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Facilitated Activities: Database of Experiential Exercises. Search Tips Our database is organized into the categories listed below.

Facilitated Activities: Database of Experiential Exercises

There are two ways to browse for exercises. One way is to click on a category below to find exercises of interest. Another way is to use the search engine box below. You can type keywords into the box below to search the entire database. We have organized exercises using the following popular parameters. Have a Great Exercise? If you know a great exercise or two that you're interested in submitting, please review our submission instructions here. Revisit Your Roots. As life long learners, our field can get pretty complicated with all the models, strategies, philosophies, and approaches within which we tend to immerse ourselves.

Revisit Your Roots

Considering this, it’s probably a good idea once in awhile to reflect on those core attitudes, skills, and perspectives that form the foundation of all the strategies and interventions we might bring to groups. To be quite honest, the more I learn about group process the easier and the harder it gets. Coaching, Coaching empresarial, Coaching coercitivo, escepticismo, ... PUZLEA. Cómo levantarte a las 5 AM para trabajar en ti mismo. Takepart. The often anonymous messages, sent by text and email, are meant to wound—sometimes to the point of death: You’re fat, you’re ugly, and nobody likes you, they say.


Those shoes suck, and so do you. You’re a loser—why don’t you kill yourself already? Hurtful words like those, however, inspired Trisha Prabhu to make a difference. Dificultades del aprendizaje - Aplaude, centro psicopedagógico. Para que los niños aprendan efectivamente son necesarias tres habilidades primordiales: atención, memoria y motivación.

Dificultades del aprendizaje - Aplaude, centro psicopedagógico

Escuelas incluyentes, valorando las diferencias - Tipkids - Guia de la Ciudad para Padres e Hijos. MODELOS DE CERTIFICADOS : Executive Function Problem or Just a Lazy Kid: Part 2. Executive development happens primarily in the prefrontal cortex, a region of the brain more sensitive to stress than any other.

Executive Function Problem or Just a Lazy Kid: Part 2

Even mild stress can flood the prefrontal cortex with the neurotransmitter dopamine, causing executive functioning to shut down (Diamond, 2010). Testing for Learning Disabilities. There is no single “test” or even universally accepted approach to identifying learning disabilities (LD).

Testing for Learning Disabilities

The characteristics of LD often differ from one child to another, and what LD looks like in children will sometimes manifest in very different ways in adolescents and adults. Features of LD can be “hidden” in some situations and very much apparent in others. The key to identifying LD is therefore to identify areas of strength and weakness, rule in (or rule out) any complicating factors that might be contributing to learning problems, and hone in on the very specific nature of the struggle, so that timely decisions can be made about carefully targeted intervention and support.

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of different screening tools and assessment measures available that assist general and special educators, psychologists, physicians, and others to capture and document the nature of a person’s struggle with learning. Looking for Dyslexia Looking for Dyscalculia Print. How to Motivate a Child With Executive Dysfunction.

Motivation problems are often one part of executive dysfunction.

How to Motivate a Child With Executive Dysfunction

Here are some proven techniques that work well for motivating any child, especially one who struggles with executive function. Praise That MotivatesDecades ago, the self-esteem movement made a wrong turn when it came to praise, says David Walsh, PhD, psychologist, teacher, and author of Why Do They Act That Way? : A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen. It put too much emphasis on children feeling good about themselves, he says, and not enough on gaining competence. Today, we have a better sense of what really works. Follow these tips to give more effective praise. Testing for Learning Disabilities. Documenting_learning_disabilities_quick_reference.pdf. Jing_Sun_Thesis.pdf. Australian Council for Educational Research. Point Loma Nazarene University - Type to search for People, Research Interests and Universities Searching...

Point Loma Nazarene University -

Upload a new photo About Add Contact Information Edit. Sensory overload – go through the experience. It’s eye opening! AUT_Blog_DTOP_BelowTitle_300x250 posted By A.

Sensory overload – go through the experience. It’s eye opening!

Boyea. Serendipia. Una serendipia es un descubrimiento o un hallazgo afortunado e inesperado que se produce cuando se está buscando otra cosa distinta.


También puede referirse a la habilidad de un sujeto para reconocer que ha hecho un descubrimiento importante aunque no tenga relación con lo que busca. En términos más generales se puede denominar así también a la casualidad, coincidencia o accidente. En la historia de la ciencia son frecuentes las serendipias. Por ejemplo, Albert Einstein reconoce esta cualidad en algunos de sus hallazgos. También existen casos de serendipias en obras literarias, cuando un autor escribe sobre algo que ha imaginado y que no se conoce en su época, y se demuestra posteriormente que eso existe tal como lo definió el escritor, con los mismos detalles. Survivor How to Develop Survivor Resiliency. Resiliency & Developing processes to focus on bright spots. A Cognitive Defense of Stimming (or Why “Quiet Hands” Makes Math Harder) Thanks to Daniel Kahneman’s fascinating book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow” I’ve discovered the concept of ego depletion.

Coined by Roy Baumeister, the term ego depletion simply means that we have a limited pool of energy to devote to both self-control and cognitive tasks. If we devote energy to, for example, suppressing temptation, we’ll be less willing to solve a difficult math problem or run an extra lap around the track. Baumeister did a series of landmark experiments to prove the link between self-control and our willingness to engage in difficult cognitive tasks. Definición de empatía. Play these Games - 1. Home Page. Dr. Jay R. Lucker is an audiologist and speech-language pathologist in private practice specializing in auditory processing disorders, with offices in Alexandria, VA; Bethesda, MD; and Long Island, NY.

