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New-Fangled Workbench Revisited: Plans Now Available. Workbench Design Home Page. Get Started. New Fangled Workbench by Gas - Google 3D Warehouse. 3D Warehouse Advanced Search Sign In Error Download Downloads .skp File Size 360.4 kB Polygons Materials Unknown Uploaded Last Modified Share <> Embed Thumbnail3D Viewer Gas 16 models Tags Bench, Clamp Table, Gas, New Fangled Workbench, Pipe Clamps, Planing Wedge, Vise, Woodworking, Workbench Report Abuse Add to New Fangled Workbench Pulled from an article in Fine Woodworking.

New Fangled Workbench by Gas - Google 3D Warehouse

Other Models You Might Like John White Workbench by: anonymous Modern Workbench by: Jim New Fangled Work Bench with Storage by: StevenBR New Fangled Workbench << Previous Next >> ©2014 Trimble Navigation LimitedPrivacyTerms of Use. FWW New-fangled Workbench - by Jeff. Originally published as project in the Nov/Dec 1999 issue of Fine Woodworking, this bench was developed by John White, the shop manager at FWW.

FWW New-fangled Workbench - by Jeff

It was recently revived when the folks at the magazine put out a video as an update due to several inquiries about the bench over the years. For links to the video and the public-domain PDF file with the plans, please check out my blog on the build process. The blog contains some Sketchup shots as well as an idea for making the bench more of a knock-down type bench for those with limited space and/or seasonal considerations that would require portability.

Materials:Fir construction lumber (be sure to check out the article for suggestions on the milling)MDF1/2” Galvanized pipeJorgensen “Pony” pipe clamp fittingsLag bolts and deck screws Thanks for taking a look. P.S. -- Jeff, St. New-Fangled Workbench, Revisited. With six pipe clamps, some dressed framing lumber, and a great deal of ingenuity, Fine Woodworking's shop manager John White designed and built this inexpensive workbench that's as versatile as a Swiss Army Knife.

New-Fangled Workbench, Revisited

His article, featured in a 1999 issue of Fine Woodworking, is a top download on and continues to draw great interest from readers who want to build one for their own shop. In this video, White demonstrates how some of the features work on the bench, and he shows off new additions to the bench since his article was published. White also offers a close-up look at its construction to help you get started designing and building a similar bench of your own. Episode #17 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part I. If you have had a chance to glance around my little shop, you may have noticed that I lack one of the most important tools in the woodworker’s arsenal – The Workbench.

Episode #17 - New-Fangled Workbench - Part I

I have struggled with the decision regarding what type of bench to make. This is not an easy decision making process as there are a number of factors to consider. Ultimately this is a right of passage that all woodworkers eventually traverse. Realizing I most likely would build more than one bench in my lifetime, I finally decided to get to work. The workbench is basically a huge clamping platform for the woodworker. NOTE: Subscribing to Fine Woodworking Online is one of the best woodworking education investments that you can make!

Fine Woodworking New Fangled Workbench Video I will be using kiln dried Douglas Fir as a construction material for the majority of the bench because of its strength and low cost. Free Work Bench Plans!