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At the risk of being accused of falling off the Cluetrain, I find myself increasingly wondering how much of a need there is in the world for social media management as a discipline and social media management software as a tool? I know, social marketing (technically, social media marketing) is all about genuine, authentic, transparent, distributed conversations. And somehow the notion of explicitly managing that process — especially using software to systematize or optimize it — feels a little counter to the culture. Social media management software Social media management software
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emily Thanks for coming to see us in Seattle! ECCC was great, and I'm still recovering, even two days later. SOMEHOW?! A great documentary called Stripped just came out this week, about the transition between newspaper comic strips and webcomics.

a softer world: 776

a softer world: 776

Estaciones de radio en México por internet, gratis y en vivo
ViaDF - ¿Cómo llegar en transporte público? - Ciudad de México
Foro de InfoSpyware - Avisos en Foro : Foro de Virus y Spywares