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World History

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Belka, a soviet dog who went to space in the Sputnik 5. She returned to earth safely. August, 1960. : OldSchoolCool. Celebrating liberation from the Soviet Union, a man destroys a portrait of Vladimir Lenin in Baku, Azerbaijan, 1991. [900 x 613] : HistoryPorn. Drying your hair in the 1930s [862x575] : HistoryPorn. A young boy rescuing his pet canary from the ruins of his home following a German air raid - Warsaw, September 1939 [1775x1200] : HistoryPorn. Full Excavated Easter Island Head (and body), 1980s [540x675] : HistoryPorn. A Ukrainian-American family celebrates the death of Stalin, 1953. [600 × 752] : HistoryPorn. 108 years ago today Titanic began it's fated voyage. On it's way out of port it nearly collides with the SS New York. 1912 [1600 x1016] : HistoryPorn. The world enters the nuclear age. Trinity test fireball, 0.044 seconds after detonation. July 16, 1945 [2988x2150](Colourized) : HistoryPorn.

Two soviet moon rockets (N1) on the pad at the Baikonur cosmodrome in what is now Kazakhstan.Circa 1970 [1194x1536] . I have heard that one of these is a mockup and the other is a flight article : HistoryPorn. On 4/12/1980 Terry Fox, a 21 year old Canadian who lost a leg to cancer, began a cross-Canada run to raise money for cancer research. He ran the equivalent of a full marathon a day. He made it 143 days and 5,373 km before the spread of his cancer forced h.

The 137th Brigade of the British 46th Division at Riqueval Bridge during a lull in the Battle of the St Quentin Canal, 2 October 1918 [634 × 800 px] : HistoryPorn. One evening in 1944, Queen Elisabeth Boulevard in Bucharest - colourized version. Check comments for sources of this and BW versions. : OldSchoolCool. "Red Army setting free the prisoners from the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz" January/ 27/ 1945 [1200x805] : HistoryPorn. Gypsy family party in Barcelona, 1955 - Francesc Català-Roca : OldSchoolCool. German soldiers react to footage of Concentration Camps, 1945 : OldSchoolCool. Corvin Castle and the Main Market - Hunedoara,Transylvania, Romania (today) - circa 1902 : ColorizedHistory. Queen Victoria seated with her two Indian servants Mustafa and Chidda standing behind her in full uniform with medals. : ColorizedHistory. First woman to go into space - Valentina Tereshkova. In 1963, she spent almost three days in space and orbited Earth 48 times in her space capsule, Vostok 6. : ColorizedHistory.

"West meets East" - Two german brothers , separated by The Berlin Wall, meet again during the “border pass agreement” of 1963 : ColorizedHistory. The wreck of the Dimitry of Narva which was the inspiration for Bram Stokers “Dracula” in 1887. In the book he renamed the ship The Demeter of Varna. : ColorizedHistory. A meal on wheels - France, 1917 : ColorizedHistory. On this day in 1903, the Wright Brothers made their first flight with a powered aircraft. : ColorizedHistory.

Martha Gellhorn, The Only Woman Who Landed in Normandy on D-Day : ColorizedHistory. 3 surviving crew members of RMS Titanic, prepared to give witness statements to the US Senate inquiry in 1912 : ColorizedHistory. President Reagan & Mikhail Gorbachev in Red Square, Moscow, 1988. The Hand of the Statue of Liberty in the Monduit Workshop in 1876. Kids having an espresso in Venice, 1963. A US Army convoy making its way through the devastated town of St. Lo. France, August, 1944.

French flamethrowers at Verdun, in 1916. A young woman who survived the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, August 1945. Dresden, 1945, view from the city hall (Rathaus) over the destroyed city. French woman pouring tea for a British soldier fighting in Normandy 1944. Absolute madfella. What the pyramid originally looked like, compared to what it looks like now. Austrian Boy Getting New Shoe's 1944.

A priest prays over the victims of the Titanic before they're buried at sea. April 15, 1912. G.I provides first aid to a young Wehrmacht soldier. Prisoners of Auschwitz assisting each other out of the camp after being liberated by the Red Army. January 27, 1945. VE Day celebrations, London, 8 May 1945. (935 x 768). Red Army soldiers open the gates of Auschwitz concentration camp, Poland, January 27th, 1945. Colourised by PIECEofJAKE.

An evening in the family circle. USSR. 1979. Armaments manufacturing at the 535th mechanical plant, Tula. Photo by Anatoly Garanin, 1944. A caber tosser attempts to flip the caber at the Highland Games in Scotland - 1937. First woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, 1963. Indian Space Research Organization's APPLE Communication Satellite being transported by Bullock Cart, 1981. 'Watering cattle at Mount Kosciuszko', probably at Blue Lake, New South Wales, Australia, c. 1900. İstiklal Street . İstanbul 1970. This picture was taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt at a children's puppet show. He caught this picture of the children at the exact moment the dragon was slain. Tuileries, France, 1963. The world's last commercial sailing ship - The Pamir - rounding Cape Horn, 1949.

Future King George V of the U.K. (then Prince of Wales)(right) standing next to his first cousin, Tsar Nicholas ll of Russia(left). 1909. Soviet and German pavilions facing each other, 1937 Paris exhibition. Warsaw, 1946. The opening ceremony at the first (modern) Olympic Games - Athens, Greece 1896. ‘Meal Break for Teamsters and Horses’, New South Wales, Australia, c. 1900. A German soldier returns home only to find his family no longer there. Frankfurt, 1946 - by Tony Vaccaro. Walking through a flower market in Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, Florence, Italy ca 1900. FC Barcelona's stadium, 1909. Mexican WW2 poster. Signing the Treaty of Versaille in the Hall of Mirrors, 1919. Hindenburg flying over the Berlin Olympiastadion during the 1936 Olympics. Make America shit again! Outdoor public urinal made of cast iron and slate mounted with a lamppost and lantern, Avenue du Maine, Paris, France. By Charles Marville, c.1895.

The first known underwater photograph. Diver Louis Boutan was 164 ft. underwater; holding a sign that says “photographie sous marine (translation: underwater photograph)” 1899. A German civilian looks at a large portrait of Stalin on the Unter-den-Linden in Berlin, 3 June 1945. Elin Wägner standing next to roughly 350,000 signatures demanding women get the right to vote. Sweden 1914. Kamikaze attack on the HMS Sussex, 1945. Her Task Force was attacked by two bombers acting as kamikaze suicide weapons. One made an imprint on the side of Sussex, from which it could be identified as a Mitsubishi Ki-51 "Sonia".

Captured French Colonial soldier accepting a smoke and a light from German Soldiers, Occupied France: Summer, 1940. Russian soldiers preparing for the battle of Kursk. Near Kursk, 1943. Swedish warship Vasa, it sunk on 1628 and was recovered in ocean 1961 almost completely intact. Russian soldiers preparing for the battle of Kursk. Near Kursk, 1943. The Schienenzeppelin in Berlin - June 1931 - A train on the way to Hamburg passes the newly arrived rail zeppelin at Spandau main station. Hiromichi Matsuda captures the mushrooming atomic cloud over Nagasaki on August 9,1945. He captured this photo from Koyagi-Jima. 750x580.

An American soldier risking his life to save two Vietnamese children during the Vietnam war (60s) Winston Churchill is carried from a nursing home following being struck by a car in New York City. (1931). He was crossing Fifth Avenue and forgot that cars drove on the opposite side of the road from England, and failed to look to his right. Christmas in the German trenches WWI, 1914. German infantryman lighting a cigarette for a British soldier during the Christmas truce, 1914. British War Department locomotive being unloaded at Normandy on D-Day (June 6th, 1944) 'Match Seller' taken by August Sander in 1927 (Colourised) (1280 x 960) Buddhist monk burns himself to death in a Saigon street, 1963 (3000x1909) Colourized photograph of Chernobyl plant during nuclear disaster approximately 15 hours after explosion, captured by Igor Kostin in 1986. Photograph distorted by high levels of radiation.

Baby carriages being transported in front of the bus. New Zealand 1955. 30,000 Russians queue for the first McDonald's in the Soviet Union, January 30th 1990. The relocation of the Egyptian Temples of Abu Simbel, 1964-1968. French woman pouring tea for a British soldier fighting in Normandy 1944. 1968 Olympics Tommie Smith and John Carlos.

The Youngest Soldier In WWI Was A Serbian Boy, Aged 8 Momčilo Gavrić. This Soviet worker and his supervisor at a car factory in Moscow (1954) Hmmm. American troops working to clear wreckage after the intense combat at St. Lo, France, 1944. Buddhist priests of the Big Asakusa Temple prepare for the Second Sino-Japanese War as they wear gas masks during training against future aerial attacks in Tokyo, Japan, on May 30, 1936. Bride leaving her recently bombed home to get married, London, Nov 4 1940. A number 88 bus lies in a large crater in the road in Balham, London, the morning after a German air raid during the Battle of Britain, 15th October 1940. Alvin Harley accepting a kiss from a liberated French girl, Saint Valentine’s Day 1945.

First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967. Most common surnames by contry. Painting the Eiffel Tower. (1932) Hans Island. It is German. Please find 1liter of beer soon. A woman weaving a tapestry, Paris, France, 1945. First ever photograph, 1826 or 1827, "View from the window at Le Gras" Kids pretend to guillotine a criminal in a game in France, 1959.