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Rough Runner is a new breed of sports event.It merges distance running (anything from 5km up to 15km) and obstacles that you’ll have to take on along the way. Visit us:

Obstacle Races Scotland 2017 - Rough Runner. Today’s ticket prices are limited, so don’t hang about!

Obstacle Races Scotland 2017 - Rough Runner

Ticket prices go up as the event draws nearer, or as the price bracket sells out. Book today for the best deal! Are you ready Scotland? Rough Runner is back! August 2016 was our first trip north of the border, and was a monumental success. It’s one of the most scenic venues we visit, with incredible views of the mighty Firth of Forth for pretty much the entire route as you make your way through trees and grassland, and between herds of grazing deer. Massive obstacles will of course be in your way, including our signature Big Balls, the vast Shafted and Ramp it up, the hilarious Swept off your feet, and everybody’s favourite Travelator to finish.

A 5km, 10km or 15km route are the distance options to suit all levels of fitness, and since we don’t do laps, you’ll get more, different obstacles the further you run. Wanna have a look at what you and your team will be up against? Hopetoun House, Queensferry, Edinburgh, Scotland EH30 9SL 1. 2. 3. Obstacle Course Race for Kids - Visit us Obstacle Races London 2017 - Rough Runner. Racing Games and Obstacles - Rough Runner. Fun Obstacles Races - Visit us Rough Runner is a new breed of sports event.

Fun Obstacles Races - Visit us

It merges distance running (there’s a 5km, 10km and 15km run) and obstacles that you’ll have to take on along the way. But not just the regular, military-style obstacles you’ll see on every other event out there, that do nothing but freeze, burn, lacerate and electrocute you. Instead, our obstacles are inspired by all those game shows we love – Takeshi’s Castle, Wipeout, Gladiator, Ninja Warrior and more. So if you’ve ever thought that the Travelator looked like a challenge off Gladiators, a sweeper obstacle would be a great laugh, or you just fancy a go on our big balls, then Rough Runner is for you. We could do our best to describe the full experience here, but we’ll never do it justice! Roughian Rascals 2017 see’s the launch of a new event, Roughian Rascals, a 1 mile course designed specifically for adventure-seeking kids from 7 to 15 years old. Creche If you want to see a little more, take a look at these…

Obstacle Races London 2017 - Rough Runner. Racing Games and Obstacles - Rough Runner. Roughians Get Ready for Obstacle Running Events!

Racing Games and Obstacles - Rough Runner

This is where the fun happens. Our obstacles are what sets us apart from every other event our there. The vast majority are totally unique and won’t be found anywhere else. They’re all inspired by us watching far too many TV game shows and have been designed and built bespokely, with the ‘I’d love to try that’ feeling that you get from watching Gladiators, Wipeout & Ninja Warrior always in mind. Below is a snapshot of what’s on offer – what’s not shown is all the new ones we’re about to unveil, so stay tuned… If you want to see them all for real, then book a ticket and get involved! Do it now. *Obstacles are subject to change without any notice. Manchester Obstacle Races 2017 - Visit at Punch wall Obstacle Running events - Rough Runner. Obstacle Courses for Adults. Obstacle Course Race Events - Visit us Best Obstacle Course Races - Visit us Obstacle Running Events Calendar - Rough Runner. This is where the magic happens.

Obstacle Running Events Calendar - Rough Runner

This is the reason you’re here. Our events are like no other on the market. We combine physical challenge, teamwork and fun across all of our events, with obstacles that you’ll have never seen before, except on TV. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for you here. Each event has a range of difficulty levels, with the 5km obstacles focused on fun while the 15km badasses get the toughest challenges and the 10km runners somewhere in between. So whatever your fitness level, whatever you’re into, find the event that’s nearest to you and try it out.

See Our Upcoming Obstacle Races 1hr 15mins – London30 mins – Portsmouth30 mins – Winchester45 mins – Southampton Our first event of 2017 will be back at the awesome Bereleigh Estate in Hampshire. Our full range of epic obstacles will complete the picture, challenging thousands of Roughians to swing, crawl, climb, dodge and jump their way to the finish line. 0mins – London!