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ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Sunburn. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Gold Rush. Smoke alarm went off at 9 I woke up, wiped the sleep out of my eyes She left a note "I'll be back in 5" Well, I'm still waiting for that moment to arrive, hey I was told to put my job in front of you But it won't hold me like you do But I do it for the love Waiting on the gold rush Keep it on the edge Smoking on a roll up When I see my friends All they say is "Hold up And remember the time When we were in school Listening to grown-ups.


Didn't learn a thing But then again, you know what, You know how to sing But you don't know anything Other than that. So maybe you should learn to love her Like, like the way... Maybe you should learn to love her Like, like the way... I never told her that I liked The way she dances slightly out of time And pretends she knows the words To a song she's never heard But I tell her all the time, hey So maybe you should learn to love her Like, like the way... Thanks to Natalee, Taylor xx, sofia, meg, Natalee for correcting these lyrics.

ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Little Bird. If we take this bird in With its broken leg We could nurse it She said Come inside For a little lie down with me If you fall asleep It wouldn’t be the worst thing But when I wake up Your make-up is on my shoulder And tell me, if I lie down Would you stay now And let me hold you?


But if I kiss you Will your mouth read this truth? Darling, how I miss you Strawberries taste how lips do And it’s not complete yet Mustn’t get our feet wet Cos that leads to regret Diving in too soon And I’ll owe it all to you My little bird My little bird If we take a walk out In the morning dew We could lay down So I’m next to you Come inside For a little home-made tea If you fall asleep Then at least you’re next to me And if I wake up You see, it’s late, love Go back to sleep I’m covered by nature And I’m safe now Underneath this oak tree With you beside me But if I kiss you Will your mouth read this truth?

Thanks to Brianna R, lucy, joshua for correcting these lyrics. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - The Parting Glass. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Autumn Leaves. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Give Me Love. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Kiss Me. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - You Need Me, I Don't Need You. Now I’m in town, break it down, thinking of making a new sound Playing a different show every night in front of a new crowd That’s you now, ciao, seems that life is great now See me lose focus, as I sing to you loud And I can’t, no, I won’t hush I’ll say the words that make you blush I’m gonna sing this now Oh oh.

ED SHEERAN LYRICS - You Need Me, I Don't Need You

ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Lego House. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - This. This is the start of something beautiful This is the start of something new You are the one who'd make me lose it all You are the start of something new, ooh.


ED SHEERAN LYRICS - The City. This city never sleeps I hear the people walk by when it’s late Sirens bleed through my windowsill I can’t close my eyes Don’t control what I’m into And this tower is alive The lights that blind keep me awake Hood up and lace untied The sleep fills my mind Can't control what I’m into London calls me a stranger, a traveller This is now my home, my home I’m burning on the back street Stuck here sitting in the backseat I’m blazing on the street What I do isn’t up to you If the city never sleeps Then that makes two.


ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Wake Me Up. I should ink my skin with your name And take my passport out again And just replace it See I could do without a tan On my left hand, Where my fourth finger meets my knuckle And I should run you a hot bath And fill it up with bubbles 'Cause maybe you're loveable And maybe you're my snowflake And your eyes turn from green to gray In the winter I'll hold you in a cold place And you should never cut your hair 'Cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder And you will never know Just how beautiful you are to me But maybe I'm just in love When you wake me up And would you ever feel guilty if you did the same to me?


Could you make me a cup of tea to open my eyes in the right way? And I know you love Shrek ‘Cause we've watched it 12 times But maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale too And if your DVD breaks today You should've got a VCR Because I've never owned a Blue ray, true say Thanks to Raashi, Megan Lee, becca d, Shelbie, Imma_Oreo for correcting these lyrics. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Small Bump. ED SHEERAN LYRICS - UNI.

I found your hairband on my bedroom floor, The only evidence that you've been here before And I don't get waves of missing you anymore, They're more like tsunami tides in my eyes Never getting dry, so I get high, smoke away the days never sleep with the light on Weeks pass in the blink of an eye, And I'm still drunk at the end of the night I don't drink like everybody else, I do it to forget things about myself, Stumble and fall with the head spin I got My mind's with you but my heart's just not.


ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Grade 8. My mind is a warrior, My heart is a foreigner, My eyes are the colour of red like a sunset, I'll never keep it bottled up and Left to the hands of the coroner, Be a true heart not a follower, We're not done yet.


ED SHEERAN LYRICS - The A Team. White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes Burnt lungs, sour taste Light's gone, day's end Struggling to pay rent Long nights, strange men And they say She's in the Class A Team Stuck in her daydream Been this way since eighteen But lately her face seems Slowly sinking, wasting Crumbling like pastries And they scream The worst things in life come free to us Cause we're just under the upper hand And go mad for a couple grams And she don't want to go outside tonight And in a pipe she flies to the Motherland Or sells love to another man It's too cold outside For angels to fly Angels to fly Ripped gloves, raincoat Tried to swim and stay afloat Dry house, wet clothes Loose change, bank notes Weary-eyed, dry throat Call girl, no phone ED SHEERAN lyrics are property and copyright of their owners.


"The A Team" lyrics provided for educational purposes and personal use only. Copyright © 2000-2013 ED SHEERAN LYRICS - Drunk. I wanna be drunk when I wake up On the right side of the wrong bed And never an excuse I made up Tell you the truth I hate What didn't kill me It never made me stronger at all.


Love will scar your make-up lip sticks to me So now I maybe lean back there I'm sat here wishing I was sober I know I'll never hold you like I used to.