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Tuned Pale Ale Helps You Play Beer Bottle Music. Amazing Pumpkin Carvings (30 Pics) Amazing Steampunk Accessories Made by Skinz Nhydez. Earthbag House Plans. Climbing Wall for your Pool. We actually have these walls at our pool (a boys and girls club), we have a 4 squares across by three squares up section.

Its great, and the kids LOVE it, its a great incentive for the younger ones to learn to swim and grow confident enough to swim in deep water, since they have to pass a deep-water test to be allowed to use the wall. It does require constant watch if its crowded, since the most likely injury would be a child falling on another child if you didn’t make sure to keep the fall zone clear (surprisingly, 7-11 year olds don’t always have a ton of awareness).

All you really need is a common-sense setup and a watchful eye, but not single user has ever been hurt from the fall, bitten their tongue off, gotten a cut, hit any limb or chin off of anything, ect.