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Ronnel A. Solomon Downtown Dubai, Center of Now. Dubai’s Business Bay is all set to become what it had been envisaged as, the Hub of Business in the region.

A promising infrastructure to Businesses and an integrated lifestyle to residents Business Bay will deliver what it had promised. The Impetus can be felt in the iconic skyscrapers that showcase a wonderful work environment and a fantastic location. Business Bay has a number of Towers that are as ideal for Businesses as Business Bay itself, with some of the towers still under construction; many have been completed and are providing Businesses with world class facilities and amenities.

Executive Towers: Consists of 12 Towers, with 10 of them as residential, 1 is commercial and 1 tower is a hotel. The-community-that-promotes-business-trade. Dubai has been redefining community living and creating developments that provide an opportunity of Island Living in a desert.

Jumeirah Islands is such an example, this picturesque development consisting of 50 artificial Islands with beautiful landscaping, walkways and great amenities make it a residential community that the residents cherish for a lifetime. Located between interchange 5 and 6 of Sheikh Zayed Road, in close proximity to Meadows, Springs and Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Island consists of a total of 736 Villas.

The villas in Jumeirah Islands are built with four different architectural themes, the themes are European, Mediterranean, Islamic and Oasis, the themes have been inspired by French, Spanish, Ottoman and Moroccan architecture which reflects pretty well in the villas. The landscaping in each cluster has been done according to the theme and matches the architecture. View this useful page. Click for more details. Al Raha Beach is set to become one of the greatest waterfront cities in the world.

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Along Abu Dhabi's sheltered coastline islands are shapped by inlets and canals, and crisscrossed by bridges. Eleven precincts will emerge within one waterfront development, each with its own distinct personality and appeal. Home to 120,000 residents enjoying picturesque views across the water, Al Raha Beach stretches over 11 km of dynamic living set off the main highway leading from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. Click to View. Dubai Silicon Oasis the innovative Business and Residential community is envisaged to become a hub of technology and IT services in the Middle East.

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This free zone has been designed to provide businesses the facilities it requires to innovate and grow while also accommodating the staff within the community so people spend more time after work with their loved ones. Dubai Silicon oasis is a city within a city comprising of office towers, educational institutions, hotels, apartments and luxurious villas. Dubai Silicon Oasis provides a vibrant environment for both work and play. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a free zone and foreign national can buy commercial and residential properties and own a business.

The community covers a total area of 7.2 million square meters and is divided into 5 main sections which are dedicated to commercial, education, industrial, residential and public facilities. Dubai Silicon oasis provides an array of facilities and amenities, some of them listed below: Hotels Cafes. Click this page to read more. Dubai has been amazing us with the kind of projects that have been successfully completed in this part of the world, these projects seem to be impossible when we hear about them but wait for a few years and you can actually see them in reality, Projects like Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah seemed to be impossible when they were announced but, hey!

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Today, I am at the Palm Jumeirah sipping coffee. View this page by clicking this link. Click to see the page. The serene community of Jumeirah Park offers a comprehensive lifestyle to families and young couples.

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This community has gained enough recognition in the past few years as one of the most sought after residential address. One of the good factors why people are choosing Jumeirah Park as their home is the strategic location in the center of new Dubai. Located between Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed road and Sheikh Zayed Road, its situated close to several other well known communities like Jumeirah Islands, Jumeirah Village Triangle and Emirates Living (Springs, Meadows, Lakes and Emirates Hills).it has quick access to anywhere in Dubai including the International Airport, getting on to Emirates Road from here is also very easy and from there one can reach to Abu Dhabi in an hour’s time.

Abu Dhabi. Apartments for sale in Abu Dhabi The city of Abu Dhabi has been significant for its development and absorption to people from around the world that come here looking for better opportunities in their career or business.

Abu Dhabi

This is a city of interest for many local and foreign investors who want to benefit from this lucrative property market. The city’s world class infrastructure and prominence as a business hub has always given growth to opportunities. With growing demand for residential projects to accommodate the expatriates, many new projects were announced and built around Abu Dhabi Island, with projects such as Saadiyat ,Reem Island, Al Raha Beach, and Lulu Islands to name a few. Places of interest. Theme parks. Still a popular choice for investors. Dubai is still proving to be a popular choice for investors.

Still a popular choice for investors

There are a lot of clues to suggest this. Aston Pearl Real Estate. Property Market. Where investors benefit. Our Duty Is to Enlighten a Misled Market. Investors Benefit. UAE has always been very welcoming to people looking for opportunities in their careers or Business.

Investors Benefit

Market stability. 2013, an important year for Dubai real estate. Forget the bubble and welcome stability. There is a lot of speculation and assumptions flying all over the Real Estate market skies in the UAE.

Forget the bubble and welcome stability

It seems like everyone wants to tell the same story to gain recognition and for personal branding. Some experts even speculate a bubble burst and expect the market to crash like 2008, but that not may be what it seems. Stating the fact that sales transactions have slowed down and the prices are expected to soften, these are not indications of the real estate market bubble bursting but the result of the efforts done by the Land Department which seem to be bearing fruit and the market has entered a self correction phase and will be more stable and fruitful for investors in the long run.

The Real Estate market in the UAE is now more mature and different than what it was during the crash in 2008 when the market was based more on assumptions than figures, also the market looks healthier and less vulnerable to a crash by joint efforts by the government and developers. Dubai Silicon Oasis. Dubai Sports city. Dubai Sports City is a 50 Million square feet mixed use development in Dubai envisioned to be the world’s first integrated purpose built sports city. The concept of a city within a city is well presented by Dubai Sports City.

It is a one of its kind multi -venue sports complex that will be hosting International and major sports events in different categories and will draw visitors and sports lovers to this fabulous destination from all around the world. The project will include major sports academies that will nurture talent in all sports categories and will create a platform for the development of youth in the country and will also develop their interest in outdoor sports in an era when it’s most needed. The development also includes Schools, Hotels, Residential Towers that will include high class apartment buildings, medical centres, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, community centres and major sporting brands in retail making Dubai Sporty City a self contained city. Dubai Accomodation. Click here for more details. Dubai Real Estate Brokers.