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AddonList. Assign addon to a tab in 2.7. Render/Auto Tile Size. From BlenderWiki Installation Install the addon by opening User Preferences, and choosing "Install from file...

Render/Auto Tile Size

" in the Addons tab. Amaranth Toolset. Animation Jump X Frames on Shift Up/Down When you hit Shift Up/Down, you'll jump 10 frames forward/backwards.

Amaranth Toolset

rRMB Menu 0.6. Hey, I am creating an RMB Menu addon, as an UI experiment, and maybe it will turn out to be handy.You can download the current version here: it is on Github (Help wanted!)

rRMB Menu 0.6

- menu makes most sense when you have Blender set up for LMB to select.---21.05.2014 - Not everything is functioning at the moment, because I have insufficient skill to do some of the coding. For instance, first entry is "Place 3D Cursor", but the operator works only when you actually click on the 3D View. So I guess it needs a way to store the mouse position when you invoke the RMB, and then use it when you choose "Place 3D Cursor".Also, I would like to place some of the content from the Sculpt/Texture Paint/Weight Paint/Vertex Paint toolbars into the menu, and I have no idea how to do that.

It seems to be possible, as can be seen here - help is appreciated.27.05.2014 - 0.2 Release. Features added:Mode selection.Mode specific menus for armatures, curves and text. 03.06.2014 - 0.3 Release. MultiEdit ALPHA 3. Alternative to pies. QuickPrefs. Macros Recorder. From BlenderWiki Installation Hit CtrlAltU to load up the User Preferences (or use the File menu and click Save User Settings).

Macros Recorder

Click the Install Addon... button at the bottom, then navigate to the script. Check the little box on the right of the Addon entry in the list to enable it. If, for some reason, you have a hard time finding it, you can search for "Macros Recorder", or click on the "Development" button on the left. If you want to keep this addon available at all times, follow the above steps on a fresh .blend (CtrlN to create one), then hit CtrlU at this point. When enabled, it would add "Record Macro" menu entry to the Text menu in the Text Editor, and a panel in the Tool Shelf with the buttons to record/stop recording and to regenerate active procedural object.

Usage. Import Images as Planes. From BlenderWiki Description This script imports images and creates planes with them as textures.

Import Images as Planes

At the moment the naming for objects, materials, textures and meshes is derived from the image name. One can either import a single image, or all images in one directory. Edit Linked Library Blender Add-on. Nodes Efficiency Tools. From BlenderWiki This addon gives you several tools that help you work with nodes quickly and efficiently.

Nodes Efficiency Tools

Many functions work for both the compositor and shader nodes, and some functions bring features already in the compositor to the shader nodes as well. Some tools are made for a specific function, however we have made it our goal to allow complete flexibility for you to use the tools in every situation, even where we did not intend. Please report any bugs, and feel free to suggest features. Use menu in properties panel of Node Editor or CtrlSpace keyboard shortcut or individual shortcuts for tools. Rigging/Auto custom shape. From BlenderWiki Introduction Interface.

Rigging/Auto custom shape

Simple Box UVW Map Modifier. UV-Tool. Move UV from the 3D view. UV Equalize and Tube Unwrap addons (updated) Hello, i've got a big update of Tube UV Unwrap, read below..Tube UV Unwrap UV unwrap tube like meshes (all quads, no caps, fixed number of vertices in each ring)notes:Works only on tube-like part of mesh, this is defined by selection.

UV Equalize and Tube Unwrap addons (updated)

Tube-like mesh is: all quads, no caps, fixed number of vertices in each ring. Archimesh. Window Generator 2. Add Simple Curve. Generate floor boards quick and simple. I am currently enrolled in Andrew Price's Architecture Academy and in one of his tutorials he mentioned how easy it would be to have a simple script that could create floor boards suitable for architectural renders like those available in some other modelling packages.

Generate floor boards quick and simple

BLAM. Sun Position addon. From BlenderWiki Introduction The sun position widget can be used for creating sun animations as well as for just studying the sun position for given locations and times as a singular object or multiple objects on the ecliptic or as an analemma.

Sun Position addon

Sun animation • Created using Cycles. Place and animate the sun with the Sun Position addon. Display Tools. From BlenderWiki Download the addon. To install the addon you can : 1 - Put a copy into your \\.blender\scripts\addons folder. 2 - Remember the location and use built-in install function on User Preferences Open Blender and go to the addons tab in User Preferences. Click 3D View then Display Tools to Enable the script. Click Save as default and close the User Preferences. The addon is designed to provide several tools to speed your workflow in viewport display related tasks and interaction with multiple objects. Layer Manager.

Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D interaction/layer manager Log in < Extensions:2.6 | Py | Scripts | 3D interaction Blender 2.6 English Page. Set Origin to Selected. Bored by the obligation to set the 3d cursor to change the pivot of an object, try this little script which permit to set the object pivot directly from Edit Mode Selection.

Installation First download the script here, Place it in the "BLENDER_VERSION/script/addons/" folder, Start blender, Open user preferences (Ctrl + Alt + U), Go into the add-ons panel, Check the checkbox near "Set Object to selected" : Use Switch to edit mode, Select 1 point or more : Mesh Lint. Spell Check for Your Meshes Mesh Lint’s slogan says it best: “It’s like spell check for your meshes!” Keeping your models’ topology clean and free of errors is a necessary polish for your modeling skill set. This means your models will behave better in a production pipeline, friendlier when exporting and importing into other 3D applications, and generally higher quality.

Lions and Tigers and Triangles, OH MY! Mesh Vertex Tools. Edge Tools VTX. Add-on: BoolTool. F2 - Crouch. Download. Align Selection to Grease Pencil. Curve Converter. Connect Sun with Cycles Sky Texture. Parent to Empty.