He is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders processing for over 30 years providing assessment, parent/school consultations, clinical and educational interventions and research. He is president, chairman of the board, and co-founder of the National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders (NCAPD). Dr. If you have questions concerning Auditory Processing Disorder, please email Megan Muehlberg at and she will get back to you with information on dealing with APD from a teenagers perspective. Auditory System: Sensory Processing Explained. Cómo fomentar el autocontrol de la conducta impulsiva en el aula a través de la técnica de la Nieve del País de las Hadas. When Cyberbullying Happens to Your Child - 7 Things Insanely Rich Founders Want You to Know About Startups.

Learning from the mistakes and successes of others can seriously cut the learning curve and give your startup a leg up on the competition. These seven young millionaire and billionaire founders have been through the school of hard knocks and emerged as victors in huge ways. The Most Powerful Way to End a Presentation. There are many tips for delivering a great presentation, and while it is important to grab your audience at the beginning, what you do at the end can make all the difference in your presentation's overall impact and success.

Getting Rid of the "Questions? " Slide To start, let's talk about what you shouldn't do. Learning Disabilities Assessment Tools: Unlock Potential. 20 películas basadas en la figura del profesor. A la gran pantalla se han llevado films que tratan diferentes aspectos de la educación y donde también se refleja la figura del profesor. Hemos seleccionado diez de estas películas. Estaremos encantados de que nos dejéis más títulos interesantes en los comentarios. ¡Gracias y a disfrutar? Manual de Acomodos.pdf. Other Learning Disabilities. Dyspraxia “Motor Learning Disability” Symptoms: Lack of fluency in physical and mental activities Physical Motor Match: Ability to match physical movements with an auditory cue Mental Motor Match: Ability to respond on cue within an appropriate time frame.

LTresearch.pdf. Pitágoras. Capacitación a través de juegos. Aplicación de dinámicas grupales como estrategia para facilitar el aprendizaje. What Are Classrooms Like for Students with Learning Disabilities? How do general education classroom environments respond to individual differences and needs? How readily do teachers alter their forms of classroom organization; how readily do they modify approaches? Common classroom conditions can and do affect many students adversely-to some degree, at one time or another, in one way or other-but, some students are especiallyvulnerable to classrooms' hazards (e.g., children of poverty, nonnative speakers, those with attention deficits).

La verdadera enseñanza es aquella que se transmite de corazón a corazón. Qué es TDAH? Our Out-of-Sync Life: Visual Perception Activities. Today, Bubs and I braved the elements to attend his vision therapy screening. Going into the appointment I didn't know if I should be praying that he has a vision problem or not. If the learning difficulties were visual then the issue could be fix with glasses. Seemed like an easy fix to me. But if the problem was not visual, then we had an internal issue. Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders. Trabajo de trastorno de aprendizaje nachis. Contaminación visual y acústica.

Auditory Processing Disorder in Children. Teaching Visual Learners: Tips and Strategies for Teachers and Parents. Dysgraphia in Children-Warning Signs and How to Help Your Child. Disgrafia- Trastorno de la Escritura y su tratamiento. Consejos Técnicos Escolares. Working with Dysgraphia at Home. Special Ed. Boot Camp. Dyscombobulation Galore: Part Two, Dysgraphia. Games & Activities That Build Purposeful Listening Skills. Pediatric Occupational Therapy resources, worksheets, blog, newsletter. Disgrafia- Trastorno de la Escritura y su tratamiento.

EJERCICIOS PARA EJERCITAR EL CEREBRO EN LOS NIÑOS. Gana dinero en Internet con 1&1 Programa de Afiliados. Learning Success Solutions. REPASO DE MATEMÁTICAS... ¿Qué hacer y cómo actuar? GUIAS PRACTICAS. Taller de emprendimiento para primaria con manual de profesor. Dyscalculia: A Quick Look. College & Dyscalculia - DISLEXIA: INVESTIGACIÓN Y TRABAJO. DISCALCULIA CON EJERCICIOS. FICHAS INFANTILES DE DISLEXIA PARA NIÑOS. DESCARGAR GRATIS FICHAS DE DISLEXIA INFANTILES PARA IMPRIMIR. LÁMINAS DE EJERCICIOS DE DISLEXIA GRATIS PARA NIÑOS DE INFANTIL, PREESCOLAR Y PRIMARIA PARA IMPRIMIR Y DESCARGAR. Ejercicios Dislexia para niños. La Llave del DON - Una Mirada Sistémica a las Dificultades de Aprendizaje. DISCALCULIA. La voz del muro. Sensory Processing Disorder's Myriad Symptoms Create Controversy. Multi-Media Parenting & Educational Content delivered by pediatric psychologist, author, international speaker and mom, Dr. Lynne Kenney.

Math Their Way- Writing Numbers.pdf - Tech Coach Corner free eBook download and read online. For Innovation in Education - Dekodiphukan, Math Their Way and Math a Way of Thinking. The Dyscalculia Toolkit. DYSCALCULIA. Sample reports for Dyscalculia Screener. Acerca de la autenticidad y la responsabilidad en Terapia Gestalt. Formative vs Summative Assessment. Efecto Pigmalión.ía-para-capacitadores-esp.pdf. BRAVO/Segunda Sesion/Concepto_taller.pdf. Reglamento para Cursos y Diplomados de Educación Continua de la Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM.