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Visions of Mobile Learning. Devices | Feature Visions of Mobile Learning It's been just a couple of years since the first mobile device hit the market.

Visions of Mobile Learning

Yet, it is already a foregone conclusion that it will become an indispensable tool for learning in the future. That's why T.H.E. Journal asked a number of educators to let their imaginations go wild and conjure up visions of the future of the mobile device in the classroom Many years down the road, I envision a device that isn't mobile per se, but located in every classroom. The ideal mobile learning device resembles a credit card after being folded four times.

Imagine a personal learning environment in the palm of your hand. Future mobile devices will be interactive with a three-dimensional touchscreen that projects the screen into the air in front of the user for manipulation. The device will fit in a pocket and have multiple inputs to cover any need. It will be an off-the-shelf smartphone.

Smartphones will become learning devices. St. Marys City Schools Mobile Learning Technology. SlidePoint - Online Presentations that Do Not Require Flash! Can Mobile Phones Help Teachers Manage Classroom Behavior? Digital Tools We can talk all we want about what students should learn in the classroom.

Can Mobile Phones Help Teachers Manage Classroom Behavior?

But the reality is that most teachers have to balance “academics” with a multitude of other lessons: how to be good students, how to be good citizens, and simply how to behave. Behavior management is actually a significant part of what teachers have to do every day, and while there’s a wealth of information to help them with tips and tricks, there isn’t a lot of technology in place to help them with the implementation of best practices.

The startup isn’t just interested in “gamifying” good behavior. It wants to foster instrinsic, just not extrinsic, motivations in education. There may be a solution with the use of tech — at least that’s what ClassDojo founder Sam Chaudhary believes. And while tracking this sort of data is, no doubt, important for adults, its impact on the students themselves is also something that ClassDojo wants to highlight. ICT Lesson Repository. About us Courses & workshops Consultancy services Clients & publications Tools & webquests Resources > Lessons > Lesson Repository ICT Lesson Plan Repository About this repository This is a growing selection of lesson plans using ICT tools created by participants on our courses.

ICT Lesson Repository

Balancing Fun and Learning in Educational Games - Digital Education. » Cell Phones Propel Tech Students to Better Grades. Top 50 Mobile Learning Resources. Social Media Best Practices: 12 Tips for Making the Best of Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Any Other Social Site. Do you know how many of your supporters use popular social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube?

Social Media Best Practices: 12 Tips for Making the Best of Facebook, Twitter, Google + or Any Other Social Site

Twitter has more than 16 million users, and 42.3 percent of the entire American population is on Facebook. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. Google recently made a big social medial play by introducing Google+ which saw 20 million users within the first three weeks. Records show how Ann Arbor public schools are dealing with cyberbullying. In May, Ann Arbor public schools moved to cut off wireless access for students using smartphones and other devices, citing the potential for cyberbullying as one reason.

Records show how Ann Arbor public schools are dealing with cyberbullying

An review of school district documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act shows officials are increasingly concerned with cyberbullying involving students — with some of the conflict spilling over from the Web into classrooms. Sixteen incidents of cyberbullying or violations of the district's computer usage policy were reported in district schools in the 2010-11 school year, documents show. One video posted to YouTube was made in a school computer lab, records show. Meanwhile, district officials have been attending conferences and training sessions to prepare themselves to handle cyberbullying. 6 ways to use mobile learning in your class today. 1. Record your lecture and upload it as a podcast. Share the link with your students to use while studying or for reference. 2.

Share your number with your students and ask them to message any questions that they have while reviewing the lesson. You can answer the salient questions in the next class or direct them as to where they can find the answers. 3. 4. 5. 6. Short quizzes, important equations, and definitions can be easily emphasised by creating simple content and pushing this material to student phones using mobile learning applications like MOBL21. Índice. Principioselearning - Técnicas Didácticas e-Learning. 6 Examples of Using Twitter in the Classroom. [NOTE: I have published an update to this post, titled "100 Ways To Teach With Twitter". This newer post contains the links below plus a new set of articles that provide a much more robust set of resources for ideas about teaching with Twitter. I highly advise clicking through to that article.

Thanks! - KW Feb 8, 2010] Cómo evaluar el aprendizaje en e-learning ... las cegueras del conocimiento... Las cegueras del conocimiento : el error y la ilusión * Es muy diciente el hecho de que la educación, que es la que tiende a comunicar los conocimientos, permanezca ciega ante lo que es el conocimiento humano, sus disposiciones, sus imperfecciones, sus dificultades, sus tendencias tanto al error como a la ilusión y no se preocupe en absoluto por hacer conocer lo que es conocer. * En efecto, el conocimiento no se puede considerar como una herramienta ready made que se puede utilizar sin examinar su naturaleza.

Cómo evaluar el aprendizaje en e-learning ... las cegueras del conocimiento...

El conocimiento del conocimiento debe aparecer como una necesidad primera que serviría de preparación para afrontar riesgos permanentes de error y de ilusión que no cesan de parasitar la mente humana, Se trata de armar cada mente en el combate vital para la lucidez. Edgard Morin en Prólogo "Los siete saberes necesarios para la educación del futuro" (1999): In Digital Age, Schools That Succeed are Schools That Connect. School of One in New York City leverages technology throughout the school day. A few months ago, I posted an article by Shelly Blake-Plock called 21 Things in Education That Will be Obsolete in 2020, which lists some of the ways in which the face of schools will change in less than a decade.

In this op-ed, which originally appeared in the Baltimore Sun, he describes what exactly needs to be done to get to there.