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Vfr/Reader. BuiltWith Technology Lookup. Onswipe. Create an interactive magazine for the iPad. PadCMS. PipeBytes - Free and easy file transfers. iPad Content Publishing Platform. (ARC) Automatic Reference Counting Tutorial And Guide Page. Automatic reference counting (ARC) was introduced in the iOS 5 sdk to free Objective-C programmers from having to handle memory management by making memory management the job of the compiler.

(ARC) Automatic Reference Counting Tutorial And Guide Page

If you developer with Objective-C prior to the iOS 5 SDK or talked to Obj-C programmers then you are probably aware of how tedious task memory management could become. When using ARC there is no need for retain and release calls, and not only that in many cases ARC can provide a significant performance increase. You can read many of the fine details about automatic reference counting in the official documents on the LLVM website here. On this page you’ll find tutorials and guides giving a general overview of ARC and handling specific cases.

If you’d like to submit an ARC related tutorial you can do so here. Other iOS 5 SDK related tutorials can be found on the iOS 5 tutorial page. ManiacDev.Com ARC tutorials: Other ARC tutorials: Books Featuring Automatic Reference Cpimtomg Information (Downloadable): iPhone and iPad Design Templates and How to Use Them. There is a lot of “process” that goes into designing for mobile devices, but sometimes you just wanna jump in and get your hands dirty!

iPhone and iPad Design Templates and How to Use Them

This post is designed to give you the tools you’ll need and the basic design and technical requirements to get you up and running quickly. Standard Screen Sizes and Icon Sizes If you haven’t read the Apple Interface Guidelines for iPhone and iPad yet, you should. It’s a lot of information, but well worth the time spent to understand how Apple thinks about application design. These guides also spell out detailed specifications for screen size, icon size, and resolution. What’s the Resolution of the New Retina Display? The iPhone retina screen is a spectacular thing to see. You can see in comparing the two devices that the screen dimensions for iPhone 4 are unchanged from the previous model. When reading about screen resolution it’s easy to quickly become confused. Shuhongwu/leaves-zoom-enhanced. Full List of Cydia Sources – 2012. Scito te ipsum. iOS Newsstand Tutorial - Viggiosoft Blog. A new way to distribute magazines Since the beginning of the iPad era, one of the most appreciated features in the tablet has been the possibility to read magazines and newspapers.

iOS Newsstand Tutorial - Viggiosoft Blog

Practically all major publishers (and a lot of minor) have created their own magazine and newspaper apps and the first in-house experiments have grown with increasingly better applications. Besides a lot of software companies followed this path, the major ones by providing their own publishing system and a lot of other start-ups simply exist to offer their services to create custom apps for their customers.

Newsstand and Subscriptions - Viggiosoft Blog. Two different concepts In my previous article on the subject I explained how to create an app that supports the Newsstand feature introduced by Apple with iOS 5.

Newsstand and Subscriptions - Viggiosoft Blog

The concepts explained in that post provide the technical references needed to build an app that is able to retrieve and download any new content, even in the background, and update the cover-like icon in the Newsstand app. Unfortunately while technically an app build in this way is completely functional, it wouldn’t be approved by Apple if sent for review. The reason for this is that Apple requires that each app compatible with Newsstand must offer its contens using an iTunes managed subscription. Subscriptions are a rather new concept. How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part I. Introduction One of the most appreciated features by iPad users is the possibility to read books, magazines and newspapers.

How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part I

Practically all major publishers are in the App Store with apps dedicated to their products but there also many other minor publishers, in every country, that entered in the iOS world with one or more apps. Today a publisher that wants to enter in the App Store with his own magazine has several decisions he needs to make. Some of these are: How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part II. Welcome to the second part of this tutorial.

How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part II

Previous in the series:How to make a magazine app in iOS – Part I. The iPod touch Weblog - Apple News, Tricks, and Themes. Update 2: August 17, 2011 The TechExxpert guide has been updated to fully allow Xcode 4.1 to work.

The iPod touch Weblog - Apple News, Tricks, and Themes

Sorry that the past fixes did not work. Thanks for the comments! Please let me know if this guide works/doesn't work. Update: This guide has been modified to the latest updates as of August 2, 2011 including the latest Xcode 4.1 and OS X Lion 10.7. Adobe Edge Showcase. Edge Code CC Code content and applications with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using Edge Code preview, a distribution of the Brackets open source project.

Adobe Edge Showcase

Work fast with an innovative code editor that works well with other Edge Tools & Services. Learn more about Edge Code → Edge Inspect CC Preview and inspect your web designs on mobile devices. How to Virtualize OS X Lion on Windows. Update: Fixed down hard drive files (February 8, 2012).

How to Virtualize OS X Lion on Windows

Sorry about the delay guys, this page has been updated so that Xcode 4.1 does not crash anymore. (August 17, 2011). If you've tried to virtualize previous versions of OS X, you know that it is a very tedious and time consuming process. This new guide works by giving you a simple VMWare Image. This means that the OS has already been pre-configured on a hard drive. This guide will show how to setup a fully working OS X Lion 10.7 on a Windows machine. Requirements A laptop or desktop computer that supports virtualization (most newer computers do).

Digitalpubsuite_help.pdf (application/pdf Object) App Store-safe Page Curl animations. Update February 22, 2013: Please do not use the code I present in this article anymore. The iOS SDK has progressed tremendously since I wrote this post in 2010, and now provides a native implementation of the page curl gesture/animation in the form of UIPageViewController. iOS Development Videos. Tom Brow. Baker Ebook Framework 3.2. Laker compendium – Designing digital publications in HTML5.