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Probate Real Estate to Eliminate the Competition. Diana Hill Professional Real Estate Investor Instructor Real Estate can be about creating long term wealth or cash flow.

Probate Real Estate to Eliminate the Competition

No matter which way you go, the big question is often, “What is the best, most profitable real estate buying strategy?” Driving For Dollars: An Alternative Approach To Finding Motivated Sellers - When it comes to the subject of finding motivated sellers, we can ALL benefit from finding new ways to do business.

Driving For Dollars: An Alternative Approach To Finding Motivated Sellers -

If you’re familiar with this blog – you probably know that I’ve always turned to things like direct mail and internet marketing to find motivated sellers and while these methods can do a phenomenal job of reaching the masses – they offer significantly less control in terms of pursuing specific properties that you might have your eye on. Customer Appreciation Special. Meet your Spirit Guide FREE Meditation / Self Hypnosis Audio. Avoiding Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home: Read the Fine Print. You probably know that, if you sell your home, you may exclude up to $250,000 of your capital gain from tax.

Avoiding Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home: Read the Fine Print

For married couples filing jointly, the exclusion is $500,000. Also, unmarried people who jointly own a home and separately meet the tests described below can each exclude up to $250,000. The law applies to sales after May 6, 1997. To claim the whole exclusion, you must have owned and lived in your home as your principal residence an aggregate of at least two of the five years before the sale (this is called the ownership and use test). Overcoming Procrastination - Get Things Done. Use Real Estate To Put Off Tax Bills. Investing in real estate continues to be one of the best ways to build wealth and cut taxes.

Use Real Estate To Put Off Tax Bills

Benefits include the ability to recover the cost of income-producing property through depreciation, to use 1031 exchanges to defer profits from real estate investments, and borrow against real estate equity to make additional investments or for other purposes. Additionally, homeowners can benefit from the personal-residence exemption, which shields profits on the sale of a personal residence from capital gains taxes, as well as the deduction for mortgage interest. Land Trust Traps for the Unwary Investor - Part 2. Last week I wrote about two of the primary misconceptions regarding the use of land trusts in real estate investing.

Land Trust Traps for the Unwary Investor - Part 2

I am amazed at the response my Blog generated. My intent in raising this issue was to inform people on what to watch out for when considering this entity for real estate investments. As a licensed and practicing real estate/ asset protection attorney for over 13 years I have heard several accounts from real estate investors regarding the information received from different speakers on the use of land trusts. Much of what I have heard does not comport with my personal practice or understanding of the law.

In point of fact I have recently consulted with an investor who is embroiled in a multi-party lawsuit (he is the sole defendant the other 13 or so are Plaintiffs) and not one of his land trusts has provided him an ounce of protection. Although a members’ interest in a LLC is considered personal property, see § 608.431, Fla. Creative real estate investing. Bird-dogging[edit] "Bird dogs" get paid a referral fee for finding good deals for other investors.

Creative real estate investing

This is often where people begin their investing career as there is only time at stake. Amazon. The Complete Guide to Vision Boards - FREE! [FREE Downloads and Resources] GET FREE DOWNLOADS NOW. [FREE Downloads and Resources]

Register RIGHT NOW to receive all of your free resources referenced in THE MIRACLE MORNING. You’ll get immediate access to: The Miracle Morning AFFIRMATIONS including Hal Elrod’s Personal Affirmations and the famous “Bedtime Affirmations” that show you how to make waking up (especially early) easier than it’s ever been before…Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning ENERGY Smoothie recipe to start your day with an abundance of healthy, natural, organic energy! (FREE Sample) of The Miracle Morning JOURNAL designed by Hal Elrod to be the most effective Journal you’ll ever use! Courses and Tools For Tax Sale Investors. DeedGrabber Study Programs Go Ahead, Be a DeedGrabber!

Courses and Tools For Tax Sale Investors

Ebook "Go Ahead, Be a DeedGrabber" Ebook The publication that started it all in 2008! Updated several times since, this 121-page ebook covers: - Researching State Laws and Getting Lists of Prospects. Brian Durham, Real Estate Agent in Minneapolis. Real Estate Investment Education. Land Profit Generator (Home Study Course) Find out how to buy land for pennies on the dollar and sell it for huge profits.

Real Estate Investment Education

Answer to those calling you vulture stealing houses from Grandma! Do you hesitate to answer when someone asks you what you do for a living?

Answer to those calling you vulture stealing houses from Grandma!

Do you hang your head when the naysayers label your industry as a bunch of vultures preying on the innocent, trying to steal houses from little old grannies? The media has painted a negative picture of our business because of the discounts we receive and the profits we make... And yes, because of the actions of a few selfish individuals that do steal and cheat and make a bad name for the rest of us. What most people don't take into account is the fact that we "vultures" are a necessary part of the real estate industry. Who but us investors will buy the blighted property and restore it to livable condition? If not for us investors, many, if not most of the distressed properties would end up in foreclosure or worse.

More families would end up in bankruptcy, more vacancies would remain vacancies. Real Acquisitions. Selling Owner Financed in Texas? Be Careful. The Texas legislature is at it again. Just a couple of years after severely restricting the ability of real estate investors to sell residential property on a lease option or contract for deed, our representatives have passed a law requiring a massive disclosure whenever a seller conveys a house without paying off the underlying mortgage(s). NOTE: this disclosure is not required if the buyer gets a title insurance policy, so if you always insist on title insurance when you sell a property, you won’t have to worry about this. Texas Property Code § 5.016, which became effective on January 1, 2008, applies whenever a seller sells, or contracts to sell, an interest in residential real property “that will be encumbered by a recorded lien at the time the interest is conveyed.” That means the statute applies any time a residential property is sold without paying off the existing mortgage or other liens.

Why Seller Financing Makes Sense - The idea of seller financing used to scare me to death. The idea of “becoming the bank” didn’t sound appealing to me AT ALL. In my mind, I just wanted to be cashed out as soon as possible so I could be done and move on with my life. However, once I realized the truckload of extra money that I could be making as a result of financing my properties; I decided to try my hand at it. After selling one property, and then another, and then another – I started noticing how nice it was to have checks delivered to my mailbox every month whether or not I continued to put forth any additional effort. Eventually I found that it was adding a lot of stability and predictability to my business operation and life… and I loved it.

The Racial Dot Map: One Dot Per Person for the Entire U.S. Terms of Use Add Map Labels Remove Color-Coding Hide Overlays What am I looking at...? Tweet. Wraparound Transactions in Texas - Owner Finance Homes llc. DAVID J. Copyright © July 2010. All rights reserved. What is a wraparound transaction? A wraparound transaction or a “wrap” is a form of creative seller-financing that leaves the original loan and lien on the property in place when the property is sold. The buyer usually makes a down payment, gets a deed, and signs a new note to the seller (the “wraparound note”) for the balance of the sales price.

Relocation Information for San Antonio - Exit Realty. The 5 best neighborhoods to buy in San Antonio right now - CultureMap San Antonio. There's no denying that Texas is the place to live. And with San Antonio's real estate market booming, now is the time to buy. We chatted with longtime Realtor and president of the Phyllis Browning Company, Jennifer Shemwell, to get a little insight on the local housing market and the top neighborhoods to live.

"Sales are up citywide by 5 percent in August compared to August sales one year ago," notes Shemwell, adding that the "average home price has increased 7 percent in San Antonio overall. " Most of the neighborhoods on our list are in San Antonio historic districts, close to downtown, and easily accessible to many shops and restaurants. Here are the top five neighborhoods for investing right now: Alamo Heights: 78209 "Alamo Heights seems to always be increasing its value; it seems to be one of the highest returns in the city and fastest resale areas in town," Shemwell says. Some Advice to New Landlords. San Antonio Real Estate Investment. Top Spots to Flip in San Antonio and Why. Best place to buy an investment rental home in san antonio, any diff bet 4plex vs. Single homes roi wise? - Trulia Voices. That's an easy one. NW Sector holds the best ROI for rentals.

You have a high concentration of military, close to the med center, UTSA, USAA, and Alamo Ranch. If you have a nice rental that is well priced, it will rent out so fast your head will spin!! Just keep your rent down to $1500 OR LESS, stressing the "Or LESS" and you will do very well. How to Make a Million Dollars from Real Estate: A Step By Step Path. How to Make $100k/Year with Fixer-Upper Rental Properties. Should I Flip or Buy and Hold? Yes! Joseph Pickett. I am an aggressive investor and built myself a large portfolio of buy and hold properties in San Antonio in about five years of nonstop work. I don’t need more houses myself. 4 Expert Tricks for Finding Flip Deals in a Tight Market. 3 Reasons San Antonio TX Beats Austin in Real Estate Investing. Alex Everest's Picks for Real Estate Investors. Address and Property Directory. Bargain Shopping: How To Find Good Real Estate Deals. Forget the MLS... Here Are 7 Clever Ways to Find Great Real Estate Deals! John T. Reed’s views of various real-estate-investment gurus Part 1.

Free Real Estate Books. City of Bastrop, Texas. Finding Code Violation & Condemned Property Deals. Waco Real Estate Market - Home Price Forecast. Waco City Sale Properties. Buying Houses with Code Violations. 10 Reasons to Pursue Registered Vacant Properties. How to Find Abandoned Houses: 9 Steps. Buying Houses with Code Violations. - Real World Guidance for Part-Time Real Estate Investors. How I Find Motivated Sellers (And Get Them Calling Me). Step 1: Getting The List - Where to Find Information on Abandoned Homes and Other Properties. Skiptracking and other Techniques. Why Stock Markets Crash: Critical Events in Complex Financial Systems: Didier Sornette: 9780691118505: Books.

ETH - Entrepreneurial Risks - Financial Crisis Observatory. Best Financial Books For Your People. Best Financial Books For Your People.