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6 British Inventions that Changed the World

01 may 2020

6 British Inventions that Changed the World

For readers that are bit older, you probably remember the black and white TVs and you may even remember having to get up just to change the channel. Nowadays we have so many different channels and stream services, that we don’t really know what to watch first.


That was all different in the past. The first TV was a lot different than the ones with flat screens we have now, but they are all based on the invention made by John Logie Baird. It can be said that the TV was invented in 1925, however, InventHelp Inventions  it took several years for this patent to find its use and for the first TV to be built.


Even though the course of television started about a hundred years ago, today there are still changes that are made and new inventions based on this. If you think you have an idea that deserves to be patented you can check this to find out how that is done. Many people have amazing ideas that could make the world a better place but don’t know how or where to start.