Too freaky for many, but all too good to miss out on; these 14 tracks don't easily fit any dancefloor category so we've given 'em some extra exposure here. Between the electro-jazz dimensions of Jameszoo's 'The Clumtwins' and GB's 'Reflexes', the tantric funk of Mark Fell's Sensate Focus 'X' and Anstam's mind-bending 'Intuit', they make up some of the oddest grooves we've heard in the last year or so. The UK freeks are well represented with DVA's demented 'Gang Gang Riddim', the hyperkinetic torque of Alan Johnson's 'Fickle', Meatbingo's mechaboogie and Altered Natives' 'ardcore-cum-Ballroom banger 'The Beastly gHastly' for Hoya:Hoya,… Boomkat - Your independent music specialist

Boomkat - Your independent music specialist

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Linn Records - The best recordings in Studio Master Download, Vi - the little digital music store - the little digital music store $8.88 Kashka - BoundThe 2014 sophomore release from Toronto's Kashka. "Bound is Kat Burns’s second effort with her solo synth-pop project KASHKA, after 2012’s well-received Vichada, and continues her experimentation with the multi-genre amalgam she’s dubbed “folkpoptronica.” Bold piano and guitar melodies twist.
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Trackitdown Life Is Calling - Joeysuki and Kill The Buzz Gecko - Oliver Heldens Take No Prisoners - Jordan Suckley Custom Dancer - Anile Context (Boris Werner Remix) - Lauhaus, Rik Woldring

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Trackitdown - Dance Music MP3/WAV/Merchandise Distribution Centr If you are among the bandwidth challenged or just don't have the time to download the music you can now send an email request to We will mail you discs containing the native WAV files that will play in any CD player. The accompanying disc art will be mailed on a separate CD. When placing a mail order purchase please include the following information: · Name (as it appears on your credit card) · Billing Address · Shipping Address (if different from billing address) · Phone Number (where you can be reached and best time for us to call to finalize your order) · Recording(s) you would like to purchase · DO NOT email credit card numbers
In 2013 the reissue machine cranked out some real beauties: from the celestial soul of Iasos to Saâda Bonaire's deeply sexy dance-pop and the narcotic psychedelia of Vox Populi!, we were all blessed with an abundance of vintage music ripe for reappraisal. The rarified world of early '80s private pressings yielded incredible treats such as Conrad & Gregor Schnitzler's pop project and the studio rituals of Conny Plank and Holger Czukay's Les Vampyrettes, alongside American goodies such as The Space Lady's enchanting 'Greatest Hits' compilation and the mystic swirl of Leven Signs' incredible, long-lost 'Hemp Is Here' album. The dancefloor… Your independent music specialist Your independent music specialist
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home - guitar music download store Fret Tunes is a specialist guitar music download store. Ultra high quality MP3 albums are US$8.99. FLAC albums are US$9.99. These are exact copies of CDs. Latest acoustic albums Mike Campese home - guitar music download store - live music downloads There are two ways to browse music within FestivaLink’s extensive catalog, by Event Collections or by Artist: Browse by Event When you click on Collections in the navigation bar, you’ll see all of the events and venues that have placed recordings on From MerleFest, where we visited for five years, to Newport Folk Festival and Grey Fox Bluegrass (one year each). We built special collections by folk artists showcasing at the annual Folk Alliance International conference, live releases from record labels, and a spot where artists send us the occasional tour show, called A Night Out With Friends. - live music downloads
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WELCOME TO MUNCKMUSIC Little Feat is one of the most enduring rock bands in American music history. Click here for exclusive live concert recordings from recent tours. Dark Star Orchestra’s ability to re-create entire Grateful Dead shows from any period caught the attention of Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia (Jerry Garcia’s widow) who headlined them at a Rex Foundation benefit. The rest, as they say, is history … re-lived! Get live recordings of DSO’s live re-enactments of favorite Grateful Dead shows. WELCOME TO MUNCKMUSIC
MusicZeit Lossless Audio - MP3 and FLAC downloads provided by Mu MusicZeit Lossless Audio - MP3 and FLAC downloads provided by Mu MusicZeit News & Information What Makes MusicZeit Different? We all jumped for joy when CD came along, right? Great sound quality, no scratches, no messing about. So now what's happening?
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