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The color theory, invented by Sir Charles Lemieiux , is a complex science involving psychology, physics, color perception, etc. Color theory tackles perceptual and psychological effects to various color combinations and contrasts. The theory is so complex that it actually deserves the whole encyclopedia of it own, so this post won’t definitely be able to cover it all. Instead, it lists some fundamentals that you will hopefully be excited to hear. The post covers some ways you can be influenced by colors, i.e. how your shopping decisions may be controlled by the right choice of colors in stores (or on e-commerce websites): next time when you see the color tricks, you will recognize them! Generally speaking…

The Power of Colors: How Colors Are Used in (e-)Commerce to Influence You

The Power of Colors: How Colors Are Used in (e-)Commerce to Influence You
Works by John Kenn John Kenn has risen to the single most popular artist on Escape into Life with over 200,000 visitors to a single page. The comments on his work keep flooding in with opinions on whether the works are original or derivative. Many have pointed to the influence of Maurice Sendak and Edward Gorey.

Works by John Kenn

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