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Who Uses Tumblr? 17 Statistics Marketers Need To Know About Tumblr | Kanguro Communications. Who Uses Tumblr? 17 Statistics Marketers Need To Know About Tumblr Every month there’s always new social media statistic to blog about. Oh, Facebook reached over 1 billion active monthly users, only half of Twitter’s users are active and so on. While it’s good to get a nice picture of how big and influential social media has become.

The problem is that every statistics provider uses their own methodology. Despite the inconsistencies, stats help businesses decide where to focus their attention on social media. Tumblr is still somewhat of an unknown entity, and finding data on the social blogging platform wasn’t as easy as I had expected. Nevertheless, I’ve gathered statistics from around the web to help marketers decide whether Tumblr is good fit for their business. Seventeen Statistics Marketers Need To Know About Tumblr Users So what does this mean for marketers? What’s your opinion on Tumblr’s stats and figures? Photo by Wickerfurniture. Latest Social Media users stats, facts and numbers for 2014.

How fast Social Media is expanding in 2014? Do you know how many active users Facebook has? How fast Google+ is evolving? How many users have never tweeted after opening their account on Twitter? Do these numbers matter to you? Let me give you a quick example- A friend of mine who has been struggling to hire a PHP developer was chatting with me and I suggested him to try Facebook ads to reach out good developers based on his desirable location and other preferences. If you’re managing social media for your businesses, it is important to keep track of statistics so it keeps your strategy in-line. The infographic below covers all the latest Social Media facts, figures, numbers and statistics of 2014. 75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours.53% of interaction between Google+ user and a brand is positive.44% of users on Twitter have never sent a tweet!

So, which social network surprised you the most? Also, don’t forget to share this with your friends! UK Social Media Statistics for 2014. Welcome to our third annual roundup of statistics for social media use in the UK. The UK Social Media Landscape for 2014 As in previous years, this post is written using the best data we could find at the start of 2014, looking at demographics, overall user numbers, and any other interesting snippets we came across which suggest changes to how the major social media sites are being used, and who by. Our sources* are listed at the end of the post, and we have been selective in some cases to try and highlight the most recent and / or credible information. UK Facebook Statistics 2104 Facebook’s growth period has clearly come to an end, with Comscore reporting an end of december 2013 user base of just over 31 million users – 31,456,000 to be precise.

We think this is to be expected given how long Facebook has now been around, although as usual the media stories predicting its demise are in abundance. UK Twitter Statistics 2014 LinkedIn in the UK 2014 Google Plus in the UK 2014 *Sigh*.