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What is Bootstrapping? What is bootstrapping? In the context of business, bootstrapping is the act of starting a business with no money — or, at least, very little money. It certainly means starting a business without the help of venture capital firms or even significant angel investment. It means plowing back into the business the money earned from customers. While there are lots of old sayings about “pulling up by your bootstraps” — the general idea is that in the context of startups bootstrapping means to do something hard, on your own. And what do Braintree, TechSmith, Envato, AnswerLab, Litmus, iData, BigCommerce, and Campaign Monitor have in common? All are companies that, in one way or another, bootstrapped their startup. As many businesses are discovering today, outside investor funding is not a realistic option for most startups. The way a bootstrapped company grows typically goes through stages: Stage 1: seed money.

So what does it really take to start a business this way? Bootstrapping requires skill. Sales Strategy: How to Set Demanding-Yet-Doable Sales Goals. Anya Hindmarch: How to Finance a Multimillion-Dollar Empire - MoneyBeat.