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Unsui's sounds. Alvin Baxter - Washin' Powder. Waves at Night. Animals Dancing is once again bringing us their next installment of non-stop-action dance parties that are thrown down in the Mercat basement, this time with a special live performance (606, 707, 303…) by Chicago-born-and-bred Tevo Howard.

Waves at Night

I started to DJ at roughly thirteen or fourteen years old, putting us back to about 1987. After a knee injury in a skateboard accident (I wiped out) in 1987, I found myself sitting at home, bored, and with little interests other than skateboarding and music. With skateboarding out of the picture, I could only gather to mess around with the turntables that sat in the room my brothers and I all shared. I remember thinking that being a DJ was a hobby that wasn’t either illegal, or dangerous, and that it would be fun to DJ my own music as opposed to my brother’s music. I walked down to Gramaphone Records, which was about 10 blocks away, and bought one record. MP3: Rick “Poppa” Howard – Do What You Have to Do (Vocal Mix) ARAWA.FM. Broken Silence. A website about records. Mister Italo - The future is 30 years old - Italo Disco, Cosmic Disco, Space Disco, Synth Disco. Madvillain. Photo: Eric Coleman MF DOOM – Live booking: Madlib – Live booking, North America: Madlib – Mgmt: Key Releases: Madvillainy (2004)The Remix: Madvillainy: The Madlib Remix (2008) MF DOOM and Madlib are Madvillain.


The two met in 2002 and soon began working on Madvillainy which would be finished over the next year and released in March 2004. The music on Madvillainy went against the grain of all popular conventions in contemporary hip-hop: short songs, dirty sound, no choruses, and with lyrical themes which were not always clear to everyone on first listen. MF DOOM went on to work with DANGERDOOM (with Danger Mouse), Gorillaz and Ghostface Killa. In 2008, prolific as usual, Madlib remixed Madvillainy in its entirety.

DOOM and Madlib have worked on a second Madvillain album on and off for several years. Also see:MF DOOM discographyMadlib discographyPhotos: Making Madvillainy Madvillain x Kid Robot. Aminals- Baths. Villa nah - Envelope. Don’t Watch That, Ty (2006. Bumpy Road, C-Mon & Kypski (2006. Shadow People, Dr. Dog (2010. If You Really Love Me, Stevie Wonder (1971. Sweet Day, Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder, 2010) Greek Style, Gold Panda (Lucky Shiner, 2010) The Lighthouse, Applause (2010. Le Mellotron RIP Nate Dogg & Melvin Sparks. David McWilliams - Days Of Pearly Spencer. Hong Kong Indie Music Digital Platform At the heart of is a simple concept: Fair Music, Fair Deal.

We make the music, put it out there, and try to make an honest living with the support of music lovers. To consumers, we are saying, “Our music is available; if you like it, buy it here.” No tricks. "How about security measures? Honestly, I do not know the answers; in fact, I am not too concerned with the answers. Together, we can make this happen and change the face of music in Hong Kong, perhaps the world.

Cheers, Chet Lam How does it work? My Little Airport - 悲傷的採購. My little airport - 浪漫九龍塘. Download: Drums of Death Everything All At Dub. Download: Drums of Death Everything All At Dub Scottish producer Drums of Death’s debut album is a tale of two cities.

Download: Drums of Death Everything All At Dub

One drenched in deep, pulsing rave music; the other a romanticised landscape of fragile love songs. The two sides to ‘Generation Hexed’ are expertly woven together, telling the story of a man torn between the dancefloor and the piano. Gina X Performance - "Opposite Numbers" (1980) Transvolta - Disco Computer. Gay Cat Park - I'm A Vocoder - 12" for sale at Discogs. « Mais c'est quoi, déjà, Internet ? »