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Make your lists Take care of your lists Get more done! With gubb, List Makers: Sleep well knowing their lists will still be there in the morning Have their lists by their side wherever they are (via phone, email, computer) Color their lists, add stars for priorities, add details, keep notes within lists Share and collaborate with others, when appropriate With gubb, GTD'ers (Getting Things Done): Create as many lists as they want Access their lists with any browser, their phone, their email Easily move items between lists Quickly record information and then later file/edit information with ease
Cool GTD Applications - The Ultimate Resource List Cool GTD Applications - The Ultimate Resource List Getting Things Done by David Allen details a fantastic system for getting organized, reducing stress and improving your productivity in a world full of To-Do lists that are too long. Another place to find great help daily is over at I like his version: “Zen to Done” for its simplicity. For electronic tools, there are many to choose from. In this post I will provide links to some of the cool online applications available to help you keep track of your Most Important Tasks as well as Contexts, Projects, and more. Paper Tools