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Google Analytics - Online Marketing Training. Getting the basics down regarding Google Analytics can be overwhelming even for seasoned veterans.

Google Analytics - Online Marketing Training

By keeping in mind some best practices, you’ll be able to better utilize the capabilities of Google Analytics and cater to your particular needs. Take a look at some of the best practices we recommend below. Admin and Set-Up If you haven’t already, update to the asynchronous Google Analytics before the closing </head> tag. This new version allows for easy-to-implement event tracking and earlier load time.If you have multiple subdomains with multiple profiles, be sure to set-up a catch-all profile with no filters or exclusions.

Analysis When looking at your Analytics data, be sure to include annotations. Create goals. Reporting. How To Bid On Google AdWords - Redfly Online Marketing, Dublin, Ireland. Bidding with Google AdWords can be an account drainer if you don’t understand exactly how the system works.

How To Bid On Google AdWords - Redfly Online Marketing, Dublin, Ireland

Bidding is about strategy. This article explains the factors that can help you decide over one bidding strategy or another. This should be enough to have your campaign started, and see how it works in real life. How Bidding Works with AdWords In most PPC programs, the algorithm is simple. But Google AdWords works on a different basis. As you can see the rank on Google AdWords depends both on your maximum bid and your click through rate: Rank=Max.Bid*CTR That is how AdWords rewards you for writing relevant ads.

The other important aspect in bidding by Google’s rules, is that often you pay less than your maximum bid (max. Bidding for Beginners. Your sales funnel starts way before you start selling. By Drew McLellan January 30th, 2012 · 8 Comments · Customers/Clients, Sales We all think and talk about our sales funnel a lot.

Your sales funnel starts way before you start selling

We’re always saying things like: We need to keep it full.We need to stay active with the prospects that have been in it for awhile.On average, it takes a prospect X months to move through it.And so on…. But consider the statistic to the right. 60% of your sales efforts are what happens before you have actively put someone into the funnel. Who is? Your existing customersThe customer who left and is working with your competitorsYour vendorsYour websiteReview sitesYour social presence (or lack thereof)

Benchmarking Your Social Performance. Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Tristan Handy from Argyle Social, a service SME uses and a company that sponsors our events.

Benchmarking Your Social Performance

But I think you’ll agree, disclosures aside, it’s awesomeness. You’ve spent all year writing and sharing great content. And from time to time, you check to see how your posts perform. But when you look at that report—whether it’s in, Google Analytics, or your social media management tool of choice—how do you interpret it? Is 100 clicks good? If you don’t frame your performance correctly, your boss won’t recognize your impact. Fortunately, demonstrating your success can be easy. Measure the right stuffKnow how you stand up to your peersChoose outliers to tell a story Read on as I explore each step in detail. 1. The core measure of performance in social media marketing is clicks.

To give your metrics more weight, start measuring clicks per follower (CPF). Normalizing by audience size is important for two reasons. Search Analysis with Google Analytics. Tracking and studying searches on your site is a valuable part of site analytics, but many site owners underestimate the benefit of it.

Search Analysis with Google Analytics

Website search analytics can provide advantageous insights into what people are looking for on your site and also what your site looks like in search engine results. In this guide, we’ll go over the fundamentals of search analytics, using Google Analytics as our tool. Types of Searches We’ll look at the two broad categories of search: external search and internal search, both of which offer different information to you as a site owner.

The new Google Analytics Beta – a detailed review > Smart Insights Digital Marketing. My recommendations on the 10 most useful features As you may have heard, the latest version of Google Analytics has just launched in Beta mode (you can sign up for the beta here) [Dave Chaffey has a separate post discussing whether it's worth switching or not in the Google updates 2011 summary] This post takes a look at why Google Analytics is changing, then breaks down some of the bigger changes, with screengrabs, comparisons, and a quick guide to the biggest of the new features.

The new Google Analytics Beta – a detailed review > Smart Insights Digital Marketing

I’ve broken the post down into 10 features, with the biggest & most complicated new feature last. Why Change? It’s almost 4 years since the last big change to the overall interface of Google Analytics (‘v2′ in May 2007). Website Analytics Keeping it Simple. This blog post came about after reading Joanna Butler’s brilliant blog post Turning Website Analytics into Child’s Play.

Website Analytics Keeping it Simple

I wanted to follow on from what Joanna was talking about and add my thoughts to making your web analytics data more fun and not a chore. For reference this post assumes you have a basic understand of website analytics, I will be doing a post in the future teaching you about the basics of website analytics. With all the data we now collect from our websites, it is even more important to action and report on that fantastic data. Website analytics can teach us more than just numbers and plain statistics, with the right reporting it can help you to make better and more informed business decisions.