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Will 2019 Start The Era Of Custom Web Designs Or Web Templates?

30 october 2018

Will 2019 Start The Era Of Custom Web Designs Or Web Templates?

So, you have decided to hire a digital agency that can design you the best website that matches your expectation. But as a client, do you know under what circumstances you should or should not ask them for a custom website. There is difference in the budget for the two of them because of the different array of opportunities they have to offer.

The digital success and failure of any business depends on the credibility to create a well-crafted website and one which leaves a long lasting impression on the visitors’ minds. There are a myriad of choices out there for a website theme and we are all spoilt because of the choices. Irrespective of how well the content is constructed, unless a website has a visual appeal, it simply won’t be able to break through the cut throat completion in the search engines.

Assuming now you have made the wise decision to finally incorporate a website in your business dig into the various ways to create one or perhaps hire an agency to do so for you. But should you go for the already existing website templates or a custom web design?

To help you zero down on all the problems, we have outlined the most important key features to help you choose one without any prior experience on coding or designing.

What should you go for a custom website

1.   Multi-functional
The websites which used to have a large slider at the top with a caption in it are coming to a close now. Those are way too common which you may also have come across in many websites. The static banner images are now getting updated with a grid layout at the top that switches the functional areas in the websites based on the specific needs. The grids may contain either texts or images.

2.   Custom illustrations with custom design
The sites stocked up with illustrations like Noun Master and Icon Monster make it easier for anyone to grab attention through the icons and illustrations. When there is a choice for quality free icons and illustrations all over the internet more and more web designers are incorporating different icons and illustrations to differentiate their websites.

3.   Security and flexible control
As a custom website is built specific to your needs, you have the independence and control over it. You need to worry about trying to adapt to different designs to suit your requirements. In fact, it works the other way round. As the web templates are available for anyone, there is a chance of same two websites. There is no pressure of changing anything and there is a rare chance that you will find anything like your site on any other site.

In generic sites only certain portions can be edited whereas with custom websites every aspect of the website is editable.

When should you NOT go for a custom web design?

1.   When you want to follow the traditional trend
The fact that websites use templates does not repel many marketers. They join the race and begin with them. Since same templates are used in many websites, marketers follow this as a trend.  If you do not want to part ways from this trend spreading like a wildfire, you can always use the homogenous patterns.

2.   A in-budget template

The themes and templates are produced in masses and put up online for buying. The custom web designs need the designers to start every element of the website from the scratch. The designers are in constant touch with the clients. When the owners of a business are in a hurry to get work done fast, there is less time for interaction. As the already available templates are cheaper, a large number of people prefer these over custom websites.

While of course the custom websites take more efforts, the additional energy is worth if you want a website that stands out. So, what will your website be like?