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Roger Samara

Roger Samara is a Computer technician at Asiatic solution with 10 years of experience.He is master of Computer world and he is passionate about his work & new technologies introducing in Computer world.He is fully dedicated for his work.

Why it is Unproductive to Request Unhackable Technology. We have seen ample of technologies in past few years and even many more are coming on the way.

Why it is Unproductive to Request Unhackable Technology

These mouthwatering technologies have changed the way we live or work says Roger Samara. For instance, drone introduction is looking to disturb local distributions. Biometric technology could make identity verification and individual security far more progressive and reliable. Furthermore, self-driving cars could alter the way people commute. Of course, in a few years, our homes might be jam-packed with smart devices meant to automate as well as simplify the lives.

But along the way, customers and even business persons are obstructing the path toward development by highlighting the dreads they have of these technologies intrinsic vulnerabilities. @rogersamara1… @rogersamara1 A Computer Technician in #Montreal #Canada… Different Types of Viruses and Their Effects on Your PC. Computer Technician – Roger Samara is a Computer Technician with 10 years of experience. He is the master of Computer world and passionate about new technologies his field.

Roger Samana - Electric Cars to Rule the Roads within 5 Years

Roger Samara - Electric Cars to Rule the Roads within 5 Years. Computer Technician. Roger Samara. Roger Samara - Top Technology of CES 2019. Roger Samara - Latest Technology We Saw at CES 2019. Computer Technician. Roger Samara. e27. Roger Samara - Most Important Things about Data Science. Basic Things You Should Know About Data Science. Computer Technician. Computer Technician – Roger Samara is a computer savvy who is passionate about his work & new technologies. He examines user’s technical needs and provides them with best solutions. How Mellanox Technologies Beating Other Computer and Technology Stocks? ~ Roger Samara Canada. The demand for more computing power, effectiveness and scalability are continually accelerating in the HPC, cloud, Web 2.0, data analytics, machine learning etc.

How Mellanox Technologies Beating Other Computer and Technology Stocks? ~ Roger Samara Canada

In order to address these demands, Mellanox provides the complete solution emphasis, Roger Samara. The computer and technology group has a lot of stocks. Still, the investors always look for the companies that are outperforming their peers. Chances are the question “Is Mellanox one of these stocks right now” strike in your mind. 3 Disruptive FinTech Technologies to Watch in 2018 – Roger Samara. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is predictable to limit the amount of data businesses can use for data mining.

3 Disruptive FinTech Technologies to Watch in 2018 – Roger Samara

However, new research proposes that it will actually be an advantage for the FinTech industry. According to Roger Samara, consequences of GDPR is that industries will have access to data from patrons using a translucent opt-in model. The report also highlights three technologies that are predictable to expand the usefulness of big data. Let’s have a look at these technologies which are disruptive to the FinTech market this year: • Data mining in the GDPR Era: The aim of EU’s General Data Protection regulation is to protect the inhabitant’s personally identifiable information (PII). Why it is Unproductive to Request Unhackable Technology ~ Roger Samara Canada. We have seen ample of technologies in past few years and even many more are coming on the way.

Why it is Unproductive to Request Unhackable Technology ~ Roger Samara Canada

These mouthwatering technologies have changed the way we live or work says Roger Samara. For instance, drone introduction is looking to disturb local distributions. Top 4 Emerging Technology Trends for 2018 – Roger Samara Canada. Welcome to the world of technology!

Top 4 Emerging Technology Trends for 2018 – Roger Samara Canada

Where everything is getting advanced and easier especially for the corporate world. Everyone knows that last year was a revolutionary year in terms of technology. Smart Home Technology - A Weapon for Domestic Abuse ~ Roger Samara Canada. The growing popularity of smart home technology has given rise to something dangerous i.e. internet connected abuse.

Smart Home Technology - A Weapon for Domestic Abuse ~ Roger Samara Canada

In fact, the technology designed to make the home life easier is being used as a tool for domestic abuse. According to a report, internet-connected household objects such as lights and thermostats can be controllable remotely. And some individuals using them as a mean to harass, monitor or control their victims says Roger Samara. Digital technology is progressively used in domestic and family violence, and so-called "smart home gadgets" could make it worse. The smart home devices domestic abuse is the use of smart home devices to stalk, monitor, and threaten individuals. For instance, if your thermostat kicking up to 100 degrees or music suddenly blast in the home. Domestic Abuse via smart home devices affect women more than men One lady says that her air conditioning turns off or on without her controlling.

Bottom Lines. WHY WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY – AND YOU SHOULD TOO – Roger Samara. Whether personally or professionally, technological innovations have shaped our lives and work as well.


