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BARTON MUSICAL CIRCUITS. SIMPLE CV QUANTIZER. This circuit takes a continuously variable dc voltage and outputs only voltages related to each other musically, using the 1v/octave standard.


It utilizes a preprogrammed PIC which is included with purchase of a PCB. It is has a very low parts count, requires no calibration, and is small enough to be used either as a seperate synth module or as a daughter board to be attached to the input of an oscillator or output of a sequencer/s&h/other cv generator. For schematic, bill of materials and theory of operation for newer boards, download this PDF file. For Troubleshooting common problems see this page. DIY stompboxes. There is a new technology going on in the forums.

DIY stompboxes

By feeding the right type of audio signals through resistors and capacitors, you can change their properties. Store. Forum DIYstompboxes. Noah Vawter. Bio Engineer and musician Noah Vawter is best known for inventing Ambient Addition, the 1-bit groovebox, PSPKick and combyop synthesis.

Noah Vawter

In each of these musical instruments, he combines math and design ideas to illuminate the situation around music, encouraging the democratic notions of freedom and cooperation. He is currently a Ph. D. candidate studying with the Computing Culture Research Group at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 1 Bit Groovebox. Electric Eels. 8/2/2010 - Michael and Noah share some research into acoustics which can increase the efficiency of selectively-chosen, yet reasonably-priced woofers.

Electric Eels

Yes, for those who love to get down and to the source, I can heartily recommend Keele's paper and especially On the Specification of Moving-Coil Drivers for Low-Frequency Horn-Loaded Loudspeakers, from W. Marshall Leach, Jr. Or, if you would like to skip to the chase, and actually build an instrument making use of this technology :) then please check out the most recent update to our Speakers Wiki . Vaco Loco Paul Maddox. TRON drummer. Tron is a simple 16 step, 8 part drum pattern programmer.

TRON drummer

It isn't as fully featured as others, nor as expensive. It's designed to be small, cheap and simple to use. GORF seq. Available Now!

GORF seq

Gorf is a simple 8 step sequencer. It isn't as clever or complex as the Sequentix P3 nor as expensive as certain other sequencers. I was bored one sunday, and wanted to build a simple sequencer I could use to test Defender and other synths I was building. ADASYNTH. Anonymous asked: Any news about the project?


Introspectiv. Subatomic. Monday 04.03.2006 6pm came home today to find the 9090 PCBs from Trevor came through my mail slot. 2 PCBs and 4 ICs. 9090 boards from trevor arrived I found some nice scans of the PCBs on c0nsumer's 9090 wiki.


PCB scans Tuesday 05.09.2006. Curious Inventor. Curious Inventor Forum. Meeblip John Grahame. Noisepages forum. Arduino Forum. Hey, nice to hear that.

Arduino Forum

Yes, there were some changes to the hardware and the project, we will post those when possible. It should work on the Uno board, I got a 2009 to test later this month just in case. One change I'm doing is add 2 extra C165 shifters and make the interface buttons use those extra pins instead. Right now the single analog input with multiple buttons doesn't work the way we want, and its not multi-press compatible, something that is nice for future updates. We also added the EEPROM, which the code already uses without any problems. Forum - Musikding. Musikding Forum. x0xb0x. Willzyx James Wilsey. substyler. Audiofanzine x0xb0x. Subatomic worklog. Subatomic mod guide. I created this guide to mod my x0xb0x as shown above, it's mostly cut-n-paste from the x0xd0x wiki, with several annotations, parts lists, wiring diagrams, and other clarifications made by myself...

subatomic mod guide

Basically I did this so I could have a paper copy while I worked... Taylor Livingston. Defective Records Forum. Defective Records. Klee2. Party Favor. Narrat1ve Nerd Camp. WTPA1. Party Favor. Video Mess Tool. (or, "Snuggling with Sandin") --Originally for a lecture at Bent 2010-- Wed Apr 28 14:19:16 EDT 2010 So, Bent 2010 is over, and as such my arbitrary deadline and excuse for spending time and cheddar on this particular device has been pulled. The above are the final circuits I presented with at the lecture.

The thing on the left is "Color Me Baddly" from the Gerbers below. The thing on the right is the "Video Mess Tool". Mutable instruments. Shruti-1. Shruthi-1. This week at Mutable Instruments Yarns, Tides, Frames are officially released! Checked some production documents for Peaks.Fixed a screw problem on 130 Yarns (tiring…).Re-flashed the firmware on 215 Frames (last minute bug fix, tiring…). New steps in factory testing procedure.Re-flashed the firmware on 225 Tides (last minute bug fixes, tiring…).Approved final panel design on new module 2, and started PCB layout. Thanks Hannes! Finished building prototype of new module 1. This week at Mutable Instruments. Adventure Kid » Single cycle waveforms. I have been making and collecting one cycle waveforms for years. They have been one of my best weapons to use when making sounds. If you have a wavetable synthesizer that can load single cycle waveforms you might find them useful as well.

Muff Wiggler. D.A.M.I.A.N. Deathlehem Machine. Top Top. A Magic Whistle. PICsynth Kevin Godwin. MIDIbox Forum. PCB-Mike. SmashTV. DOKUwiki. If you ever wanted to build the midi controller or sequencer of your dreams, or if you want to develop your own, custom MIDIbox - you came to the right spot :) We are working hard to improve the vast amount of information around. If you can help us, please feel free to add or correct things. If you want to discuss documentation or wiki issues, please post to the forum. You need a MIDIbox-forum account to edit pages. uCApps. Gyurek's website. Subatomic SIDV2. Late 2005'ish sourcing lots of parts, getting everything planned. View topic - work-in-progress DIY looper/glitcher. Ciat-Lonbarde. Paper circuits.