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5 Sad Mistakes Freelance Translators Make on Startup. 34 Things You Can Do When You Don't Have Work. You’ve spent the past two weeks indulging and taking time off to celebrate the holidays with friends and family.

34 Things You Can Do When You Don't Have Work

But now it’s time to get back to work. Only your inbox is empty and you don’t have any projects lined up. So what do you do? To be honest, this was me yesterday. While I knew about the “ebb and flow” of the translation business when I was studying and working part-time and doing volunteer translations, it wasn’t until I took the plunge into full-time translation that it became a problem. Here are just a few things you should be doing instead of sitting around waiting for your inbox to fill up.

Marketing/SEO If you’re experiencing a lull, this is a great time to work on your marketing. Write on your blogUpdate your websiteReview your SEO and search engine rankingsNetwork with colleagues or potential clients on LinkedInUpdate your business cards (or make some if you don’t have them already)Plan an e-mail marketing campaignCreate a Google My Business Page for your business. Admin. FAQ pour futurs traducteurs indépendants. Recevez les nouveaux articles par RSS !

FAQ pour futurs traducteurs indépendants

J’ai régulièrement l’occasion de parler avec des traducteurs qui envisagent de devenir indépendants et qui veulent en savoir plus sur cette profession. Voici donc une petite FAQ qui reprend les questions que l’on me pose le plus souvent Pourquoi es-tu devenue indépendante? Je dois avouer que je n’aime pas répondre à cette question, mais je comprends qu’on me la pose. Cependant, être indépendant est plus qu’un mode d’exercice, c’est, à mes yeux, un mode de vie. Ce n’est donc pas nécessaire que je m’étale ici sur mes raisons, je viens d’y répondre Etre indépendante s’est imposé à moi naturellement et j’adore mon métier!

Puis-je devenir traducteur littéraire avec un master de traduction technique? Au risque de faire hurler mes confrères et mes anciens professeurs, je pense que oui. Dans tous les cas, ne vous enfermez pas dans l’intitulé d’un diplôme. Je dois choisir quel statut? Ah, le statut. /Mode coup de gueule ON/ /Mode coup de gueule OFF/ Some personal heartfelt tips for newbies. It’s probably due to the upcoming (Brazilian) holidays and the World Cup, but it’s been raining projects here!

Some personal heartfelt tips for newbies

Totally crazy! Because of that, I started looking for some trusted partners to help me. Newbies, clients will not knock on your door nor fall on your laps. I recently read an article on Forbes (in Spanish) about the mistakes recently graduated students make when looking for a job.

Newbies, clients will not knock on your door nor fall on your laps

It got me into thinking that the same old mistakes repeat themselves over and over again, and it is not something exclusive of the translation area. Is it a generation z issue? Even though there are endless articles on the internet mentioning the Dos and Don’ts, newbies keep asking the same questions and making the same mistakes – what is even worse. Even this post is repetitive! I have already written here a few posts with advice to those who are starting out. Don’t wait for things to fall from the sky. I guess there is no need to question my availability and willingness to help newbies, right? However, people, for Jerome’s sake, research! It is not easy.

Please note that this is not me ranting against newbies who ask and want to learn, this is me ranting against newbies who ask before even researching and trying to find out by themselves. Like this: Some thoughts on freelance income - Thoughts On Translation. We all know that freelance income and salaried income are two different things.

Some thoughts on freelance income - Thoughts On Translation

There are hard factors (self-employment tax, health insurance, paid time off) and soft factors (flexibility, enjoying your work, being able to live where you want). But at a certain point, you have to run the numbers, which you should do at least once a year. First, come up with a number If you want an actual freelance income needs calculator, I would recommend: