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» #Occupy the Highway: #OWS Plans March to DC - Big Government. More Occupy events planned around Calif.

Occupy London

Occupy Boston. Occupy Denver. Occupy Oakland. Most Americans Uncertain About "Occupy Wall Street" Goals. PRINCETON, NJ -- Less than half of Americans express an opinion about either the Occupy Wall Street movement's goals or the way it has conducted its protests.

Most Americans Uncertain About "Occupy Wall Street" Goals

Those with an opinion are more likely to approve than disapprove. The results are based on an Oct. 15-16 USA Today/Gallup poll. The Occupy Wall Street movement has attracted significant media attention for its nearly month-long protest of major U.S. financial institutions in New York, with similar demonstrations taking place in numerous other cities in the United States in recent weeks. But the American public does not seem to be very familiar with the movement or its goals. Part of that may stem from the below-average level of attention Americans are paying to the news story. Additionally, the lack of knowledge about the movement's goals may be because the movement has not had clearly defined leaders or goals. Public Largely Neutral Toward the Movement Implications Survey Methods. What the Occupy protests tell us about the limits of democracy. “This meeting was called for a reason!”

What the Occupy protests tell us about the limits of democracy

(This meeting was called for a reason!) “We know that you are there!” (We know that you are there!) “And we have solidarity with you.” (We have solidarity with you!) Unintentionally, it sounds a lot like a scene from the Monty Python movie “Life of Brian,” the one in which Brian, who has been mistaken for the Messiah, shouts out at the crowd, “You are all individuals!” To my American ear, the resemblance is reinforced by the fact that the speakers are British and thus sound as if they belong in a Monty Python movie anyway. Of course these international protests do have a few things in common, both with one another and with the anti-globalization movement that preceded them. Yet in one sense, the international Occupy movement’s failure to produce sound legislative proposals is understandable: Both the sources of the global economic crisis and the solutions to it lie, by definition, outside the competence of local and national politicians.

Occupy Together Meetups Everywhere. Anne Applebaum » Blog Archive » Who Elected the Anti-Capitalist Convergence? I admit that up until recently I’ve had trouble taking seriously the violent protesters and tear-gas throwers who nowadays show up whenever a meeting of one of our great globalizing, multilateral institutions takes place.

Anne Applebaum » Blog Archive » Who Elected the Anti-Capitalist Convergence?

Mostly, I am highly suspicious of the fact that they only seem to appear in large numbers when the multilateral meeting in question is taking place somewhere cool. Angry protesters showed up at the WTO meeting in Seattle, home of Starbucks. Why were there none at a subsequent WTO meeting in Frankfurt? Picketers also showed up when the WTO met in Prague, the new Mecca for Americans on their junior year abroad. Why didn’t they make it to the G8 meeting in Okinawa? By this standard, Quebec City might be a turning point. So fashionable have NGOs become that the United Nations, when it organizes big conferences on the environment, say, or women, now sponsors NGO conferences as well, which are designed to take place alongside the “official” conferences.

Occupy LA

Occupy NY. The Coming Insurrection.