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Is Debt Here to Stay?

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The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats - Nick Hanauer - POLITICO Magazine. Memo: From Nick HanauerTo: My Fellow Zillionaires You probably don’t know me, but like you I am one of those .01%ers, a proud and unapologetic capitalist.

The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats - Nick Hanauer - POLITICO Magazine

I have founded, co-founded and funded more than 30 companies across a range of industries—from itsy-bitsy ones like the night club I started in my 20s to giant ones like, for which I was the first nonfamily investor. Then I founded aQuantive, an Internet advertising company that was sold to Microsoft in 2007 for $6.4 billion. In cash. My friends and I own a bank. Realizing that, seeing over the horizon a little faster than the next guy, was the strategic part of my success. But let’s speak frankly to each other. I see pitchforks. At the same time that people like you and me are thriving beyond the dreams of any plutocrats in history, the rest of the country—the 99.99 percent—is lagging far behind.

But the problem isn’t that we have inequality.


Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments. <img class="full-width" style="" typeof="foaf:Image" width="1000" height="653" alt="" data-smsrc="<a pearltreesdevid="PTD502" rel="nofollow" href=" class="vglnk"><span pearltreesdevid="PTD503">http</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD505">://</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD507">www</span><span pearltreesdevid="PTD509">.

Why We're Shutting Off Our Comments

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It wasn't a decision we made lightly. That is not to suggest that we are the only website in the world that attracts vexing commenters. Even a fractious minority wields enough power to skew a reader's perception of a story. Seymour Hersh; journalism isn’t propaganda. New Internationalist Magazine Digital Edition. The Trouble With Bright Girls. Successful women know only too well that in any male-dominated profession, we often find ourselves at a distinct disadvantage.

The Trouble With Bright Girls

We are routinely underestimated, underutilized, and even underpaid. Studies show that women need to perform at extraordinarily high levels, just to appear moderately competent compared to our male coworkers. But in my experience, smart and talented women rarely realize that one of the toughest hurdles they'll have to overcome to be successful lies within. We judge our own abilities not only more harshly, but fundamentally differently, than men do. Understanding why we do it is the first step to righting a terrible wrong.

Chances are good that if you are a successful professional today, you were a pretty bright fifth grade girl. She found that bright girls, when given something to learn that was particularly foreign or complex, were quick to give up--and the higher the girls' IQ, the more likely they were to throw in the towel. Why does this happen?

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Social Justice. Nestlé chairman says water is not a human right. In a candid interview for the documentary We Feed the World, Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck makes the astonishing claim that water isn’t a human right.

Nestlé chairman says water is not a human right

He attacks the idea that nature is good, and says it is a great achievement that humans are now able to resist nature’s dominance. He attacks organic agriculture and says genetic modification is better. Nestlé is the world’s biggest bottler of water. Brabeck claims – correctly – that water is the most important raw material in the world. However he then goes on to say that privatisation is the best way to ensure fair distribution. He believes that the ultimate social responsibility of any Chairman is to make as much profit as possible, so that people will have jobs.

And just to underline what a lovely man he is, he also thinks we should all be working longer and harder. Consequences of water privatisation The consequences of water privatisation have been devastating on poor communities around the world. The Nestlé boycott Like this: Who would choose a punch in the face over strawberry?

Simone de Beauvoir was once asked in an outraged way if she truly believed women shouldn’t be given the choice to be housewives.

Who would choose a punch in the face over strawberry?

She responded that no, they shouldn’t since she will choose it every time. When I was first told about the differences between second and third wave feminists, it was framed to me as such; do you believe that women should have the choice to do as they like or do you think that women who shave their legs, wear dresses, and have sex are wrong? Being my pre-feminist self I became defensive of my skirts and the fact that I shaved my legs.

I LIKE shaving my legs, I said. I LIKE wearing makeup. On the train yesterday was a woman scratching her legs. Zürcher Appell - International Appeal - in English. International Appeal for the protection of academic independence(published on february 28th, 2013) Now that cooperation between the private sector and public universities has all but become the norm, in Europe as elsewhere, it is time to ask some basic questions: What is a university?

Zürcher Appell - International Appeal - in English

And what is its role in society? Universities grew out of the idea of establishing a place where freedom of research, education and scholarship is protected and beyond venal influence. They serve the common good and in turn are supported by the community. Directly linked to this founding idea is the academic ethos that preserves the institution of the university as a special place, free from political, ideological and commercial interests. Against this background, it is self-evident that a public university should neither cooperate with nor accept sponsorship from institutions associated with public scandal or unethical conduct. This procedure brings the issue of sponsorship into sharp focus. Prof.


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