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[DTFIS] Orelsan et la liberté d’expression. Aujourd’hui j’ai enfin l’énergie de déterrer un vieux type d’article qui me tient beaucoup à cœur !

[DTFIS] Orelsan et la liberté d’expression

Pour rappel DTFIS signifie Dun(n)o the fuck I’m saying et présente mes réflexions politiques et sociologiques sur un thème donné. Aujourd’hui on va prendre comme prétexte la relaxe du rappeur Orelsan par rapport à des textes jugés misogynes. L’idée ici n’est pas de démontrer en quoi ces propos le sont mais plutôt de se questionner sur la défense qu’il a tenu, à savoir le fait qu’il jouait un personnage et que le condamner pour ses textes reviendrait à entraver « la liberté de création ». Ce qui est intéressant dans cette défense tient dans le fait qu’il s’agit de la posture traditionnelle de toute personne jugée pour apologie d’une violence (raciste ou sexiste la plupart du temps). Il y a eu Orelsan certes mais on peut aussi citer Zemmour ou Nicolas Bedos qui ont tenu des positions similaires. Reprenons depuis le début. Essentialiser : réduire un individu à une seule identité.

Duno. 10 Types of Misogynist Men We All Need to Know About – And Then Call Out!

Hypersexualisation et normes de beauté

Misogynie interiorisée. Feminism 101: Coded Misogyny and Institutional Prejudice. First, some definitions: Coded Misogyny refers to the hatred or marginalization of something on the basis that it is construed to be feminine, though not explicitly so.

Feminism 101: Coded Misogyny and Institutional Prejudice

If we think of "Women are too emotional" as overt misogyny used to demean both individual and all women, coded misogyny builds on that sort of basic bias to demean and undervalue people, pursuits, fashions, habits, vocations, institutions, etc. that are coded as feminine, e.g. teaching, nursing, paid childcare and eldercare are fields disproportionately staffed by women and are thus endemically underpaid or undervalued careers. Institutional Prejudice refers to the debasement of an entire career, organization, pastime, or some other collective on the basis that it is coded as feminine. So: What this is about is the insidiousness of coded misogyny and how some of the most familiar institutional prejudice is attributable to coded misogyny. The active/passive binary is hardly the only one we code as masculine/feminine. Les selfies, le sexisme et la violence anonyme sur Internet. Pondu par Marie.Charlotte le 31 janvier 2014 Lindsay Bottos publie les commentaires anonymes qu’elle reçoit sur ses photos, principalement des selfies.

Son travail met en évidence une violence gratuite aux relents de sexisme. The Creepiness Question. Trigger warning: predatory behaviour, creepiness, sexual assault.

The Creepiness Question

Yesterday, I read this account of creepy stalking behaviour retold by a woman whose husband had witnessed it first-hand and subsequently described the incident to her in detail. During the course of her husband’s recitation, the woman asked him what she refers to as The Question, capitalised because, once asked, he stopped seeing the creeper as simply being awkward and inappropriate and started seeing him as frightening and potentially dangerous. And as I was reading, something clicked in my head regarding an incident which, approximately sixteen years ago, left me deeply unsettled, and which continues to unsettle me in memory.

I don’t remember my precise age, though ten seems the best guess: certainly, I was no older than eleven, and I doubt I was younger than eight. Misogynist Trolls Have An Agenda, And It’s Not Lulz. By Amanda MarcotteThursday, August 1, 2013 12:39 EDT The Twitter harassment campaign directed at women who had the nerve—the nerve!

Misogynist Trolls Have An Agenda, And It’s Not Lulz

—to support putting a nobody like Jane Austen on the ten pound note has opened up another round of discourse about what to do about the trolls. I think this time it’s been particularly helpful, because losing your shit and deciding to threaten to rape women over one of the most important novelists of all time receiving an honor due her is so utterly and undeniably misogynist that it basically sails right past one of the most sticking problems feminist face when discussing misogyny: The people who believe that all other possible options, no matter how ridiculous, must be exhausted before we can firmly declare someone’s motivations to be misogynist. Since I’ve been on the trail of the people threatening high-profile women with rape on Twitter I’ve learned a lot.

Trolls want to silence women. Amanda Marcotte. Bronies. What We Aren’t Talking About When We Talk About Gun Control. In the wake of the Newtown shootings, the airwaves have been vibrating—often furiously—with conversations about guns.

What We Aren’t Talking About When We Talk About Gun Control

And as always in the United States, the issue is framed as a rigid binary of pro and con, them and us. Gun control advocates, including President Obama, want to place the discursive emphasis firmly on violence and the harm guns cause. They largely support restrictions of various kinds. Gun owners and gun rights advocates, with the National Rifle Association (NRA) at the prow, cling to the Holy Grail of the Second Amendment. Both sides often paint the other as entirely unreasonable. How to know that you hate women.