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Advanced Safety Leadership. About the course : Striving for safety excellence has to be every safety professional’s endeavor and aspiration.

Advanced Safety Leadership

This “must attend” AURELIUS Advanced Safety Leadership training course will provide you with powerful tools that with effort will enable you to make an expeditious and comprehensive difference to your workplace’s safety culture on returning to the organisation. A combination of advanced ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, new human applications and psychology will transform how you view and approach your future safety climate assignments. If you are committed to safety excellence and you wish to be a world class agent for Safety Leadership then this Advanced Training Course is for you! This AURELIUS training course will feature: Safety Excellence, the ultimate (practically achievable?) Objectives By the end of this AURELIUS training course, participants will be able to: Apply new leadership traits that can and will make the differenceUnderstand Unsafe Acts vs. Training Methodology. Pharmaceutical Quality: QRM, CAPA & RCA. Scenario Planning In Oil And Gas Industry - Aurelius Global MasterClass.

Overview Of Scenario Planning in oil and gas industry training Futures is unpredictable, but for many years major oil and gas corporations have led the way in Scenario Planning – a process known for preparing for different types of futures.

Scenario Planning In Oil And Gas Industry - Aurelius Global MasterClass

This practice is about scanning the possibilities for critical strategic trends such as political conflict, economic power shifts, new technology, alternative energy sources and social change. From these, a range of possible futures can be imagined and planned for. Pharmaceutical Quality: QRM, CAPA & RCA. Scenario Planning In Oil And Gas Industry - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Events Archive. Food Fraud Training – Aureliusglobalmasterclass.

Event Date 22 – 23 October, Location – Amsterdam, The Netherlands Economic food fraud is a rising concern in all parts of the world.

Food Fraud Training – Aureliusglobalmasterclass

Melamine in milk, beef being replace by horse meat, sugar water added to honey, …. A long list of scandals of food safety and hygiene has appeared in the news over the past years, all having 1 factor in common: an economic profit for the fraudster, somewhere along the supply chain. Since not all crises have a direct food safety impact, a common HACCP risk assessment cannot be used to detect risks.In this masterclass, examples of real-life cases of food quality and safety are analyzed, and practical ways of conducting a VACCP study are thought. After this masterclass, you’ll be able to conduct your own study, and you’ll know the possible solutions when detecting high-risk raw materials & packaging materials.

Registration Fee Per Participant. Consumer Product Category and its Importance in Product Category Marketing. Product category marketing is a very broad concept involving a lot of scientific principles which helps to provide the necessary purchasing decision to the buyer and the profitability to the retailer at large.

Consumer Product Category and its Importance in Product Category Marketing

Consumer products are classified into 4 groups which are related to different types of buying decisions. The major categories are as follows Convenience productsShopping productsSpecialty ProductsUnsought Products Consumer Products. Corrosion, its Adverse Effects and the Methodologies involved to Prevent Rusting. Everyone here has heard about corrosion and its effects it has towards the strength of metals.

Corrosion, its Adverse Effects and the Methodologies involved to Prevent Rusting

But do we really know the reasons for that so that we could devise strategies to prevent corrosion. Here we are going to discuss exactly that. Corrosion & its Prevention Strategies Through Different Technologies. Corrosion is a galvanic process by which metals deteriorate through oxidation – usually but not always to their oxides.

Corrosion & its Prevention Strategies Through Different Technologies

For example, when exposed to air, iron rusts, silver tarnishes, and copper and brass acquire a bluish-green surface called a patina. Of the various metals subject to corrosion, iron is by far the most important commercially. An estimated $100 billion per year is spent in the United States alone to replace iron-containing objects destroyed by corrosion. Consequently, the methods for protecting metal surfaces from corrosion constitute a very active area of industrial research. We also examine the chemical basis for some common methods for preventing corrosion and treating corroded metals. Best Way to Do Category Management Process in Retailing. Category management is a retailing & purchasing concept which involves range of products purchased by business organizations or sold by the retailer which are in turn broken down to a more smaller & discrete group of similar of related products.

Best Way to Do Category Management Process in Retailing

The Phrase Category Management was Coined In category management each category is run like a mini business (SBU) which has its own turnover, profitability & targets. Due to category management all supplier negotiations in turn affects the turnover of the category as a whole not just the sales of the individual products. Best Way to do Category Management Services. As procurement continues to evolve from a tactical to a strategic enterprise function, CPOs and other senior procurement leaders are being evaluated on their team’s strategic contributions to the success of the business.

Best Way to do Category Management Services

Cost control and take-out remain as prime objectives, but procurement’s mission is increasingly seen as impacting both the top and bottom lines, with a direct connection to enterprise growth and competitiveness. Category management services not only help procurement teams in market-leading enterprises worldwide save more money, but also contribute value in ways that include improving supplier performance, mitigating supply risks, and driving innovation and continuous improvement. The Power of Proactive Dependable suppliers, good contractual terms — that’s the general “punch list.” Canadian Food Industries Food Fraud and Threat Management. Food fraud has been at the center of attention recently and has highlighted inconsistencies in the food industry and supply chain management.

Canadian Food Industries Food Fraud and Threat Management

Both consumers and regulators are demanding or imposing new standards for assuring the authenticity of food products. In such a context, food industries have to use their knowledge, perceptions and experience to answer and comply with regulators, consumers, and (for some) GFSI requirements regarding food fraud management. However, one can ask how ready and aware food industry players are to understand, mitigate and tackle food fraud.

Firstly, there is no current data on knowledge of food industry operators on food fraud, hence, the research team proposed definitions and the respondents had to identify which ones could refer to food fraud (1) An intentional and deliberate act (2) False or misleading statements for economic gain and (3) An act aimed at misleading the consumer. Business Intelligence for Commercial Credit Risk Management - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Business Intelligence for Commercial Credit Risk Management. A good practice in credit risk management is to turn periodic core banking data into meaningful information for ongoing portfolio monitoring and loan loss analysis.

Business Intelligence for Commercial Credit Risk Management

A process of getting a raw data transformed into meaningful information to support business decisions can be termed as business intelligence or simply (BI). This could help banks and other commercial lenders with a better visibility to manage commercial risks across commercial credit portfolios. Commercial credit risk arises when borrowers cannot fulfill obligations to make loan repayments. It is usually calculated with the formula Expected Losses = EAD X PD X LGD Exposure at Default (EAD) is the expected value of the loan at the time of default; Probability of Default (PD) measures the likelihood that the borrower default; Loss Given Default (LGD) measures the amount of loss if there is a default, expressed as a percentage of EAD. Bimetallic or Galvanic Corrosion Importance. Bimetallic or galvanic corrosion is defined as the accelerated corrosion of the metal because of an electrical contact with a nobler or a non metallic conductor in a corrosive electrolyte.

The less corrosion resistant or the “active” member of the couple experiences accelerated corrosion while the more corrosion resistant or the “noble” member of the couple experiences reduced corrosion due to the “cathodic protection” effect. The most severe attack occurs at the joint between the two dissimilar metals. Further away from the bimetallic joint, the degree of accelerated attack is reduced. Best Way to do Category Management Services. All you need to know about Clinical Trial Application!!! - Aurelius Global MasterClass. The term clinical trial application gives us a very clear understanding about the investigational medicinal products and planned trial. It also enables regulatory authorities to examine and asses the acceptability of conducting the study.

The assessment done by the health authorities cover the benefit risk ration, investigational medicinal product properties, the quality information provided by the subject of the trial. The suitability of clinical sites and investigators is also considered. If you are looking for the information regarding genetically-modified organisms than that is available in EPA (European Protection Agency). Clinical Trials in Ireland in governed by European Communities (Clinical trials on medical products and human use) Regulations, 2004 Sl no 190 of 2004 amendments. The regulations by Control of Clinical Trials Acts 1987 – 1990 for clinical trials have allowed using medicinal products are superseded.

Best Principles for Management of Credit Risk - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Financial institutions have faced numerous issues for numerous reasons but the major cause of serious banking problems is due to laxes in credit standards for borrowers & counter parties, poor portfolio risk management and lack of attention to changes in economic and other circumstantial situations leading to deterioration of credit standing of a bank. Credit risk is most simply defined as the potential of risk to which both the borrower & counter party could sustain in event of the failure of the obligations according to agreed terms. The main goal of credit risk is to maintain the bank’s risk adjusted rate of return by maintaining credit risk exposure within the acceptable parameters.

It is the duty of the bank to manage the credit risk inherent in the entire portfolio as well as individual credits or transaction. 7 Important Steps to Ensure Improvement in Industrial Safety - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Best Food Safety Tips Which Can Change Your Life - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Food safety is one topic which is neglected by most of us. Whereas, in contrary it is one of the most important aspects of our daily life. Our health is should always be in at top of our priority list if we wish to fulfill all the items in that list. Today we will talk about the best food safety practices that you need to follow in order to make sure you and your family stays absolutely healthy.

SELECTING THE RIGHT TESTING METHOD FOR FOOD SAFETY TESTING! - Aurelius Global MasterClass. This is what you need to know about basics of Operational Risk management!!!! - Aurelius Global MasterClass. 7 Important Steps to Ensure Improvement in Industrial Safety - Aurelius Global MasterClass. 7 Ways to Manage Credit Risk & Safeguard Global Trade Growth - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Global economy is entering a period of strong new growth and this is happening especially in emerging markets. Asia is currently responsible for a third of the world’s GDP, while Africa is turning out be a great emerging economy in the world followed by South American middle class growing leaps & bounds.

But the single most serious issue that can affect credit risk is not getting paid which may be due to customer bankruptcy or government imposition of currency control. 8 Steps to mastering Category Management - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Category management is an 8 step process providing the best solution for your business that includes all the strategies needed to make your brand a raging success. The process roadmap that is being followed significantly helps to achieve the set goals for the particular brand. A Guide to Understanding Category Management - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Cost reduction is the priority which tops the list for the priorities related to procurement. 6 Methods That Would Help You With Prevention Of Corrosion - Aurelius Global MasterClass.

Corrosion is the number one problem of the world especially when we talk about manufacturing industries. 5 Key Skills You Need for A Category Management Manager’s Job - Aurelius Global MasterClass. 5 Important Steps in the Risk Management Process ? 5 Do’s & Don’ts for Managing Business Operations - Aurelius Global MasterClass. A critical time for public & private sponsors of clinical research has arrived, as it is important for a contract research organization to maintain optimal operations to effectively support a sponsor’s strategic goals as well as deliver the highest quality data. Hence CRO’s must require deep analysis of performance & alignment across operational functions from regulatory compliance supported by information governance to ensure patient recruitment, budgeting and workflows.

3 Things That You Need to Know about Corrosion of Metals. ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MASTERCLASS. Asset Integrity Management. Integrity Asset Management Event Date 10 – 11 February, Location – Berlin, Germany “Learn how whole life asset integrity management excellence can deliver the full economic potential whilst preventing major incidents” Full life asset integrity management strategies are required to optimise the value delivered by and safe operation of oil and gas production facilities, and to support life extension, debottlenecking, integrity management and, ultimately, decommissioning investment decisions. Food Fraud & Authenticity. Food Safety Hazards Event Date 22 – 23 October, Location – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Risk Based Inspection. RBI Event Date 22-23 October, Location – Amsterdam, The Netherland.

Asset Integrity Management — Advanced Asset Integrity Management. Risk Based Inspection 2019: New Standards, New Tools, New Application Areas: ronijennifer — LiveJournal. RBI Event Date 22-23 October, Location – Amsterdam, The Netherland Risk Based Inspection in Europe (RBI) Masterclass Overview. Advanced Asset Integrity Management: ronijennifer — LiveJournal.

ASSET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM MASTERCLASS. RISK BASED INSPECTION TRAINING. Food Fraud & Authenticity — Risk Based Inspection 2019: New Standards, New... Food Fraud & Authenticity — Food Fraud & Authenticity. Food Fraud & Authenticity. Risk Based Inspection. Advanced Asset Integrity Management. Shutdown & Turnaround – Aurelius Global Masterclass. Asset Integrity Management. Shutdown and Turnaround. Risk Based Inspection Training. Business Events Calendar – Food Fraud & Authenticity. Food Fraud & Authenticity – Risk Based Inspection Training. Asset Integrity Management. Shutdown and Turnaround. Process Hazard Analysis, Risk Management Process - Aurelius. Clinical Research Associate, Worldwide Clinical Trials Training -Aurelius. Food Fraud & GMP HACCP Safety Management System Training - Aurelius.

Risk Based Inspection 2019: New Standards, New Tools, New Application Areas - Aurelius Global MasterClass. Aurelius Masterclass, Corporate Training Programs, Workshop, Events.