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Tania Barry Rapid now the norm 0. Using data to inform reading notes. Visible library Killester College 0. Alia5050by2020survey 160322090723. Aliadigitalcollectiondevelopment 160322121502. Sharon Hayes Digital Curation Presentation. Alison Birchall curation presentation. Learning the art of Digital Content Curation | LinkingLearning. It is undeniable that we live in a world of information overload. Check out Internet Live Stats to be truly ‘infowhelmed’! Just one second of internet traffic…. As busy people, it is often at precisely the wrong time that we find that fascinating article, or when we are looking for something else that we discover a great resource for the future.

Keeping track of all of this digital information is important – we all know how quickly our time is sapped away while searching online. Using these tools effectively requires skills in ‘content curation’. This sounds more complex than it is. Content curation has always occurred in schools – resources were always gathered around the topic of teaching, in order to support and extend student understandings.

Students too can benefit from learning effective curation skills as being able to quickly and critically evaluate a range of information sources, and then curate these into a meaningful collection is a vital research skill. Like this: