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Outbrain - Related Link Widgets. Mobile Apps: Models, Money and Loyalty. Mobile Apps: Models, Money and Loyalty Posted by Peter Farago on Fri, Sep 25, 2009 This article comes from the Flurry Smartphone Industry Pulse, August 2009.

Mobile Apps: Models, Money and Loyalty

The data in this report is computed from a sample size of over 2,000 live applications and over 200 million user sessions tracked each month across Apple (iPhone and iPod Touch), Google Android, Blackberry, JavaME platforms. Understanding Mobile App Retention: They Use or You Lose With more than 75,000 applications in the App Store, consumers have a vast choice of alternatives to the applications they have already downloaded. Reviewing the chart on the previous page, Quadrant I is comprised of the most frequently used apps over the longest period of time; categories like News and Reference (e.g., Dictionaries, Thesauruses, Recipes, etc.).

In Quadrant II, we find categories like Books and Games, among the two largest app categories in both the App Store and Android Market.

Mobile Gaming

Quick & Easy Online Form Builder for HTML Forms. Ruder Finn Intent Index - RFI Studios, Ruder Finn, Рудер Финн. Affiliate Magazine — FeedFront. Associations. Neat Affiliate Model for MyJobChart. I was searching around last week for a solution to manage chores for my kids and provide them rewards, and I stumbled on a really useful, free service called MyJobChart.

Neat Affiliate Model for MyJobChart

Not only is the site a significant evolution from the paper job charts that we’ve had on the fridge in the past, but it’s a service I would pay to use. But it’s free, sort of. They enable users to support the service by shopping through their Amazon affiliate link. There is a call to action in the header that explains “You can help support MyJobChart every time you buy something from” That is not the cool integration, though. In addition to the suggested rewards, there is a search option, so you can bring up results from Amazon and turn any of them into rewards for kids. When you open up a specific product from the Amazon datafeed in MyJobChart, you have the option of changing the number of points needed to redeem. The default is that one penny equals ten points. I am curious to see where this model goes.

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Startups « Boxed Ice Blog. Tools. Generating Buzz. Outsourcing. Important Guidelines for ClickBank Vendors. Associates: The web's most popular and successful Affiliate Program. Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) Apple's Retail Secret: Full Service Stores. Steve Jobs turned Apple Inc. into the world's most valuable technology company with high-tech products like the iPad and iPhone.

Apple's Retail Secret: Full Service Stores

But one anchor of Apple's success is surprisingly low tech: its chain of brick-and-mortar retail stores. A look at confidential training manuals, a recording of a store meeting and interviews with more than a dozen current and former employees reveal some of Apple's store secrets. They include: intensive control of how employees interact with customers, scripted training for on-site tech...

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