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Best Bass Guitar Brands 2017

17 september 2017

Best Bass Guitar Brands 2017

The general rule of thumb when buying any product is that the more expensive ones will be of a better quality, and if you are a guitarist it will be important for you to have a good quality instrument. 

However, not everyone is an immediate expert and sometimes it can be a little costly for a beginner to buy the most expensive guitar with no guarantee or knowledge that they’ll use it professionally or even be good at it.

This is why it is important to know which brands deliver the best bass guitars, rather than focusing on specific guitar models. Brands tend to have equal quality spread across all of their products, so if you are aware of which brands always deliver, you can be sure to never compromise on quality. 

Also, it means that you can start off on the lower end of things when it comes to price and be assured that you will not be short-changed. Then, once your skills, abilities, and confidence are built up, you can graduate to a more expensive type of guitar.

Also, certain brands are well recognized for making instruments but it does not mean that they make all instruments to the best quality. For example, there is no guarantee that popular keyboard makers Casio will make the best bass guitar.

Knowing which brands are the best for bass guitars will lessen the likelihood of you having to pay for repairs for your instrument or buy replacements.

• Fender – Anyone who knows a thing or two about the best bass guitars will know more than a thing or two about Fender. This brand is a firm favorite among musicians who want high quality, American made products. As well as this, they have an affordable �standard’ line so those will a smaller budget will not miss out owning a respected instrument.

• Squier – Squier is owned by Fender so if you find that you are not ready for a Fender yet, you may want to consider its junior brand. The price range is budget friendly compared to a Fender and is a good option for beginners. It is a favorite among veteran guitarists who have been in the industry for years; this is an indication that although it is the junior brand of a high-quality company, it is not a brand of guitar makers to turn your nose up at.

• Rickenbacker – Rickenback guitars have been used by popular, international musicians including Paul McCartney, Geddy Lee, and John Entwistle. If that does not convince you that this brand is worth a try then I am not sure what will. Considering its high profile clientele and how its instruments have had a hand in shaping the music industry, this brand can be considered one of the best bass guitar makers is popular among seasoned and mature guitar players. 

• Washburn – This company has been around for 125 years so you can be assured that they are well versed in the practice of instrument making. Their intermediate guitars sell for decent prices which won’t compromise quality or ability.

• Schecter – This brand is a top choice for metal and hard rock music players who use bass guitars and the Stiletto Series is a popular line, with most of the makes costing just a few hundred dollars.