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Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy. Artwork: Chad Wys, She’s in Pieces, 2011, paint on found canvas and frame, 6.25" x 5.25" x 0.75" Not long ago a B2B rep for the virtual-meetings company PGi made the fastest sale of his career.

Tweet Me, Friend Me, Make Me Buy

One morning he contacted a CEO—someone who was no pushover, having had bad experiences with the type of product the rep sells. By late that afternoon he had a signed agreement. How did the rep pull off this feat? By using social media. Here’s the way it worked. On the day in question, a message containing the term “web conferencing” caught his eye. It’s a great story, but perhaps not a surprising one. What is surprising is that most sales managers are proving slow to recognize social media’s potential. Social media selling has risks, but sitting on the sidelines is the greatest risk of all. Certainly there are risks, but as customers increasingly engage with social media, sitting on the sidelines is the greatest risk of all. It’s Where the Customers Are.

Social Media Monitoring Tools For Effective Crisis Management. How the Open Graph can Improve Your Shareability. Have you ever been frustrated when trying to share web content from your website on Facebook, only to find that Facebook won’t show the right image with that content?

How the Open Graph can Improve Your Shareability

There are reasons for this – some of which you can fix. The magic phrase to be aware of here is “open graph”. The Open Graph Protocol is a method of tagging web pages so that social networks can understand their key components. Facebook, Google Plus and other networks need to be able to pull content from a page when someone tries to share that page. The Open Graph Protocol calls for a series of meta tags that make this easy. A simple example would be the meta title of a web page, where the Open Graph property would look like this in the source of the page: . If your web pages don’t use Open Graph meta tags, there’s not much to worry about, because Facebook et al are pretty good at using the default meta tags for title and description. Recommended for YouWebcast: PR Hacking: How Ideas Spread And What Marketers Need to Know.

How Small And Mid Sized Businesses Should Use Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] INFLUENCERS, How Trends & Creativity Become Contagious. Five Types of Social Media Influencers. What makes a good influencer? “Influence” is a concept difficult to evaluate since it refers to both subjective and objective values, resulting in a measurement of: commercial and financial success reputation and credibility quality of affiliations and contacts charisma and the impact of personality For each of these values, the notion of influence may vary from person to person.

In fact, in the age of social media, the definition is changing as how to identify influencers. Today, thanks to online applications, all social media users now have the opportunity to stand out and in turn become leaders in respect to their interests. Influencers on social media are either passionate individuals who turn out to be specialists or professionals involved who use Web 2.0 tools as part of their work. (Please watch: INFLUENCERS – How Trends And Creativity Become Contagious) There are different types of influencers. What kind of influencer do you identify yourself as?

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