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I2P Compared to Other Anonymous Networks. There are a great many other applications and projects working on anonymous communication and I2P has been inspired by much of their efforts. This is not a comprehensive list of anonymity resources - both freehaven's Anonymity Bibliography and GNUnet's related projects serve that purpose well. That said, a few systems stand out for further comparison. The following are discussed on this page: Tor / Onion Routing Freenet The following are discussed on the other networks page: Morphmix and Tarzan Mixminion / Mixmaster MUTE / AntsP2P Haystack The content of this page is subject to update, discussion and dispute, and we welcome comments and additions. Tor and Onion Routing are both anonymizing proxy networks, allowing people to tunnel out through their low latency mix network. The I2P/Tor outproxy functionality does have a few substantial weaknesses against certain attackers - once the communication leaves the mixnet, global passive adversaries can more easily mount traffic analysis.

Tor Cell Client. ANONYMITY & PRIVACY. [ English | German ] Protection of Privacy on the Internet JAP (called JonDo in the scope of the commercial JonDonym anonymous proxy servers - AN.ON remains free of charge) makes it possible to surf the internet anonymously and unobservably.


Without Anonymization, every computer in the internet communicates using a traceable Address. That means: the website visited, the internet service provider (ISP), and any eavesdropper on the internet connection can determine which websites the user of a specific computer visits. How it works Instead of connecting directly to a webserver, users take a detour, connecting with encryption through several intermediaries, so-called Mixes. Since many users use these intermediaries at the same time, the internet connection of any one single user is hidden among the connections of all the other users. Outages and maintenance times Because JAP is a research project, it is continuously being further developed. Support requests WWW: Tor: anonymity online. New Service Makes Tor Anonymized Content Available to All.

Two veteran coders have teamed up to create a kind of Google for the anonymous underweb.

New Service Makes Tor Anonymized Content Available to All

Aaron Swartz, a Reddit developer, and Virgil Griffith, creator of WikiScanner, have created a new service called tor2web that gives users access to website hosted anonymously on the Tor network. Though Tor — "the onion router" — is more famous as a privacy tool designed to prevent tracking of where a web user surfs on the internet, since 2004 the system has allowed users to host servers as well.

Unlike conventional servers, these Tor "hidden services" cannot normally be traced to the person operating them. One drawback to these websites: they’ve only been accessible to people who download and install the Tor software. Swartz wanted to free up the content to make it available to anyone, so he and Griffith created tor2web as a bridge between the public internet and the untraceable sites. With tor2web, however, anyone can browse or visit hidden .onion sites.

The service is new, so it has a few drawbacks. PrivacyBox. Le service PrivacyBox a d'abord été conçu pour offrir, essentiellement aux journalistes, bloggers et autres auteurs de publications diverses, la possibilité de proposer à leurs interlocuteurs des formulaires de contact anonymes, qui demeurent par ailleurs impossibles à tracer.


Ceci étant, ce service est également ouvert à toute personne intéressée par son utilisation. 1 - Envoyer un message L'envoi des messages n'est possible que par l'intermédiaire de l'interface web prévue à cet effet. Pour envoyer un message, vous devez connaître le pseudonyme du destinataire. Nous ne mettons à disposition aucune information sur les utilisateurs du service. Votre message est archivé/redirigé mais ne contient aucune information sur l'expéditeur. Dans la mesure où l'en-tête non-crypté du message ne contient aucune information sur l'expéditeur, nous vous prions de bien vouloir préciser vos coordonnés de contact dans le corps du message, pour le cas où vous attendriez une quelconque réponse.