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La fabrica de ideas 2 carpeta docente. La clase del día: ¿Cómo se diseña un juego? La clase del día: ¡Juegos eran los de antes! La clase del día: La escuela en otros tiempos. La clase del día: Asombrosa excursión a los pueblos originarios. La clase del día: Expresiones culturales. La clase del día: El derecho a la educación intercultural bilingüe. LA CLASE DEL DÍA: JUEGOS DE AYER, HOY Y SIEMPRE  Primaria: 2° y 3° Going to the cinema. Tamara: Hi, Mario.

Going to the cinema

Do you want to go and watch a film? Mario: Hi, Tamara. Sure, what’s on? Tamara: Well, there are two action films, Mr and Mrs Jones and War Games, and they’re both in 3D. Mario: I’ve already seen Mr and Mrs Jones. Going to the cinema exercises 3. Movies. A Part of Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom.


What is your all-time favorite movie? What is your favorite movie? Are there any kinds of movies you dislike? If so, what kinds? ESL Conversation Questions - Movies. Whats on tv tonight. Movies Role Play Cards. Youve gotta see it films. MOVIES. Movies Questions. Movie conversation questions. Actos Publicos Digitales. Past simple. Level: beginner With most verbs, the past tense is formed by adding –ed: But there are a lot of irregular past tense forms in English.

Past simple

Here are the most common irregular verbs in English, with their past tense forms: We use the past tense to talk about: Copy of Copy of Copy of Mind Mapping Template by Rorro Gonzalez on Prezi Video. (218) English for Beginners #1: Introducing Yourself. Gabriel García Márquez entre el poder, la historia y el amor. Leer a Macondo: la obra de Gabriel García Márquez. Shakespeare's Hamlet: The Ghost. In the first act of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet , the Ghost of the dead King of Denmark appears to his son, setting off a chain of events that culminates in the play’s notoriously bloody finale.

Shakespeare's Hamlet: The Ghost

But how would this mysterious figure have been understood in Shakespeare’s time? Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt guides learners through an exploration of the Ghost’s uncanny theatrical power and the historical contexts from which the character emerged. You will be introduced to the narrative sources of Hamlet, the religious convictions that shaped how Renaissance England understood the afterlife, and how the Ghost would have thrilled and challenged its original audience. By focusing on the Ghost, you will see how the play grapples with issues like death, mourning, remembrance, and the power of theatre.

If you're reading Hamlet for the first time, this course is a great introduction. Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice: Shylock. In the first act of William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice , the Jewish moneylender Shylock proposes a “merry sport” to the merchant Antonio: he will lend Antonio the money he needs if Antonio agrees to let Shylock take a pound of his flesh should he default.

Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice: Shylock

Shylock calls this contract a “merry bond,” and Shakespeare’s First Folio calls the play a comedy. But what does Shylock want from the bond, and how merry does the play ultimately prove? In this course, Harvard professor Stephen Greenblatt guides learners through an in-depth exploration of the character of Shylock. You'll learn about Jewish history in Europe, how early audiences might have responded to the play, and the history of the play’s production through the twenty-first century.

With short video lectures, readings from the play, and explorations of adaptations, you will develop critical tools with which to unlock the play's possible meanings. Shakespeare’s Othello: The Moor. Psicología. Introducción a la Psicología. Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics. The Bilingual Brain. The Pronunciation of American English.

Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation. T t 2157 emotions word cards ver 3. T C 104 Days of the week months of the year labels ver 5. Elive worksheets - Recherche Google. MTC Multiplication Tables Check Practice. How can my children practise for the Multiplication Tables Check?

MTC Multiplication Tables Check Practice

Twinkl's Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check Practice is designed especially for practising times tables for the Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check. Our MTC is designed to the precise specification of the government test and optimised for desktop, tablet or iPad.The resource follows the KS2 Maths frame of work as a multiplication check practice exercise. The KS2 Maths frame of work includes times table check practice, so this is perfect for you to use with your group.