Technologies in the recent years have profited people learning styles, techniques and the quality they put onward. In this article, Roger Samara – a computer technician emphasizes the fact. These days, numerous technologies are available like cell phones, TABs, PDAs, iPADs and other gadgets along with the existence of the Internet and Wi-Fi signal. These innovations have made the life more effectual and easier. In fact, things can be done in less time. Roger Samara Fixing Computer Faults. Computer Technician: What Is the Technology Behind a Touch Screen? Have you ever wondered just how the touch screen on your cell phone, tablet, LED television, or any other device actually works?

Computer Technician: What Is the Technology Behind a Touch Screen?

It is amazing to think that we can now issue commands to our devices with the touch of our hand and while this technology might seem new, it has actually been around since the 1960's. In fact, the technology behind the touch screen can actually traced right back to the 1940's but it was only two decades later that it actually became feasible to use on a large scale. ATMs have been using technology since 1965 which is when E.A. Johnson invented the first finger-driven touch screen that actually used the same capacitive touch mechanism that is still used in cell phones and other devices to this day. Tips to Become a Perfect Computer Technician – Roger Samara. 9 Tips to Boost Speed of Your Computer – Roger Samara. Web Development Process – Ventura IT. Computer Technician: How to Protect your Email from Viruses and MalWare. Once upon a time, email was considered to be a pretty safe communication medium.

Computer Technician: How to Protect your Email from Viruses and MalWare

For those still using PINE or some other text-only mail client, it still is, says Roger Samara. But for the rest of us, who want to take advantage of all the advanced features of modern email client software, opening an email message can be a scary experience. Virus writers, who used to spread their virtual “diseases” via infected floppies and network shares, have seized the opportunity posed by email programs that support attached files, HTML messages, and embedded scripts to send viruses and other malicious software (called “malware”) to hundreds or thousands of people with just a few keystrokes. 6 Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018. That time of year has arrived — both to look back at the developments that have come before and to look ahead to the advancements that will arrive as the calendar year passes.

6 Tech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Recently, Gartner released its predictions for tech trends in 2018 and several years beyond. From an increase in visual and voice search to a rise in bot development over mobile, it looks as though the tech darlings of 2017 will only grow in prominence and power. Top Five IT Security Tips – Roger Samara. Computer Technician : 7 Tips to Speed up Your Windows 10 Computer. Is your new Windows 10 PC has started to lose luster? Are you worried about the expenses that you have to do for bringing the system back to the fast running state? If yes! Here’s a good news for you. Quantum 9 – Marijuana Industry Directory. 6 Things To Consider When Buying A Wireless Router – Roger Samara.

Are you going to buy a fresh home network or upgrade the current one? In both cases, you will need to buy a good wireless router. Buying the right device is important if you want a flawless network that will give you no trouble. Here are a few important things shared by computer technician Roger Samara to consider when buying a wireless router: Routers provided by your ISP Your ISP may charge you a few dollars per month for the wireless router. Changing wireless standards Over the years, the wireless technology standards have improved a lot. Tips on Buying Your First Computer. 7 Ways to Renew Your Old Computer – Roger Samara.

What happens when you have an old, poor performing computer which sucks your time and create frustration every day? Here Roger Samara shared 7 ways in which you can make the best of it. 1. Upgrade Did you just install a software or game, and your computer is crawling while loading them? Yes, it’s probably a very good to spend some money, and upgrade that tortoise. How to Improve Network Performance and Security? – Roger Samara. The performance and security of an existing network are the two major aspects that can affect your business. A weak network performance and lack of security could leave you in an annoying situation. If you want to improve the performance and security of your network without buying any external hardware, then you should follow some advanced techniques and methods shared by Roger Samara. In this article post, we bring you the top five ways that will make your network faster and also reconfigure your existing hardware to strengthen its security.

So, let’s get started! Mauricio Zonis SA: la arquitectura como una forma de vida. How to Increase Security of Windows 10 Operating System? The free upgrading of Windows 10 has been error free for most of the users, but some have experienced some serious Microsoft Windows 10 problems. Whether the problems are connected with the not being able to connect to the Internet, screen flashing, the battery lowering too fast, it’s time to fix these issues. To fix these Windows 10 issues, you can take trustworthy technical support assistance from a third party technical support providing firm, like Atlas, and get reliable Windows support says, Roger Samara. You can also contact Microsoft Windows 10 support toll-free number to get help for Windows 10 issues and solutions from certified technicians in a proper manner.

