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Women's Health Experts Speak Out from Judd Nelson, Tim Meadows, Nick Offerman, Kurtwood Smith, Alex Fernie, Funny Or Die, Ray Wise, Brian Flaherty, Ally Hord, and BoTown Sound. Republicans, Get In My Vagina! from Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer, Andrea Savage, Funny Or Die, lauren, Alex Richanbach, and BoTown Sound. White Women's Workout from slimchev007. Sexual Harassment: House of Lies Webisode. Bic Pens for Women. Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends. How To Stop Your Child Becoming An Atheist at Kontraband. 11 Reasons It’s Hard Being Intelligent. Disney.gif (GIF Image, 585 × 289 pixels) Psssh-Woman.jpg (JPEG Image, 559x600 pixels) - Scaled (93%)

Imagesfuneral-2ddirector-2d499x679.jpg (JPEG Image, 499 × 679 pixels) - Scaled (91%) Friday Watch: All Dogs Go To Heaven . . . Go away. Sauza Tequila - Make it with a Fireman. Dove Real Beauty Sketches - Men. Best-of-craigslist. 888888b. 8888888888 .d8888b. 88888888888 .d88888b. 88888888 888 "88b 888 d88P Y88b 888 d88P" "Y88b 888 888 .88P 888 Y88b. 888 888 888 888 8888888K. 8888888 "Y888b. 888 888 888 888 8888888 888 "Y88b 888 "Y88b. 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 "888 888 888 888 888 888 888 d88P 888 Y88b d88P 888 Y88b. .d88P 888 8888888P" 8888888888 "Y8888P" 888 "Y88888P" 888 before perusing best-of-craigslist postings below please note: postings are nominated by craigslist readers, and are not necessarily endorsed by craigslist staff. postings may be explicitly sexual, scatalogical, offensive, graphic, tasteless, and/or not funny if you see copyrighted material not original to craigslist, please let us know and we'll remove it. if you are under age 18, please use your 'back' button and seek parental guidance by continuing you acknowledge being 18 or older and release craigslist from any liability arising from your use of best-of-craigslist.


Game of American Thrones. Home Upload. Paid for by the Council of Elrond. Sorry, we're playing FIFA here...

Paid for by the Council of Elrond.

Have a very Murray Christmas. Don't freak out... A reptile dysfunction. My dog is cooler than your dog. Free strips of paper!!! Cash-hoarders.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 383 pixels) The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence. Teaching freshmen composition, presented to you in gifs. Making my very first syllabus and class schedule My first year of teaching Introducing myself to the class during my first semester of teaching Introducing myself to the class during my second semester of teaching When a student acts like a jerk the first day of class When my students whine, groan, or complain When I stumble over my words in class What it’s like when a student asks me a question I don’t know the answer to After I announce class won’t meet the day before spring break When my friends get to go out while I have to stay in and grade When I tell students to get into groups and they hurry to be with their friends When I think a student’s paper is going to be good, but then it has a weak conclusion What office hours are like during most of the semester What office hours are like the day before final portfolios are due When students say they are done with peer workshop and ask to leave early.

Teaching freshmen composition, presented to you in gifs

#myfriendsaremarried. UPDATE: Facebook has restored the ability to post links to and share MFAM posts!!


You should now be able to post any links, share posts via the MFAM Facebook page, or share through the Facebook button on this site. Thank you, everyone for bombarding the internets yesterday! MFAM Nation is the best fam on the web. MFAM Nation! As you may have noticed, this morning Facebook began blocking the posting and sharing of all links from Myfriendsaremarried, and purged my Facebook page of all linked content. Facebook has been a phenomenal way for me to get to know all of you, and hear your stories and thoughts on MFAM posts - and many of you have told me that is where you originally came across MFAM. Shit Girls Say to Gay Guys. Shit White Girls Black Girls.

Shit Men Say to Men Who Say Shit to Women on the Street. ThanksJesusforthefood.jpg (JPEG Image, 616 × 721 pixels) - Scaled (86. Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics. Things don’t always go as planned.

Expectations vs. Reality (16 Pics

Check out the pics below to see a few examples of what happens when our expectations get punched in the face by reality. via via Tickling Expectations: Reality: via via via via via You may also like: