JSSE installing custom certificates
Linux vs Windows webrequest syscalls
Integrated Authentication in Java with Kerberos and SPNEGO Integrated Authentication in Java with Kerberos and SPNEGO Welcome to the SPNEGO SourceForge project Integrated Windows Authentication in Java The intent of this project is to provide an alternative library (.jar file) that application servers (like Tomcat) can use as the means for authenticating clients (like web browsers). If your organization is running Active Directory (AD) and all of your web applications go through Microsoft's Internet Information Services (IIS), and IIS has Integrated Windows Authentication enabled, and everyone in your organization is using Internet Explorer (IE), then this project may not be of any interest to you.
中文(简体) This library allows you to OpenID-enable your Java webapp. The following specifications are supported: OpenID starts with the concept that anyone can identify themselves on the Internet the same way websites do - with a URI. Since URIs are at the very core of Web architecture, they provide a solid foundation for user-centric identity. The first piece of the OpenID framework is authentication -- how you prove ownership of a URI. openid4java - Google Code openid4java - Google Code