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WarSeer. This March, we release the first miniature for the Cirlean army!


And to make it in style, we start with a Lord of Castria, the capital city of the Cirlean Empire, and home to the most disciplined and trained troops of Cirlea. If you'd like to learn more about the Cirlean Empire, you can find its background here (in Spanish) And of course, we continue with more characters for the Dark Elves army, with a new Dark Elf Princess with hand weapon and dragonette. Remember that the Dark Elf army list (the 5th army list available for Warthrone) will very soon be released for open playtesting! Haekel & Jaeckel. Mr Lee's Painting Emporium. You don't have the right craft tool for that. Dre4mit Miniatures. Team Toulouse Forum. Nous sommes actuellement le 21 Avr 2014, 08:46 Consulter les messages sans réponse • Consulter les sujets actifs La Team Toulouse !

Team Toulouse Forum

Pour se donner rendez-vous ou simplement délirer... 224 Sujet(s) 3053 Message(s) Dernier message par MERCS 17 Avr 2014, 15:46 Présentation Les nouveaux c'est par ici ! ;) 313 Sujet(s) 2185 Message(s) Dernier message par Juan 10 Avr 2014, 09:00 Les Tournois Les dates, les formats, les impressions...

Modérateur: PcM 47 Sujet(s) 278 Message(s) Dernier message par nicoleblond 09 Avr 2014, 11:28 Salons et évènements figurinistiques La team en balade... 52 Sujet(s) 241 Message(s) Dernier message par Juan 19 Avr 2014, 19:53 Achat-Vente-Commandes groupées-Services Pour les commerçants en herbe, c'est ici ! Le coin du gribouilleur Figs peintes pour jouer, participer à des concours, des commandes... Warhammer 40K La Team se met au plastic....

Qui est en ligne ? Statistiques. Kingdom Death. Iron Kingdoms. It is a land like no other, a place where steam power and gunpowder meet sword and sorcery.

Iron Kingdoms

The Iron Kingdoms possess a rich history—and a tumultuous future—full of unique monsters, deities, heroes, and villains. Immerse yourself in the detailed world of gritty conflict and sorcery with the Iron Kingdoms RPG. Unleash the power of mechanika, the fusion of magic and machine. Take on the persona of unique character classes, like the gun mage who combines powerful magic with a deadly acumen for firearms or the steamjack-commanding warcaster. Travel through a fantastic world that takes classic fantasy concepts and gives them a new twist with a high-octane rush of steam power and industrial engineering. Prepare yourself for an experience like no other. The world of the Iron Kingdoms awaits! More than a thousand years ago, the land that is now called the Iron Kingdoms was western Immoren, a mire of warring human city-states. Privateer Press. Privateer Press. Scibor's Monstrous. ARENA REX - Gladiator Miniatures and Skirmish Game.

The Raskal Central. L'ATELIER DE SLAVE OF PAINT. Doctor Faust's Painting Clinic. Awesome paint job. CoolMiniOrNot. Tabletop World. Guild of Harmony - fantasy and steampunk figures. MASSIVE VOODOO. Studio Giráldez. Dark Sword Miniatures. Visions in Fantasy - DSM7427 - Male Warrior with Battle Axe. George R.R. Martin Masterworks - DSM5059 - Tywin Lannister.

Visions in Fantasy - DSM7428 - Geisha Assassin. Visions in Fantasy - Augustus Tribute - Emperor Cat - DSM7986.