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I am Mandy.I love to write about beauty and makeup and enjoying to share information about beauty, makeup, hairstyles, skin care etc.

Makeup Ideas - Stunner Makeup. There are various styles that have been already started trending for 2017!

Makeup Ideas - Stunner Makeup

Have you checked some or you haven’t? To do an about-turn a bit, if you have missed out on the enlightening of some of 2017’s major trends, you can check up here, here, and here. From outstanding jackets and blazers to jump suits and skirts we have it all for you right here on this page. Top Natural Cleaners For Beautiful Skin. Skin care is not just make-up and washing, but also cleansing.

Top Natural Cleaners For Beautiful Skin

We should not forget about this. For the proper cleansing, you need to know your skin type. You will see the list ofnatural ingredients, which can be useful for deep facial cleansing. Homemade Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin. Skin care is an integral part of any woman’s life.

Homemade Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Someone buys lotions and masks in shops, while others prefer to use natural ingredients and prepare homemade beauty products. Such masks and creams are the best solution for a balanced daily care. It should be noted that in addition to the external skin care, it is required to maintain health and beauty from the inside.

The widespread rule is to drink 1.5-2 liters of pure water per day. Another important rule for the healthy and glowing skin is to keep to a diet. Styling Tricks All Curly-Haired Girls Must Know. Many women with straight hair dream about beautiful curls, but they do not even know that it will be very difficult to take care of them.

Styling Tricks All Curly-Haired Girls Must Know

Caring for curly hair is much harder than it is for the straight, but the differences are only in the specifics of care. To properly care for curly hair it is necessary to adhere to the following tips: Amazing Mud Mask Recipes For Blemish Free Skin. Today, mud can be found in any drugstore.

Amazing Mud Mask Recipes For Blemish Free Skin

All the additional ingredients are also available in any shop. Even after the first treatment, the skin facewill be transformed. Learn To Do Your Own Facial at Home. Every woman should know how to take care of her face at home.

Learn To Do Your Own Facial at Home

In this article,we will discuss the main rules and stages of skin care at home. These rules and mini facial programs are the same for all, regardless of age and skin type. It is necessary to follow two simple rules: Regularity. Makeup Ideas - Stunner Makeup. Sun rays can be very tricky.

Makeup Ideas - Stunner Makeup

In order to avoid severe sunburns, it is necessary to use sunscreens of proper quality. In summer, the impact of sun rays is so active, that you can easily get a sunburn simply walking on the street. It is not even necessary to go to the beach. 9 Pretty Simple Pimple Home Remedies. Homemade remedies for pimplesis one way to win the war for beautiful skin without costly investments and painful tortures.

9 Pretty Simple Pimple Home Remedies

Tomatoes: The acid contained in tomatoes, dries skin rash. However, not only that: tomatoes contain vitamins (K,C,A,) and lycopene – and exactly these ingredients can be often found in cosmetics for pimples.Just take a ripe tomato and cut into rings, then place in the affected areas of skin. Keep it on the skin about twenty minutes. Makeup Ideas for Black Women. Dark skin requires some special attention and a right choice of harmony tints.

Makeup Ideas for Black Women

Foundation primerBefore applying a fully-featured make-up, one should put on a neutral base onto dark skin in order to make the skin look like a velvet and protect from influence of harmful factors of environment. Make-up foundationIn order to make a right choice and pick a correct make-up foundation, you should test a tint directly on your face`s skin (not on your hands` skin). Makeup Ideas & Hair styles, Home Remedies Tips - Stunner Makeup.