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Arm-dsp. Browse libDSP Files on Kokkini Zita - Linux Audio. KDSP2 DSP Source Code. Elecraft is pleased to make the source files for the DSPx firmware used in the KDSP2 available.

KDSP2 DSP Source Code

We hope that you will be able to study this code and learn something about DSP technology in the process. If you are comfortable with DSP coding and algorithms, we hope you will find ways to improve the code and share it with us. If you develop new DSPx code, please contact and we will look at including it on this web page for download. Our hope is that through this open source effort we will be able to continually improve the KDSP2 feature set. The source code is provided in a ZIP format archive. Version 3.17 of the DSP code is functionally identical with the 3.16 code distributed in the KDSP2 product.

This code falls under the GNU General Public License included in the archive. In order to use this code, you must assemble it, link it, split it and merge the resulting hex image into the KDSP2INIT.HEX file included in the archive. Open Source Blackfin User's Community. ADI participates in open source as a means to drive innovation, ultimately facilitating our customers to create and deploy better quality, higher reliability, more flexible, lower cost products.

Open Source Blackfin User's Community

ADI offers support to programmers using the open source development method for software by making contributions to projects and participating in peer review. Developers have the opportunity to develop even the most demanding feature-rich applications in a very short time frame, and can leverage the work of others in the community.

This web site is the central repository for all open source Blackfin projects. Examples of current Blackfin Projects on the site are: You can find support for most Blackfin processors, Blackfin EZ-KIT Lite boards and EZ-Boards. Visit the Open Source Blackfin Users Community for the most current open source hardware and software information for the Blackfin Processor. Open Source Projects Note: The link listed above will leave the Analog Devices site. Open Source tools for machine vision. Technical Discussions related to Image Processing (image coding, compression, digital effects, mpeg, etc) Post a new Thread Is this thread worth a thumbs up?

Open Source tools for machine vision

Hello, I have to evaluate video enhancement algoritms ( such as image stabilization, contrast enhancement, pattern recognition ) with some pre- recorded video sequences ( mpeg2/ts ). Can someone recommend me "easy-to-use" open source framework I can use to stream, filter and display results real time? I am looking to run it on generic PC hardware, OS can be Linux, any 32-bit version of Windows, or Java... On Fri, 22 Aug 2008 v... I would recommend a combination of libCVD (Linux) and Qt (any OS) or a combination of OpenCV (any OS) and Qt.

Biosig - BIOSIG is an open source software library for biomedical signal processing. Library works well with Octave and Matlab. University of Surrey - Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing - Open source C++ library. What is RAVL?

University of Surrey - Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing - Open source C++ library

RAVL - Recognition And Vision Library - provides a base C++ class library together with a range of computer vision, pattern recognition, audio and supporting tools. RAVL was originally developed at CVSSP, the Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing, at the University of Surrey, UK. Subsequently it was moved into the public domain to support its use in a wider community. Features Some of the features that set RAVL apart from other C++ libraries are: SMP/thread-safe reference counting, allowing easy construction of large programs that takes full advantage of multiprocessor servers.Powerful I/O mechanism, allowing issues for file formats and type conversion to be handled transparently, separately from the main code.JAVA-like class interfaces which largely avoid the direct use of pointers, allowing code to be written in a clear, readable style.Easy-to-use and powerful make system suitable for building both large and small projects.

Supported Platforms Licensing. * Signal Processing Workshop. Introduction Signal processing plays a part in nearly all modern media — every time we listen to recorded music or view a photograph or a video, it is virtually certain that signal processing has played a part in its creation, editing or storage.

* Signal Processing Workshop

It is not even a slight exaggeration to say that the present system of media content creation and delivery — all modern visual and sound media — would not be possible without the methods described in this article. This article provides an overview of this technology, discusses the mathematical techniques, then provides source-code examples for the key methods with examples of their use. Time Domain to Frequency Domain The basic idea of signal processing is that a complex, time-domain waveform like this —

Exocortex.DSP - An open source digital signal processing library written in C#. SPINE - Signal Processing In Node Environment. The OpenBTS Project. Optimizing open-source signal processing software. EEGLAB - Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Electrophysiological Research. EEGLAB provides an interactive graphic user interface (GUI) allowing users to flexibly and interactively process their high-density EEG and other dynamic brain data using independent component analysis (ICA) and/or time/frequency analysis (TFA), as well as standard averaging methods.

EEGLAB - Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Electrophysiological Research

EEGLAB also incorporates extensive tutorial and help windows, plus a command history function that eases users' transition from GUI-based data exploration to building and running batch or custom data analysis scripts. EEGLAB offers a wealth of methods for visualizing and modeling event-related brain dynamics, both at the level of individual EEGLAB 'datasets' and/or across a collection of datasets brought together in an EEGLAB 'studyset.' For experienced Matlab users, EEGLAB offers a structured programming environment for storing, accessing, measuring, manipulating and visualizing event-related EEG data.

Optimising open-source signal processing software. C,C++/Signal processing. Digital Signal Processing Central.