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Note: this extension is no longer being maintained and will NOT support Firefox 4. People with Offline Gmail enabled: The Gmail Motifier will not work with offline Gmail enabled - Google Gears, which is installed, breaks the extension. I haven't been able yet to figure out how to work around it. Short User Guide: If the unread count looks wrong, do a Gmail search for "is:unread" and check if you have archived unread mail. Gmail Notifier :: Modules pour Firefox Gmail Notifier :: Modules pour Firefox
Horloge FlipClock :: Modules pour Firefox
FireShot is NOT cross-platform! It's been developed for Windows and is not going to be ported to other OS's in the near future. Since this is not a support forum, you won't receive any help here, while your question will likely disappear. If you need support, please visit the forum: FireShot :: Modules pour Firefox

FireShot :: Modules pour Firefox

Smart Bookmarks Bar :: Modules pour Firefox