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EMBUTIQUE on Packaging of the World. Agency: DUCXE Country: Spain.

EMBUTIQUE on Packaging of the World

Stack Wines California Pinot Grigio NV. Material ConneXion. Spices & Jams on Behance. The main idea for the spice packaging was to make a simple in use and rememberable image.

Spices & Jams on Behance

It uses handwritten type to create home atmosphere. Popeye Energy. Designed by McLean Design, Inc., United States.

Popeye Energy

Popeye Energy: The All-New Classic Action HeroErstwhile sailor man Popeye might seem an unlikely new entry to the modern energy drink market, but he was ripping open cans for extra oomph decades before the energy drink was even invented. So it's not surprising that this new edition of the classic champ still reaches for all-natural solutions -- not spinach, but 70% fruit juice, a boatload of vitamins, and a proprietary energy blend that includes natural caffeine.The background comic strip art – reminding fans of all they know and love about the sailor and his loopy circle of friends -- could have made this drink a mere sideshow novelty.

Share This Article. Trophy Beer. Eat&Go Concept. Designed by Frutodashiki, Russia.

Eat&Go Concept

Designers: Olga Gambaryan, Diana Gibadulina, Alexander Kischenko, Andronik Poloz Eat&Go is a ready meal for students. We created packaging design for sandwiches and soups for eating on the go.Packaging is a plastic tube which is constructed as bellows and could be easily folded down decreasing the length of the tube (like bending section of a drinking straw).

With our packaging you can eat the sandwich without getting your hands dirty. Empty packaging when fully folded is very small and easily fits into a pocket. Package – Students' lunch – Eat&Go from Diana Gibadulina on Vimeo. Pinch (Student Project) Designed by Evi Gerafi, Israel.

Pinch (Student Project)

School: Shenkar college of engeneering and design "Pinch" is a gourmet salt brand featuring Hawaiian, Persian, mellasian and quality sea salt.About the concept "Pinch" salt portrays the combination of complexity within simplicity,kind of like the feeling within a family.The main idea behind "pinch" is to restore interest in salt packaging, and giving the customer an extraordinary experience throughout the use of this product.Also referring to the naturalism and complexity of the salt elements NaCl.About the package "Pinch" is divided to 3 basic sizes calculated by weight - fine,medium and course. Each salt group is sized to the specified weight and packed accordingly. Then the salt is inserted into small packets and folded neatly over concealing the pack.About the usage The costumers tear the lid of the package and now they have exposed the chain of salt packs folded over eachother, all that is left is to tear a pack - and enjoy.

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Agua vitaminada

BLOOD of GRAPES on Behance. Structural Packaging Blog. Jaw Drop Coolers. Designed by Brandever, Canada.

Jaw Drop Coolers

Aquilini Brands sought us to create an entirely new cooler concept from scratch. They granted us complete trust, and carte blanche.... And Jaw Drop is what we came up with.Launching in both the United States and Canada in Spring 2012, North American retailers will soon market innovative Jaw Drop cooler flavours like Sucking Lemons, Puckering Punch, Biting Oranges, Licking Limes and Blowing Raspberries. Share This Article. La Tulipe Wine. GRUPOERRE ROUSSELOT. From Portugal to You. Elina's Bakery. Dry Soda (Redesigned) Designed by Turnstyle Studio, United States.

Dry Soda (Redesigned)

DRY Soda has introduced a fresh new packaging look with bold, graphic illustrations that pop the flavor on each bottle and 4-pack carrier. Clear bottles allow the purity of the product to show through and the founder’s signature still on each bottle connotes a sense of craft behind each flavor's recipe.So why the change? DRY Soda launched in 2005. In that time DRY has evolved from its beginnings on the white tablecloths of the country’s finest restaurants, to finding huge success in grocery stores, cafés, and other retail locations across the US and Canada. Packaging/Branding. Curating the very best packaging design.

Budweiser January 27, 2016 | 0 Comments Designed by jkr | Country: United States “People gravitate towards brands that have a unique story to tell, and few have as rich a history as Budweiser.

Curating the very best packaging design

Since 1876, the brand has represented uncompromising quality and relentless ambition, reflected through the craft and care that goes into brewing every beer. Our task was to capture this spirit through design. Recognising that it was time to align the brand identity with the beer itself, Budweiser partnered with our NYC team to refresh their packaging and visual identity. From there, we created two bespoke typefaces to communicate the brand’s principles and a simplified bow tie icon to deliver a more contemporary identity for today’s audience.”

Continue… World Design Rankings January 26, 2016 | 0 Comments. BEEloved honey on Behance. BEEloved is a perfect brand name, synonim for luxury and quality.

BEEloved honey on Behance

The name itself is sonorous, clear, memorable and striking. Denotes the product - honey & connotes association for love and caring for loved once&people who are important to you. At the same time, it should become an essential product that you will adore, and gladly, with joy you'll consume it. We strive to be an indispensable part of your life and most joyful moments with your loved ones.