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Greenpeace Suisse – rapport annuel 2014. 730 Photos Later. Promotion Santé Suisse // Rapport annuel 2013. Four Examples of Great Interactive Annual Reports. As more companies begin to go beyond print-only and compliment their annual reporting by presenting this information online, one of the first questions that may come up is "How do you make an interactive annual report?

Four Examples of Great Interactive Annual Reports

" Many companies—from Facebook to Proctor & Gamble—host their annual reports online in straight-forward, archival pdf format. This direct strategy makes annual reports easy-to-download and simple to search; however, going with the pdf format limits what can be added with ease in the future and many times it doesn't taking advantage of the Web's interactive capabilities. Some innovative companies incorporate online technologies to create engaging presentations of their annual report content, often creatively using responsive designs and embedding video. This trend is growing. 10 Beautifully Designed Company Annual Reports and the Stats Behind Their Virality. About NPR. Five ways online annual reports are changing.

Design, tools and content in online annual reports continue to evolve at a fast pace Ever since the first annual report appeared online, companies have been finding new ways to surprise and innovate.

Five ways online annual reports are changing

This year has continued the trend, with the introduction of new tools as well as further improvements in the look and make-up of online reporting. Here are five ways in which online reporting is evolving. 1. Four Examples of Great Interactive Annual Reports. One Page Annual Report Websites. Most Loved.

One Page Annual Report Websites

Top 5 des rapports annuels digitaux. Rapport annuel de la Chaîne du Bonheur. Medium. 13 Free Medium Inspired WordPress Themes — If You Dare! Medium is a blog publishing platform that has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year or so.

13 Free Medium Inspired WordPress Themes — If You Dare!

Its design is simple yet attractive, making sure to put a great deal of the focus on the site’s content. Both of these things have led some in the WordPress community to pay attention. And as is often the case, when something new arises and becomes popular in the web publishing space, many WordPressers look to either integrate it or take inspiration from it. If You Dare And that leads us to the “If You Dare” part of our title. Back in October, we did a roundup of Medium inspired themes. In the comments of that post, Brad Williams from reported that Medium contacted them and asked them to take their Medium-inspired theme down.

You can read the full comment here. Now, I obviously don’t know the full story here. As always, we’ll see. Should Medium push back on that one, there may be a little push back in return. Or maybe not. Anyway, on with the themes. Lucky 13. Australian Green and Sustainable Building - Leaders in Innovation and Collaboration. Case study: Arya Residences, Philippines Designed by Australian firm, Crone Partners, Arya Residences is the first and only top-end development in the Philippines built to achieve dual green building certification.

Australian Green and Sustainable Building - Leaders in Innovation and Collaboration

Crone Partners, pioneers of Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) in Australia, partnered with developers ArthaLand Corporation to build the 640-apartment residential complex. ArthaLand visited Australia to see examples of green building expertise first-hand. Arya Residences is poised to become the first residential high-rise in the country to obtain Gold level certification under the U.S.

Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. The 2011 Warby Parker Annual Report. Annual Report. The Charles NYC Annual Report for 2013. Annual Report 2013. Alcantara sustainability report 2013. Lemonade International Donor Impact Report for 2013. Education Over the past five years, there has been a transformation toward higher standards and we continue to move in that direction where we are more fully embracing a call to make a lifelong impact in the lives of the students we serve and in families throughout the community.

Lemonade International Donor Impact Report for 2013

We continue to work to provide the best training for the team so that the children receive the best education for their whole lives. Education Development Report The academies in La Limonada are offering educational support to the children at the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual levels. There is always plenty of food to ensure that the children are well fed. Each day, the teachers plan lessons in the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and social studies. Further emotional and spiritual support is offered daily as teachers take time for house visits. Digital annual reports on Pinterest.

2011 Annual Report. To Our Shareowners: As Presiding Director and Chair of the Management Development and Compensation Committee of GE’s Board of Directors, I write each year to share our perspective on how GE measures performance, how we motivate and reward our executives, and how we work to align both performance measurement and compensation with the interests of our shareowners.

2011 Annual Report

This year, I will focus on three areas: first, how the theme of our annual report, GE Works, fits with our governing philosophy and why we believe it provides an important business-building advantage; second, our commitment to developing leaders; and finally, executive compensation. At its heart, the Board believes GE Works is about GE’s most valuable asset: its people. 2013 Annual Report. Letter to shareowners Close Video Loaded: 0% Progress: 0% Making Progress GE has stayed competitive for more than a century—not because we are perfect—but because we make progress.

2013 Annual Report

Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Vice Chairman, GE. YMCA 2013 Annual Report.