Here, you will get the full details about the most serious issues that users face in Windows 10, along with simple steps to fix them. Windows 10 is an amazing Operating System that has been getting good user base, and it shows that Microsoft is genuinely invested in a quality product. Top 13 Hardware Problems and Solutions. Ventura IT Provides Cutting Edge Los Angeles Web Design Services. Ventura IT is a leading Los Angeles web design company LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2016 / Ventura IT is a Los Angeles web design company founded to bring the highest level of IT, web design, web development, mobile application design, development and marketing, E-Commerce, and related services to customers in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas such as Ventura, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara. Since Ventura IT's inception it has provided web design and web development services to many well known customers in Los Angeles including famous celebrities, Fortune 50 companies, major universities, and non-profit organizations.

Computer Technician : How To Find The Best IT Help To Resolve PC Issues? With such a large number of PC systems in the contemporary world, and it has become too difficult to avoid issues that arise while using computer systems for work. Serena Essapour - Serena Essapour Saw A Vision And Made Sure To Make... How Do Norton Firewall Works Against Viruses? Roger Samara: We must hear about a firewall, the first thing that comes to our minds when we talk about a firewall is a measure of prevention against cyber threats. However, it doesn’t mean we know how it actually safeguards our network from cyber threats. Strategies For Successful Entrepreneur.

Roger Samara — Computer Maintenance Checklist – Roger Samara. The 7 Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil You Need to Know. If you are one of the people living with chronic pain, then you need to hear about the benefits of cannabis oil. A natural product that can change your life. Read on to learn more about these benefits with Quantum 9 so that you can transform your daily experience with pain, without having to rely on prescription drugs that may or may not be helping you. 1.

Alleviation of Anxiety, Stress, and Depression 2. 3. Common PC Hardware Problems and Their Solutions. Roger Samara: Most hardware problems with the computer can be fixed without calling a PC repairman. But a PC is after all a piece of electrical equipment and can get damaged even if minor hardware problems are not looked after. Some of the most common hardware problems that affect computers and their solutions are given below. Roger Samara - Computer Networking Technician - video - Dailymotion. Most Influential Personal Computers In Pictures – Roger Samara. Computer Technician : Juniper signs up tech alliance to secure software-defined networks. The alliance partnerships are to deploy security solutions for software-defined networks. Turn Knowledge Into Big Savings. Tips For Buying Furniture Online Safely ~ Wicker Paradise - New Rochelle. Roger Samara – Medium. Shop all Finest quality Wicker Furniture ~ Wicker Paradise. Basic Computer User Tips. Formula for Fabulous Inspiration – Heather Picken – Medium.

Heather Picken : Fiz is a Professional Singer/Songwriter whose music has been on the Billboard Charts. He also writes songs for Speakers, Entrepreneurs and Companies (More info at In 2008, Carmen Road School in Massapequa, NY awarded fiZ with the “Ralph Mauro Achievement Award” for his outstanding community service on behalf of the Physically Challenged. Tips For Choosing Good Wrongful Termination Lawyers – Cortney Shegerian – Shegerian and Associates.

Roger Samara - Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know. Craig Hochstadt ’s Presentations on authorSTREAM. Learn More About Matcha Green Tea. Learn More About Matcha Green Tea. Computer Repair Services. Roger Samara – Medium. How to Identify and Remove Computer Virus. Craig Hochstadt. Types Of Dog Aggression – Medium. Dogs have their own set of behaviours, instincts, and rules that are completely separate from our own.

Despite this, we live in close contact with them, sometimes putting ourselves in situations we don’t realize can be dangerous. Even dogs that seem friendly or have no history of aggressive behaviour are capable of biting under certain circumstances. Cortney Shegerian - Employment Attorney. Craig Hochstadt Bio - Maryland Terrapins Athletics - Craig Hochstadt. Simple Ways To Stay Positive As An Entrepreneur. Many people believe the main issue in their life is their income and that by changing their income they will change their life in such a way they will be happy. But first, you must change your mindset, while will then change your income and ultimately your life. It must be done in this particular order, much like planting a garden, to get the results you want.

As an Entrepreneur, there will always be setbacks, so you must re-visit these steps on a regular basis. Nicole Lenz. Qualities That Every Lawyer Should Have - Adam Michael Sacks. Heather Picken 2012 Resa Convention Speaker. Heather Picken 2012 Resa Convention Speaker. Crunchbase. Basic Computer User Tips. Crunchbase. Up to 70% off Wicker Paradise Coupon, Promo Codes 2016. Learn More About Matcha Green Tea - Craig Hochstadt. Computer Repair Services. Finding the Right Computer Technician by Roger Samara. Finding the Right Computer Technician.

Tips to Prevent Data Loss Roger Samara. How to Identify and Remove Computer Virus. Different Types of Viruses and Their Effects on Your PC. Brilliant Tips And Techniques For Your Computer By Roger Samara.