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Twitter Can Be Liberated – Here’s How Over the last few days a number of popular bloggers have complained, loudly, that it’s time to ditch Twitter and move to a decentralized version of the service that won’t go down every time usage spikes. Generally services like Twitter, once they reach a critical mass of users, can’t really be stopped because the network effect kicks in as a massive barrier to entry. But one aspect of Twitter – it’s openness – could also be its Achilles heel. Scott Hanselman mused on how such a system might work yesterday. Dave Winer has also written extensively about this, although he’s more focused on simply backing up Twitter messages so that they are still available when the site goes down. Twitter Can Be Liberated – Here’s How
There's been an interesting debate in the blogosphere this week about ways to decentralize Twitter. The reason behind it are obviously Twitter's frequent outages and the lingering question whether the system will completely break down once Paris Hilton joins. Or even Perez Hilton, I guess. P2P Blog » Could Twitter go P2P? P2P Blog » Could Twitter go P2P?
Introducing the XMPP application server: The Twitter example - P Introducing the XMPP application server: The Twitter example - P ejabberd is probably the first XMPP application server ever released. This article introduces this new concept and explains how to build a distributed event-based infrastructure for social networking. The example application that illustrate this article is a distributed Twitter-like microblogging platform. Introduction Since I designed the first version of the pluggable pubsub module for ejabberd in early 2007, I had in mind to turn it into a powerful application server.
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List of servers List of servers list of known pumps “We’ve seen a lot of Twitter clones.” -- Jack Dorsey This is a List of servers running StatusNet. Register an account with any of them and enjoy the power of federation. You can find further lists here:
Apps XMPP (Jabber) XMPP Bot - Allows interaction with via XMPP and also on networks (if it is installed). Laconica2IRC - Posts your dents to IRC. Based on an RSS to IRC script customized for the Identica microblogging service. Apps
This article is a mess. You can help us by cleaning it up. Version: self::VERSION by: Zach Copley, Julien C source: description: The Twitter "bridge" plugin allows integration of a StatusNet instance with Twitter Bridge model Unlike OStatus federation, we have no way to inform the Twitter service that one of our users wants to follow one of their users, and their service provides no way for one of their users to directly follow one of our users. Twitter Twitter
I’d like to take the maintenance of content out of my own incapable hands, and make it more accessible through this community group. itself consists of a Drupal-based blog with <10 posts plus a copy of the spec. I believe it can be pretty easily transferred to the community group sites here, which run on WordPress. is a MediaWiki wiki. I believe the content can be dumped and restored on the new community group wiki, but new user accounts will need to be created. OStatus | people on different networks following each other

OStatus | people on different networks following each other Twitteronia vs. The Battle for Hosted Twitteronia vs. The Battle for Hosted By Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive (Facebook/FriendFeed) It's no secret that I'm a huge proponent of self-hosted Microblogging. I've written numerous times on and my own blog about the benefits business can see by "rolling their own" microblog with their own brand, look and feel. Not sold on this idea? Read what I wrote earlier about the implications of ESPN running their own sports network, or even the company I advise for, and their recently-launched network for Moms, TodaysMama Connect (which has quite a community going now!). There is something to be said for a brand being able to have full control over the relationships and community they build. and the Power of Microbranded Communities By Jesse Stay of Stay N' Alive (, the open source and Federated microblogging platform, could very well put Twitter out of business as other businesses begin realizing how they can adopt it. I think the answer could very well be in the "group Twitter" concept that everyone keeps talking about and the fact that, the code that powers, makes this very easy for anyone to do. I realized this today when Jay Ridgeway was able to show how to set up a simple Federated instance of in just 7 steps. The idea behind "Federation" is that I can sign up for, or any other platform and be able to follow anyone on any of the other platforms all on my prefered service of choice. and the Power of Microbranded Communities

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Die Facebook-Gemeinde wächst und wächst. Dabei ist der Social-Media-Riese offenbar nur der erste Trendsetter des modernen Internet-Verhaltens. Denn unterdessen ist auch die Konkurrenz dicht auf den Fersen, so hat etwa der Suchmaschinen-Gigant Google mit "Google +" eine ähnliche Plattform entworfen und auch bereits ins Netz gespeist. SMOB - Semantic MicroBlogging
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