Use Twinkl Tables Assessment for quick & easy online times tables assessment. No marking & live data reporting plus custom tests to share with groups of children. This resource is configurable for all abilities so you can adjust the time allowed per question, the number of questions and which times tables you'd like children to recap, revise or test. Actividad online de The Alphabet para Primero secundaria. Ejercicio de Speak Out Beginner Lesson 3. Ejercicio de Speak Out Beginner Lesson 3. Ejercicio de Speak Out Beginner Lesson 6. Ejercicio de FCA - 1st Level - Interactive Quiz. Ejercicio de Speak Out Beginner Lesson 5. Ejercicio de Where are you from? (Speak out starter) Log in. Log in. Log in. Log in. Ejercicio de Unit 1 assessment TEAM TOGETHER 3. Ejercicio de Team Together 2 LISTENING PRACTICE. Ejercicio de Unit 2 assessment TEAM TOGETHER 3. Writing practice restaurant menu worksheet. Log in. Log in. Log in. Log in. Log in. Log in.

Unit 2: Our School 1. American Family and Friends. Video tips preparing food. Ejercicio de school supplies. ! ! Ficha online de School objects 2. Actividad de school supplies. Ejercicio de Classroom objects 2. Ejercicio de Halloween Was-were. Past simple negative. Ejercicio de Vacation story past simple. Ejercicio de Project 2 - Unit 3 - Revision. (1) English for Sharing Worldwide. Speakout: Video Podcasts Starter. Ejercicio de El kilo,medio kilo y cuarto. Ejercicio de Medidas de Peso: el Gramo y el Kilo. Ejercicio de Multiplicación por una cifra. Ejercicio de Multiplicaciones 1 cifra (0) Ejercicio de División por una cifra-3. Ejercicio de Velocidad cálculo. División. Ejercicio de División por una cifra-1. Ejercicio de División por una cifra-2. Phase 2 Phonemes : Set 1 'a' Video.

How to Draw Pudsey Animation. How to draw Pudsey Bear for BBC Children in Need?

How to Draw Pudsey Animation

Instruct your class about how to draw Pudsey Bear with this simple step-by-step video narrated by one of our friendly illustrators. It’s a great way to get pupils to practise their drawing and copying skills and really encourages less confident artists as it focuses on using basic shapes to create a familiar form. Each step is explained in easy language and can be paused while everyone completes it - or rewound if you need to see the step again. This is a fun way to teach pupils all about Pudsey, the lovable mascot for Children in Need and the great work the charity does. Your class will learn how to draw a Pudsey Bear they can be proud of and which can be used for some of the class fundraising ideas included in our blog! The Girl Who Went to the Arctic Animation Story. How can I use The Girl Who Went to the Arctic story in class?

The Girl Who Went to the Arctic Animation Story

Children love learning about the world through stories and these can be brought to life with the help of a little technology. Use a large screen or interactive whiteboard to share the story of Tammy, the girl who went to the Arctic with your whole class. Pupils will love the beautifully animated pages showing polar landscapes and will enjoy joining in together as they share the story. Why not develop speaking and listening skills by turning the sound off and asking pupils to tell the story in their own words as each scene appears. This animated resource is a great way to start a geography topic with the girl who went to the Arctic as it introduces pupils to the people, animals and weather conditions they may find there. (1) All About Me Activity Booklet (teacher made) This All About Me activities great for back to school days The first week of starting a new term can be a stressful time for both children and teachers, so why not use these 'All about me' activities to help break the ice between children and their new classmates.

(1) All About Me Activity Booklet (teacher made)

Children can draw and colour each of the activities to create a book all about themselves. A fun way for young children to share important things about themselves with their new classmates! Inside this booklet, you can find 8 pages of All About Me activities with unique and creative prompts for colouring, writing and drawing, including: What Am I Guessing Game Cards Animal Themed (teacher made) (1) FREE English Language Learners (ELL) Teaching Pack. FREE Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Pack (teacher made) (84) YouTube The Simpsons · TEST on possessives and family words. Prince Harry Has His Popcorn Nicked by Toddler (Present Simple - Present Continuous Practice) - English ESL video lesson. Ejercicio interactivo de Present Simple vs. Present Continuous. Ejercicio de Present Simple and Present Continuous en pdf online.

Actividad interactiva de Present Simple VS. Present Continuous. Ejercicio online de At a restaurant. Ordering food in a restaurant - English ESL video lesson. Ejercicio de ORDERING FOOD AND DRINKS. Ejercicio de In a restaurant. Ejercicio de How are you today? Actividad online de Feelings and emotions para Elemental.