculpture

Mind your step - Erik Johansson Mind your step - Erik Johansson Between 7-12 June 2011 Erik Johansson made a street illusion called “Mind your step” at the famous square Sergels torg in the heart of Stockholm. It was a large scale, 32 x 18 meters (105′ x 59′ feet) print. Watching the illusion from right position gave the impression of a hole right down in the ground. I’ve been doing creative retouch and surreal montages for a few years now but I’ve always been quite fascinated by perspective illusions.
BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning Now its time for KOREA, TAIWAN AND TOKYO. If you live here and want to participate in my project, email me amazing old pictures to : Riff Raff 1976 & 2011 London BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 2011 : Irina Werning
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This is the result of a project in Audiovisual media for the bachelor’s degree in Communication with enphasis in Editorial Production at Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, Brazil (2011). ‘Espelho D’Água’ ( in English: Water Mirror) is a short movie based on the poem ‘A Meditação sobre o Tietê’ by Mário de Andrade, a renowed figure that engaged the Modernism moviment in brazilian literature. This poem was written only 13 days before his heart suddenly stopped beating, but only posthumously published in ‘Lira Paulistana’ (1945). A criterious analysis of the poem was made in order to allow us to identify the concepts behind the poet’s words and were essential to translate words into an audiovisual product. The elements we based ourselves on were: water, mirror (and also all the thoughts, metaphors and comparisons with the poet himself to Tietê’s river), night (hopelessness, soul and darkness) and the conflict of the poem’s main chacarcter. Espelho dAgua - Water Mirror by `CrisVector Espelho dAgua - Water Mirror by `CrisVector
Alice X. Z. - Living Rainbow Taking Flight by Alice X. Z. - Living Rainbow Taking Flight by Sherlock - Time Lapse Process Painting `alicexz’s amazing art has recently been extended by the artist into a whole other dimension. Be sure to experience her marvelous live-stream time-lapse digital painting video, “Virtuoso.” "Virtuoso" is a process video showing how her “Sherlock” portrait was created, step-by-step, on a Wacom Cintiq tablet. It’s an art+ music video that’s not only mesmerizing to watch, but one that can serve as an instructional resource for deviants and others.
Dirty Stone Slab by ~GrungeTextures
Blanched by ~SaViNgGrAcEs on deviantART Blanched by ~SaViNgGrAcEs on deviantART My first attempt at concrete poetry, submitted to 's concrete poetry workshop. The guidance was to try to re-structure a poem you had already written. Unfortunately, much of what I've written is pretty long, and I think this would have been more effective if I'd had something shorter to work with. Still, I enjoyed reworking an older piece, as it did help to add a new dimension of meaning to it for me.
BrennaMichelle on deviantART BrennaMichelle on deviantART So obviously I haven't been on here for a while... I forgot my password and was to lazy to figure it out (obviously I got it) But I have been extremely busy lately. With college applications (wish me luck!)

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Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine Pencil Vs Camera by Ben Heine Ben Heine (born June 12, 1983 in Abidjan, Ivory coast) is a Belgian multidisciplinary visual artist. He is best known for his original series “Pencil Vs Camera”, “Digital Circlism” and “Flesh and Acrylic”. “Pencil Vs Camera” mixes drawing and photography, imagination and reality. It’s a new visual concept invented and initiated by Ben Heine in 2010. It’s full of magic, illusion, poetry and surrealism. Ben published his first “Pencil Vs Camera” image in April 2010 but the series is the result of a long graphic exploration and a logic consequence of his personal artistic development.

Marco Bauriedel Portfolio Marco Bauriedel Portfolio Wow, I did not update for over a year! This may be because I pushed our team and myself at work (which worked out fantastic so far). I wrote my first mental ray shader set for production at Albert Bauer Studios and dived into motion programming with Processing and hacking the Kinect camera. After going more to the technical side this year, beside some great artistic projects, I see the need to switch back more to the artistic side.
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Lady Gaga, This One Is Because Of You If you have a bone to pick with regards to the designing of the Hydra Piano, you better fight Lady Gaga then. Apostol Tnokovski was enjoying one of her performances on the telly, when he realized that the old, boxy piano was a misfit on her stage! Hydra Modern Piano by Apostol Tnokovski
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Digital Blasphemy 3D Wallpaper: Widescreen, Dual-Screen, Triple-Screen, iPhone4, iPad, Droid, XBox360, PS3, HDTV Backgrounds Inside: Hi-res original 3d rendered computer desktop wallpapers and links to some of the best computer art sites on the web. My name is Ryan Bliss and I've been creating computer wallpapers since 1995. This site contains my entire collection representing over 16 years of work. Start at the beginning and move forward to see how both my skills and software have improved over the years.
Stunning underwater pictures show undiscovered cave network of the Blue Lake, the deepest of its kind in the world By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 15:17 GMT, 28 April 2012 | Updated: 21:00 GMT, 28 April 2012 A frogman glides through a crystal blue lagoon beneath a breathtaking canopy of stars and in another picture a diver examines a wall of bright green moss illuminated by an underwater lamp. These stunning photographs were taken by National Geographic photographer Victor Lyagushkin who accompanied a team of divers to explore an underwater cave network. Taken at the Blue Lake, near the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, the incredible scenes were captured on camera to raise awareness about the unique environment. A frogman glides through a crystal blue lagoon beneath a tree at the Blue Lake in Russia

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