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Gnuplot homepage. Gtkscope - Project Hosting on Google Code. Gtkscope is a simple program to read and display analog data captured from a Comedi device.

gtkscope - Project Hosting on Google Code

Think of this as a gtk oscilloscope Reason xoscope is just plain ugly ;) Just kidding, all aside xoscope works relatively well however there appears to be substantial lag when sampling at high frequencies (~30 kHz). GtkDatabox. Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library. Copyright © 2000 by Ashvin Goel Gscope is a software oscilloscope library build using the GTK and GNOME graphical toolkits.

Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library

The scope displays signals in real-time and allows recording and playback of signal data. It can be used to simultaneously display multiple signals and for modifying signal parameters on the fly. In general, the scope can be used to monitor, display and debug various types of "real-time" data. Download Gscope: A Software Oscilloscope Library software for free at