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Ulip Plan Update from Aegon Life

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ULIPs: Unit Linked Insurance Plans - Aegon Life. AEGON Life Future Protect ULIP Plan Review, Features and Benefits. Aegon Life Future Protect Plan AEGON Life Future Protect Plan is a simple unit linked insurance plan (ULIP) such that if the Life Insured dies within the policy tenure, the nominee would receive the Sum Assured or the Fund Value, whichever is higher, as Death Benefit.

AEGON Life Future Protect ULIP Plan Review, Features and Benefits

There is a unique option of Invest Protect Option, where the policyholder can choose to systematically move out of his current investment funds 3 years before maturity so that any volatility in the market would not affect his maturity benefit. Key Features of Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Plan Unit linked insurance plan with an optional benefit of invest protect Invest Protect Option, where the funds are invested in the equity oriented fund till the last 3 years when it is systematically taken out so as to protect from equity market fall. Grow your Money & Save Tax! Get the Best Ulip Plan Thanks! Benefits you get from Aegon Life Future Protect Insurance Policy Riders – There are 2 riders available in this policy. Aegon Life Ulip Plans - Buy Best Plan at Lowest Premiums. These are unit linked life insurance plans that help you maximize your investments by providing you with various investment options, ULIP plans help you save and grow your money.

Aegon Life Ulip Plans - Buy Best Plan at Lowest Premiums

There are 6 ULIP plans that are available to you from Aegon Life insurance for investing your money Aegon Life Future Protect Plan: It not only helps you gain from your investment but also minimize the risk to your returns as your policy nears maturity. It also provides you with the option to partially withdraw your funds and opt for a settlement option for disbursements of maturity proceedsAegon Life Future Protect Plus Plan: This unit linked insurance plan aims to protect your money by systematically shifting the Fund from Accelerator Fund to Secure Fund during the last 3 policy years.

Comparison of Aegon Life ULIP plans will help you to understand ULIP plans provided by Aegon Life Insurance. 1. There are six modes of payment as offered by Aegon Life Insurance: 2. You can check policy status via online. 3. 4. View Aegon iMaximize Policy Details here. Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Plan, being an Online Unit Linked Insurance Plan, aims at providing a non-stop protection to your family. iMaximize Insurance Policy by Aegon Life maximizes your investments as a result of Zero Premium Allocation Charges.

View Aegon iMaximize Policy Details here

In addition, it provides you with options to choose the Death benefits in two ways. Therefore, you have Two Death Benefit Options to choose which suits you the best. You may be elated to have this Aegon iMaximize Insurance Plan Services at your fingertips. Eligibility Criteria for Aegon Life iMaximize Insurance Key Features of Aegon iMaximize Insurance Policy Online Insurance Service with less charges.Affordable due to Zero Premium Allocation Charge.Short Pay Options like 5 Pay and 7 Pay.3 Unit Linked Fund Options: Blue Chip Equity Fund, Debt Fund, and Secure Fund as per Investment objectives.Also offers Two Death Benefit Options.Boost Fund value through Topups. Aegon Life ULIP Plans - Review Benefits and Features. Aegon Life ULIP Plans are insurance policies that come with dual benefits- growth and protection.

Aegon Life ULIP Plans - Review Benefits and Features

These plans come with the combined benefits of insurance and investment under one single plan. There is a whole variety of ULIPs on offer. You can choose anything from Wealth creation ULIPs to Retirement Planning ULIPs, depending on your particular investment profile and desired portfolio.