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PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Repository. SkullSecurity » Adventures In Security. The Ethical Hacker Resources. Suggested Reading. Lex - A Lexical Analyzer Generator. Web Developer Checklist. Bootstrap 3.

Image Processing using C# Introduction This is my sixth article in C#. I got impressed with a similar article, so I tried this. Overview The purpose of the article is to be able to build a class that allows any C# programmer to perform image processing functionality. The reason we are doing it in C# is that it very flexible for me. Application The application uses the basic Windows Forms application. 1. Color filters are sometimes classified according to their type of spectral absorption: short-wavelength pass, long-wavelength pass or band-pass; diffuse or sharp-cutting; monochromatic or conversion. It is very simple - it just adds or subtracts a value to each color. 2. Gamma filtering matters if you have any interest in displaying an image accurately on a computer screen.

Gamma array is created as: 3. Brightening images are sometimes needed, it's a personal choice. 4. Contrasting of images is certainly a complex processing. 5. 6. 7. Public void Resize(int newWidth, int newHeight) { if (newWidth ! 8. 9. 10. Text Image.


Natural language processing tutorial - Vik's Blog. Introduction This will serve as an introduction to natural language processing. I adapted it from slides for a recent talk at Boston Python. We will go from tokenization to feature extraction to creating a model using a machine learning algorithm. The goal is to provide a reasonable baseline on top of which more complex natural language processing can be done, and provide a good introduction to the material. The examples in this code are done in R, but are easily translatable to other languages. Training set example Let's say that I wanted to give a survey today and ask the following question: Why do you want to learn about machine learning?

The responses might look like this: ## 1 I like solving interesting problems. ## 2 What is machine learning? Let's say that the survey also asks people to rate their interest on a scale of 0 to 2. We would now have text and associated scores: First steps What is the algorithm doing? Tokenization Let's tokenize the first survey response: Bag of words model. Natural language processing blog.


Awesome jQuery Plugins And Techniques To Create Visually Excellent Websites. Game Development. Book. Open Source. Web Style Sheets. A CSS file can be created and edited “by hand,” i.e., with a text editor, but you can also write a program in ECMAscript, Java or some other language, that manipulates a style sheet. This is in fact so common, that there are software libraries of useful functions available. To help in porting such program & libraries to different computer platforms, W3C has developed a specification called CSS-DOM, that defines a set of functions that all such libraries must provide. The CSS Document Object Model is an API (Abstract Programming Interface) for manipulating CSS (and to a certain extent also other style languages) from within a program. An API is the specification of a software library. There are several CSS-DOM libraries available, for different platforms.

SAC (Simple API for CSS) is a complement to the CSS-DOM. The CSS-DOM is a W3C Recommendation. GRC | Assembly Language Windows Applications. Huh? . . . Windows in Assembler? First off, Assembly Language can be beautiful and legible. Here are two GIF images of my own code. Am I sick? Though the rest of the world may argue that they're more "productive" (when measured by hard disk space consumed per second), I stand by the principle that: "Small Is Beautiful".

Small Is Beautiful? Sure, I think so. When I began the development of the first Windows application I'd ever created, ChromaZone, I was determined not to let the fact that I was writing for Windows keep me from creating really great software. So I needed to figure out how to write Windows Applications in Assembly Language. Anyway ... You really can feel the difference. Many visitors to this site have asked if I could provide them with some help getting started authoring 32-bit Windows Applications in Assembly Language.

The Small Is Beautiful Starter Kit: The file is 20k . . . Assembly Language Resources on the Web . . . Best written projects on Python GitHub? : Python. USA Computing Olympiad. Language agnostic - Learning to Write a Compiler. Computer Graphics Programming Techniques and Ray Tracing Tutorials » Coding. Language agnostic - What are the lesser known but useful data structures. Computer Graphics Project Ideas/Topics For CS/IT Students. 80+ Best Free Hacking Tutorials | Resources to Become Pro Hacker. Learning to become hacker is not as easy as learning to become a software developer. I realized this when I started looking for learning resources for simple hacking people do.

Even to start doing the simplest hack on own, a hacker requires to have in depth knowledge of multiple topics. Some people recommend minimum knowledge of few programming languages like C, Python, HTML with Unix operating system concepts and networking knowledge is required to start learning hacking techniques. Though knowing a lot of things is required, it is not really enough for you to be a competent and successful hacker. You must have a passion and positive attitude towards problem solving. The security softwares are constantly evolving and therefore you must keep learning new things with a really fast pace.

If you are thinking about ethical hacking as a career option, you may need to be prepared for a lot of hard/smart work. Hacking For Dummies - Beginners Tutorials Cryptography Related Tutorials Summary. Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial. Last update on April 14 2018 06:14:58 (UTC/GMT +8 hours) The most popular of the front end frameworks, Twitter Bootstrap, has come to its third version (v3.0.0). This Twitter Bootstrap Tutorial for beginners will get you started with Twitter Bootstrap 3. If you have already used Bootstrap before, this will introduce you with new features came with the version. You will also see how to customize the out of the box features of the framework, using grids to creating a layout, creating navigation with nav, creating dropdowns, using carousal, adding third party staff like embedding social plugins and Google Map and more.

We will end up creating a working responsive website and in the way will explore some of the nuances of the framework. Bootstrap Examples To provide you with Better understanding, we have explicitly compiled a good amount of Bootstrap Examples besides the ones included with the tutorials. What is twitter bootstrap Why do you use Twitter Bootstrap in your projects? Basic HTML <! PyBrain - Python Module for Neural Networks. Python progression path - From apprentice to guru. 5 effective Mini-Project on OpenGL for 6th sem VTU Computer science students. | My Life and the world. Chrome Experiment #500. Learn C The Hard Way. OpenGL Projects. Programming Interview Questions | CareerCup. CUDA Training. Exascale Challenges. The emerging exascale computing architecture will not be simply 1000 x today’s petascale architecture.

All proposed exascale computer systems designs will share some of the following challenges: Processor architecture is still unknown. System power is the primary constraint for the exascale system: simply scaling up from today’s requirements for a petaflop computer, the exaflop computer in 2020 would require 200 MW, which is untenable. The target is 20-40 MW in 2020 for 1 exaflop. Memory bandwidth and capacity are not keeping pace with the increase in flops: technology trends against a constant or increasing memory per core. These challenges represent a change in the computing cost model, from expensive flops coupled with almost free data movement, to free flops coupled with expensive data movement.

Cryptography: What are some good resources for learning about cryptography. Handbook of Applied Cryptography. Alfred J. Menezes, CRC Press ISBN: 0-8493-8523-7 October 1996, 816 pages Fifth Printing (August 2001) The Handbook was reprinted (5th printing) in August 2001. The publisher made all the various minor changes and updates we submitted. You can identify the 5th printing of the book by looking for "5 6 7 8 9 0" at the bottom of the page that includes the ISBN number. You can order the handbook today from any one of these online bookstores: Amazon Books ( (Price as of May 9, 2016: US $84.10). (for Canadian orders) (Price as of May 9, 2016: Cdn $118.22). CRC Press (Price as of May 9, 2016: US $97.95).

Sample Chapters FREE!! Cryptanalysis - Recommended skills for a job in cryptology - Cryptography Stack Exchange. It seems we have aligned interests. I'm also a university student (although I am a math/comp sci double major) looking to pursue a career in cryptography. To that end, I have been self-studying it for a while now. So, take what I say with a grain of salt. As a forewarning, this post focuses specifically on what topics cryptographers often encounter and less about what, as a person, makes you useful as an employee to a crypto-agency.

From what I can best tell, the requisite knowledge of computer science is entirely dependent on what you want to do with cryptography exactly. If you are looking to work in an applied area, then you had best had a strong grasp of the basics of computer science. If you are implementing algorithms, then you will likely need to know the basics of modern-day computer architecture. The reasons for this are many-fold. Further, you will need a strong knowledge of C, which sits so close to the hardware that it isn't too far a step away anyways. Hacktivism/Digital Activism/Online Privacy, Security,Anonymity. Ethical Hacking. Exploits Database by Offensive Security. Rapid7/metasploit-framework. Metasploit Unleashed. Beginner's Guide to Nmap.

Ever wondered how attackers know what ports are open on a system? Or how to find out what services a computer is running without just asking the site admin? You can do all this and more with a handy little tool called Nmap. What is Nmap? Short for "network mapper," nmap is a veritable toolshed of functionality to perform network scans. It can be used for security scans, simply to identify what services a host is running, to "fingerprint" the operating system and applications on a host, the type of firewall a host is using, or to do a quick inventory of a local network. It is, in short, a very good tool to know. It's famous, too. In this tutorial, I'll cover some of the basics of using Nmap and provide some examples you can use quickly. Getting Nmap and Basic Use You'll find Nmap packaged for most major Linux distros. The basic syntax for Nmap is Nmap Scan Type Options target.

Nmap -O Note that Nmap requires root privileges to run this type of scan. Practice Hosts Zenmap. Web & Mobile Developing. Your SEO optimized title. Computer Science Teaching Material. This page contains computer science projects, supplemental materials, and Java demonstrations that I have developed for my classes. These project descriptions include detailed step-by-step instructions intended for undergraduate computer science students to reproduce my work.

If you find them useful or interesting, please send me an email. "Build an Operating System from Scratch" A teaching operating system that students write from scratch over a semester. The project handouts: I presented a paper on this project at the 2009 SIGCSE conference. You can download it here Other Operating System Projects Shell: Write a simple UNIX shellUndelete: Write an MS-DOS file undelete programMinix: Modify the Minix kernel, add a system call, tweak the process scheduler.

"Build a Computer from Scratch" A sequence of digital hardware labs for computer science students. Lab handouts: I presented a paper on these labs at the 2008 CCSCE conference. "Design and Simulate Your Own Processor" Handouts: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. How to Write a Spelling Corrector.